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    Keeping me busy

    you guys sure do keep me busy.
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    This is a cross-post from my post in a poll on the General forum that may be of interest to those considering Hubitat... The shutdown got me off my feet and over to Hubitat and Ring Alarm. I'm using Hubitat as the main hub with a relay triggering a single contact sensor on the Ring Alarm for its professional monitoring service. I've spent a lot more time on the migration than I wanted but everything appears to be running well and I now have the flexibility to implement rules and automations that were never possible with Iris. I have been able to take over every non-V1 device over to Hubitat:: Iris v2 motion sensors Iris v2 contact sensors Iris v2 buttons Iris v2 keypads(+) Schlage lock Utilitech (Iris) sirens Lutron Caseta switches, dimmers, and (Pico) remotes Orbit (Iris) water valve(*) Dome siren(*) Dome water monitor(*) Smartthings presence sensors(*) Qubino relay(*) (+) Works with Hubitat but no longer using. (*) Newly added post-migration. For professional monitoring, I soldered the Qubino dry-contact relay to a single Ring Alarm contact sensor. The Ring Alarm is configured with 0-sec entry and exit delays. Hubitat manages all the entry and exit delays and when it detects a security event, it toggles the relay after the entry delay elapses to trigger the Ring Alarm. I no longer use any of the Iris keypads and now use a Pico remote to arm the alarm and a valid lock code on the Schlage lock to disarm. I also have Alexa TTS integrated into Hubitat so that there are verbal notifications: when the alarm is armed home, armed away, and disarmed; for the entry and exit delays; when the garage door is opening and closed; and when the pool water level is too high (Dome water monitor integrated into the skimmer that triggers the Orbit water valve to discharge water via the cartridge filter). Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this solution. Hubitat has its quirks and I found the Hub Safety Monitor (HSM) and Motion Lighting components to be poorly thought out. Much of the effort was spent on implementing HSM and Motion Lighting, discovering all the quirks and trying to address or work around them, and finally implementing the functionality I wanted using the Rule Machine (RM) instead. I should also note that a number of key integrations between Hubitat and the Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Ring Alarm (to sync armed home, armed away, and disarmed states), Alexa text-to-speech (TTS), and Chamberlain MyQ (garage door opener) are dependent on community-written apps and drivers made available for Hubitat and/or Smartthings.
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    Joel, we do have filtering of events. In the second screen (attached), you can see that you can choose which types of notifications you want to receive. The first screen shows how you can view alerts by device type. You cannot make exclusions at this point in time. Our scene creation tools are very flexible. You can see some how-to videos, with screencasts, here: https://support.getvera.com/customer/portal/articles/search?q=scene%3A&b_id=712. We do not have temperature or power usage graphics at this time, but its an increasingly often requested feature and is something we're looking at for future development. Those chimes you mention are compatible, but I do not believe there's an ability to create distinct chimes for different doors. Hope this is helpful.
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    Welcome aboard! If you haven't already, I recommend registering on their forum. The community is really pitching in to help displaced Iris users with their transition.
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    Researching the Ring.

    Here's a bunch of in-app screen shots I took so you can see the different options available. It has a lot of customizations, even many that Iris did not have such as volume control via app, motion detector sensitivity, different chime sounds, etc.