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    Anyone having zigbee issues?

    Thanks for confirming. Because of that I went back out to take a closer look. While it was keeping time, opening manually etc i noticed something funny on the display. There appeared to be a line. So i removed it and took it inside and realized it was full of water. It is actually a pretty bad design. There are no seals for the hose end connections so any rain sitting on top will make its way in. Also if you hose end connection is leaking you will dump all of that inside. While they sealed the pcb board cover edges the screw holes are not sealed nor is the opening for the battery. Since the battery cover seals to the outside cover and not this pcb cover there is nothing to stop water from migrating. Surprisingly I also found some larger debris inside so the leak points must be bigger than they look. If this dries out and reconnects I am going to seal those screw holes in the pcb cover, seal the pcb cover to the outer cover and add another weep hole. My unit is mounted on a splitter, so the low spot is where the hose comes out, but the weep holes are on the other side. If I get it working I will post up some pictures.