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    This is rather disappointing. I've searched the exhibitor listings and I can't find anything for iris. Hopefully I am just missing something, but somehow I doubt it. This is the 2nd year now they have had no presence in the biggest consumer electronics showcase in the world. All the biggest names, (and most of the smaller ones as well) in smart home technology are represented, but no Iris. I was hoping the relative silence recently was indicative of something big coming and we would learn about it at CES. Unfortunately, they just aren't looking like they will ever be a big player in the industry. This is sad.
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    I have a scene that runs when I arrive, that includes turning on the front porch lights (even during the day). This way I know when the light comes on my door is unlocking. The front porch light is configured to turn off automatically after a few minutes, so it doesn't really waste a lot of power. This is done via a smart switch instead of a bulb, so I don't have to worry about anyone accidentally leaving the power to the bulb turned off at the switch. I love this idea.... so much so that I already mentioned it in this thread about a year and a half ago:
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    Iris returns required receipt now

    So yet again another keyfob stopped working because the metal battery tab broke off. Went to the store to exchange it and the store then tells me they require a receipt to replace it now. The last person that exchanged it didn’t list it on mylowes. I didn’t have it and now I’m stuck with a 2 of them that no longer work. I have reported this issue several times and they have never been updated. So so you can’t even use your drivers license anymore you have to have a receipt for iris items now. Thanks lowes
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    A little late, but better late then never. I am able to control the color of a Lightify RGB strip controller via Alexa (and Iris). I can say "Alexa, set colored lights to red." and it happens. I tried red, green and blue. The red was spot on, the blue was a little green for me, but I'm not using the native Lightify strips, I rewired the Lightify controller to work with my existing RGB strips (the Lightify strips are RGBW). Now what would be nice would be if Iris supported color cycling. My old RGB strip controller (IR based) allowed my to select different speeds and patterns of color cycling. I don't think the Lighify (Osram) controller supports this, but I'll do a bit more research on it. *** edit *** I see from the suggestion link that it is more the ability to set a color via rule that you're looking for. I agree, that would be great!
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    It makes perfect sense that the FOB "pings" periodically, but two minutes doesn't make useful sense. Using Zigbee, its range if probably 100 - 200 feet, but unless you have a long walk from your car to the front door, that range is irrelevant since you'll be driving, and you can go a long way in your car in two minutes. The ping period needs to be configurable (with tons of caveats and disclaimers about battery life) to a period that is just slightly less than the time it normally takes you to park, lock up the car and walk to the front door. I have, however, programmed scenes that lock and unlock the door and attached them to two of the FOB buttons, and I have my phone get push notifications when the door unlocks, so if I don't here my phone beep, then I can press the button to unlock. A better idea might be a "FOB" that is plugged into your car's cigarette lighter (or USB if you have one) and is a full time Zigbee transmitter. That way Iris knows when your car is home.
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    I think you can take the non-response as an "I don't know". I've never heard this mentioned one way or another.