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    Refreshed V2 Devices

    Doesn't really matter to me. The keyfob is still big and clunky and not something I want to have in my pocket. Fits in a women's (or mans too I guess) purse OK but not gonna ride well in my pants pocket on a key ring. Even the V1 keyfob is too big for my taste.
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    I purchased an Aeotec water sensor from Amazon since my Utilitech Water Sensor was giving me connectivity issues after two years. Anyway, there is no AEOTEC devices listed, so being that it and the Utilitech were Z-Wave, I decided to try adding it as you would the Utilitech Water Sensor. My hub recognized it right away with the description being Aeotec Water Sensor (or something like that). The sensor was added and works great. One difference I've noticed, when the Utilitech sensed water the alarm at the keypad would alarm. The keypad does NOT alarm when the Aeotec senses water. However, it does generate and email to me as was set up as a Rule. Hope this helps others...