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    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I was able to build both apps after pulling them from the repositories. The iOS app does not do much as it attempts to connect to your local machine to login (which makes sense since eventually you would have to provide the connection strings to your particular instance of the Arcus platform). Surprisingly the Android application actually connected to the still running Iris servers and I could use it to access my Iris account (which now only contains an offline hub, but I was able to login to the account so I assume the rest of the app was fully functional). It was very generous of Lowe's to make all these resources (including all the graphics images) available to the open source community and I look forward to seeing the platform and hub software released at some point as well. Hopefully once that occurs other vendors may be able to leverage what is there to also support the Iris V1 devices (I hope at least the Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors, Plugs, and Smart Buttons).
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    Moving on... Abode Alarm system

    Guys, Yesterday My Abode alarm system came in the mail and I was very impress how easy it was to hook up the system. At this time I just have the starter kit and I purchased some extra contacts and extra KeyFob's. To pair the items was super fast and I was impress how fast this happen. I even moved the hub with two walls in the home, so you will not even see the hub if you walk between the two rooms. Out of site out of mind. It was nice chatting with some of the members hear throw out the years from version 1 and version 2. The Iris hub is now in the trash The main reason I went with Abode is you have many options of monitoring which I like, Good luck and I might see some of you guys on the other side of the fence.
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    These devices have been profiled for use with the new SystronicsRF system, and devices of each type have been paired to the system, and are functioning correctly. The finalized profiles will not be available for some of these devices for downloading until Monday. First Alert Smoke Alarm First Alert Smoke & CO Alarm GE Light Switch GE Dimmer Switch GE Duplex Outlet GE Plug-In Switch – Indoor GE Plug-In Switch - Outdoor GE Fan Switch GE On Off Relay Switch Iris 1st Generation Range Extender Iris 1st Generation Smart Plug Iris 1st Generation Door Sensor Iris 1st Generation Motion Sensor Iris 1st Generation Senior Pendant Iris 1st Generation Security Keypad Iris 1st Generation Security Key Fob Iris 2nd Generation Smart Plug Iris 2nd Generation Motion Sensor Iris 2nd Generation Security Keypad Iris 2nd Generation 4 Button Key Fob Iris Garage Door Controller Iris Indoor Water Sensor LeakSmart Leak Sensor LeakSmart Water Shutoff Valve Leviton Decora Smart Switch Leviton Dimmer Switch Cree A19 Light Bulb Linear Dimmer Switch NYCE Tilt Sensor Osram Lightify A19 Smart Bulb Osram Lightify A19 Tunable White Light Bulb Osram Lightify PAR38 Flood Light Bulb Osram Lightify BR30 Flood Light Bulb Osram Lightify 4 Button Switch Radio Thermostat CoA Thermostat - Deferred due to additional work required on Actions related to heating system. Utilitech Flood Sensor Utilitech Glass Break Sensor Utilitech Indoor Siren In addition to the profiling that was undertaken prior to the start of the Beta Test Program, this profiling has been ongoing for just over a week. The aim is to profile all of the devices that are currently being used in conjunction with the 1st Generation Iris devices. The next stage is to complete the profiling of the 2nd and 3rd Generation Iris devices, together with more GE devices, and other commonly used devices, before moving onto the Schlage and Kwikset door locks.
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    Question for you Hubitat users

    thanks for all the tips...I ordered the Hubitat hub today..it's on it's way...I'll give it a try & if I don't like it I'll sell it cheap here or stick it on ebay. mojo2600
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    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    Whatever the Arcus team wants to do with it. If they want me to host I will be happy to if they want me to give them the domain for like a Wiki page I will do that too. I just have it locked down so someone that didn't want to see Arcus work or wanted to make a quick buck didn't get it.