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    https://proxy.iriswebportal.com/ Portal is up and running. Thanks, @IrisUsers and a 6 pack of beer for the help
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    TG, without this Iris loses a lot of functionality. I can again check all my battery levels at a glance again, among other features that were sorely missed. Glad you got it working again.
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    Hub Replacement Automation

    With Gen2 Hubs now getting older, units are going to begin failing and needing replacement. With all the control logic in the cloud, there is NO REASON why one has to repair every existing device with a replacement hub. You have all the information already......use it to automate hub replacement.
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    Notifications Not Working

    If you reboot your hub 10 times, power your iPhone off and on 6 times, stand on your head and hold your mouth at just the right angle maybe it will start working again.
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    I have seen this. I think they are hiding the camera images now. I will look into this.
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    I never had a live feed from the portal. All I ever saw when selecting each camera was a screen shot.
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    Because I use Blue Iris to monitor my cameras I hadn't noticed this, but you're absolutely right the video feed is not working in the portal.
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    Smart + 3 LED Flex Light Strip

    it should be 5 pin power. Should read +WRGB
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    MyLowes / Iris Billing

    This is a quote from the official Iris forum site: https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/What-s-new-with-Iris/m-p/4763#M489
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    The Tapatalk login issue that started last November has been resolved. Thanks Otto for following up on this!
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    Nice work. Thanks
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    Yep working, Thanks!
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    Awesome... thanks guys!!!
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    Well ring is out

    For those interested, here's a comparison of a few of the most popular doorbell cameras.
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    Iris Team --- If you're following this thread, you need to work WITH Gillion and 'IrisUsers', not against. We all know that security is important, but unless you can assist and facilitate an interface to your servers that will enable this extremely valuable 'Iris Web Portal' service to continue, you are going to lose a significant part of your 'high end' user community. People like me who have stuck with Iris despite the problems, but need the extra capabilities 'The Gillion' was providing which your own 'official' portal still does not. For those like me who use their system for a second home visited every few weeks or months, things like battery monitoring, signal strength, webcam reset, and history downloads are what make it possible to actually manage this system remotely and continue as Lowes customers. You can do it ---- without compromising security.
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    Cover Magnet Issue

    Keen has excellent customer service. They sent me a replacement with no questions asked. Apparently there was a design issue with the glued on magnets. The new design has magnets that are held in place with a screw.
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    Rules Question

    This is the simplest request, and probably a very common one. WHY ON EARTH does Iris refuse to allow us to schedule rules based on alarm state, or other conditions? For example, I don't want my camera recording me every time I move around the house. I only want to record movement when I'm away from home. Another example, I don't want my thermostat to follow the regular rules when I'm on vacation. (There are MANY other examples of why this is important, but I think these are most common.) I realize there are workarounds, such as buying an extra smart plug to use with each camera, but solutions such as these are UNACCEPTABLE. This is a SIMPLE FIX for Iris developers; just add an "Away" condition to the schedule options, or even better, allow a scene to include a rule within it (this way one rule could trigger a scene, which then triggers another rule.) This is not rocket science. I've only been with Iris for 7 months, but immediately I recognized this fatal flaw. Despite that, I've recommended Iris systems to 5 other households who are now paying customers. Now, as they are becoming familiar with the software, they are beginning to ask me these same questions. It should go without saying that the company is aware of this request. I figure there must be some corporate reasoning for allowing this flaw to persist. Perhaps it's a system vulnerability issue (unlikey, or at least I fail to see the link), or possibly CORPORATE PROFITS (more likely, but I still don't see how selling a few extra smart plugs for cameras would justify such a gaping hole - could it be the paid subscriptions that result from users who have filled up their camera cloud storage with useless motion videos?) Honestly, I can't figure out the logic, but I'm starting to think it is intentional and even underhanded. The developers MUST know how important this is, but they choose to ignore the request. WHY? If you can't give us this feature, the least you could offer is an explanation. And don't say not enough people have expressed interest...