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    Thanks Iris!

    Well tonight my Iris system went off letting me know the stupid water softener overflowed again. So thank you again Iris...this could have been a huge mess. But this event highlighted how much I rely on Iris and the multiple notifications. I think I could have slept through the siren but for some reason the house phone ringing always seems to wake me up. So thanks again for possibly the last time.
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    Otto Mation

    Echo Enunciates

    Do not go to "Alexa Says". Add action> Messaging> Send Announcement> Enter your announcement> All Devices
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    Phatalbert1000 From my memory, it would be a one time fee in line with other systems. An internet connection would be required to register the software to the hub and then it would not be needed. I think the software is tied to the hub. If you lose the hub, you have to buy new software (my interpretation). Deactivation of the software so you could install software on a new hub was not mentioned. Updates for new functions would be charged but voluntary. I sent about $150, but a Raspberry pi can be used for a lot of other things if you do not like the software. I think I am going to like the software from what I have read. edit: Then there will be a small monthly charge for cloud services if you want that. Something similar to vpn
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    Installed 2nd system last night. Smooth install. This was at my parents who are 87 and 83. They love the system. Its nice that it is very similar to IRIS. We set up security items and some lighting schedules and a few CUE automations along with getting Alexa connected so they are back in business for bringing lights on outside of schedules. For ease of install and use this system is great! Am now awaiting arrival of 3rd system which should arrive early next week. So far Lowe's has paid for all 3 systems and will most likely cover the 4th with some left over. Your goodwill effort has kept me as a customer!!
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    Iris CAMs working on ST

    Login here with your samung account to get to the smartthings ide: https://graph.api.smartthings.com Once you login click the hamburger menu top right select device handlers, on that page click create new device handler. Select 'from code' option and paste in the code from this post: https://community.smartthings.com/t/generic-camera-device-using-local-connection-new-version-now-available/3269/482 Select create at the bottom and then at the top select publish and 'for me' should popup select that. It's now saved as a device type. Go to devices in hamburger menu. Select create new device. Name and label it and enter a device id like 6767. Select self published from version and pick 'test camera' for type, probably at the bottom of the list. Fill out location and hub info. Select create and it will show up in your device list in the app now. You'll need to go that new device in your ST app and select the cog wheel for that device's settings and enter the camera info. Get the username and password from the Iris app by looking at the camera's settings in Iris under local streaming on the device page under the more tab and settings. Use that as the camera user and camera password in ST. If you have port forwarding setup on your router you can enter that info for camera ip address and port and see it when off your local network. If not sure about port forwarding you can just enter the same info from the Iris app local streaming page for your IP in ST. Local streaming will only work when on your home network. Camera path to image: /img/snapshot.cgi?img=vga Camera path to video (media.sav will do audio on v2 cams): /img/media.sav Or /img/video.sav That's it.