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    My system has been okay but I am still quite frustrated with it so I can imagine you guys that have major issues could be pretty upset. Like you ii is getting pretty annoying that they keep charging me 9.99/month when they have taken away features and it mostly works. Yesterday my hose end controller starting watering at 6:30, even though it was in rain delay. It just so happens I get up early on Wednesday and I noticed it came on as I was getting ready for work. I was sure I had put it in rain delay as it had rained the night before. Sure enough when I looked at the app it was in rain delay mode, I have two and the other that should have watered at 6:00 did not come on, so it worked. I then went through a back and forth game with the app. I would cancel rain delay and it would then show the controller was watering. I then hit stop to halt the watering, it would then go back into rain delay., the water did not stop. After about the third time of doing this it stopped watering, after going into rain delay. So I stopped the rain delay thinking it was back on track and it then started watering again. I then went through this loop again and then just left it in rain delay after I got the watering stopped. It seems to be okay now. This morning I ride the bike and after pulling out of the shop I hit the scene to close all the doors and turn off lights. I then set up my phone for Pandora so I can listen on the way to work and when I finish I notice the shop GDO is still not closed I wait another 30 seconds and finally use the remote. Last night sitting in my TV room I have a lamp(V1 smartplug) and a ceiling fan(GE switch) set to come on when I am in the room via a V1 motion sensor. I have the motion detector sitting right next to my chair and the lamp and fan will occasionally turn off and I just move my arm and they come back on. This night the fan goes off, not the lamp, and no matter what I do the fan will not come back on. I can see the motion detector is seeing motion I finally have to get up and turn the fan on at the switch. First world problems right? These are all minor things but these little minor things happen almost every day and when you have to pay for it it gets a little annoying.