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    Z-wave Locks

    In my experience, the original Schlage locks (e.g. the BE469) aren't very reliable. In my Arcus test environment, I have a BE469 a few feet away from the hub and it's almost flawless, but if you take it say 25ft away, you'd be lucky to get events about the door being unlocked or locked. You can try all sorts of range extenders (I personally use the Ring Range Extender with Arcus, as it has a built in backup battery, but really any mains powered Z-Wave device will work), but I've not had great luck with those and the BE469. Upgrading to the BE469ZP (Z-Wave Plus model) fixes all the issues I've seen with these locks. If you don't want to spend a bunch of money, you can watch eBay for partial / broken locks, and switch out the circuit board.