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    iOS 2.11 is Now Available

    So I added a few GE Link bulbs back into system to see if they will work with these new updates. The first thing I noticed is the new pairing process is definitely more polished. The first bulb was within 10' of the hub and paired with no problems. The second bulb is in another room and about 30' away from the hub. It took 3 tries to get this bulb to pair, but it finally worked and it seem to be functioning properly. The new pairing process now identifies improperly paired devices and walks you through the process to remove and re-pair the device. The first three screenshots below show the new process with the last one indicating the new device was paired as an uncertified device. Please note that the bulb was factory reset between each improper pairing process. I guess only time will tell if these bulbs will work or not.