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    Positive Feedback

    This is a little long and I apologize, but I wanted to share. I will freely admit to not always having a very positive outlook on the new Iris platform, and am still a little leery of trusting it after coming home from spring break due to an issue with the hose timers that the .53 update caused. In light of this, however, I want to give a lot of credit to IrisByLowes. I received a PM after posting the bug in the "bug section" of the forum from IrisByLowes asking me to describe what I was seeing and telling me that they were making my issue a priority due to the livestock at risk (if you didn't see my post, I use the timer to water about 50 chickens). In short, they worked on recreating my environment to test and found that they believed the timer was in fact working but was just not reporting back to the app that it was doing so. As ​I mentioned above, I made the decision to head home early to make sure everything was ok and while I was a little aggravated (my wife was downright pissed) that I needed to do that, I accept this as a risk for using such a system for an important task anyway. As it turned out, everything was working exactly as they said they believed it was and no problems were present. Just wanted to thank IrisByLowes for the help. To those who believe Lowe's doesn't really care if we have problems or not, I humbly submit this story as proof that they DO care and are working to make things better for their product and customers. Because of this, I will not abandon this system as I was considering doing (I had even ordered a Smarthings hub from my hotel room when I could no longer control my water timer). Secondly, thanks go to OttoMation for sending me a PM yesterday asking if all was ok with everything. He also helped troubleshoot with the same findings as IrisByLowes as soon as the bug was discovered. What a great group of folks you all have here!
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    Due to a few members who can’t seem to post content in a helpful and constructive manner we find it necessary to establish guidelines for our members to follow. Information about bugs, shortcomings and flaws on the Iris platform is not only welcomed but encouraged. In fact, even though this is a privately owned and moderated forum, it is monitored by the Iris team and it is a means for you to communicate problems and issues that you are having with your system. We all understand your frustration as there have been many issues that we have all been struggling with on the Iris platform since moving to Version 2. We ask that you post your problems, issues and needs in a constructive manner so that they can be addressed by the Iris team and other members of the forum who can potentially help you out. What will not be tolerated is out right bashing and spamming threads with bashing comments.
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    Let's clear the air

    There's much complaining about the sunset of V1 and justifiably so. There's been some accusations that the admins work for Lowe's and have been "showered" with free devices to post positive reviews and false information. This information is totally false. No admin has been given any devices or special treatment in return for posting false information or positive reviews and no admin works or ever has worked for Lowe's. What the admins are guilty of are being long time Iris users, in my case since day one in July 2012. Lowe's has established a group of people they determined to be super users which include some of the admins here and have established an open line of communication with this group with the intent of obtaining feedback on the platform and providing some advance information on the roadmap. Nothing that has ever been stated is anything more than what we have been told and we have never made a statement that was not backed by information obtained directly from the management team. I understand your frustrations but please, let's keep this admin involvement out of the discussions. Will we be at parity by June 30, hell no. Have we progressed from nothing to a huge improvement in the last few months, hell yes. Personally I have a large and diverse system covering most of the available devices. Excluding the local viewing problem, the energy card and some historical energy reporting I'm completely happy with my system. At the rate things have progressed 2 months still leaves much time to get us where we need to be. In the alternative there are other platforms available to move over to should you so desire.
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    Otto Mation

    How to trigger scene with motion

    How about just a custom rule builder and throw all the templates in the garbage. If this, then that. Simple. No more "Did Someone Open a Window?" pushes from contact sensors.
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    Who is in charge of Lowe's IRIS?

    We've been told that changes are just around the corner. It's like a joke that isn't funny to me. Iris has gone from a reasonably priced self-installed smarthouse package to a novelty that may, or may not work properly. The app looks cheap and shows many of its shortcomings. I've called Lowes in North Wilkesboro and got the runaround. All they want to do is refer you to support and not to someone who can make a decision. Lowes says they stand behind their products but go to the store and ask a manager to return everything because the system is unreliable and they become cold, distant and are not interested in a resolution. While the people behind the IrisbyLowes account here try to help, the corporate folks at Lowes have made V2 a cheap piece of junk. Every function that was taken away with the V2 switch is something that would cost a great deal of money to continue as a function of Iris. Example: Text messaging is no longer available, texts have associated fees with them and using only email or push notifications is less expensive; they don't care if it cheapens the product or makes it harder to recognize alarms. Second example: Web based user interface, now we have read some of the answers from Lowes that they wanted t launch a mobile based experience first but there is no time line to have a user interface. You cannot have everything on the app and it requires many more steps to write scenes and rules. The bottom line for me is I put my my money and trust in Lowes to deliver a functioning system for the safety and security of my home and property. From the time I switched from V1, Iris has not been reliable. I cannot and will not rely on a system that is not going to work all the time. Yes, I agree the system has improved but it is far from the end all, be all system that it was touted to be when the V2 announcement was made in 2015. There are those here who say Lowes will eventually fix V2 but as slow as the changes are making their way to us, we will be ready for V3. Firmware upgrades seem to fix a problem and cause new problems, When the 53 upgrade hit, it repaired some issues I had with scenes but made my thermostat useless. I told the manager a nearby Lowes that I would not spend a nickel in Lowes and that my kitchen remodel money would go elsewhere and his answer was, "I would like your business but I understand". There was no attempt to fix it nor attempt to make me a satisfied customer. I want to be able to use Iris and trust Iris to keep my home safe and secure but until they vastly improve the entire system, its a joke, a novelty, and I can't trust Iris. Mike Koster doesn't care, we have all spent our money and others will too. I took the Iris signs down in my yard, since now what that sign means: Hey Mr Burglar, turn off the power and walk right in.
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    Before the tilt sensor came out, I made one out of a contact sensor and small door hinge to give me indication of garage door status. Works like a charm and is still is use And cheaper than the tilt sensor (even more so now with the contact sensor drop in price). https://www.dropbox.com/s/uecg7l2bbmpuypc/photo%20dec%2019%2C%208%2059%2037%20am.jpg?dl=0
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    Control via PC

    One of the things I loved about the v1 Iris was the dashboard homepage where I was able to control and monitor my system via my laptop. I travel often, including internationally and my phone data service is not reliable. Also on the v1 app I liked the signal and battery strength bars, they do not exist on the new v2 app it simply says ok.
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    V2 Iris

    So, with all of the negative that is going around I thought I would let you know how my system is running. At this time my system is running perfectly; sure, there are some features that are not there yet that I would like sometime but overall, my system is fully functional and works great. My father-in-law came to visit last night and I showed him around the house at some new additions. He was amazed that as we walked through my house, my lights would come on in front of us and go off behind us. He got to see the dog bowl automatically fill itself last night and then again this morning using a retrofitted hose timer. Every time he steps foot into the bathroom the light comes on automatically and then goes off as he leaves. At 30 minutes past sunset, my front porch lights come on and then go off at 11:30, my thermostat then sets itself to a comfortable sleeping temperature and my doors lock themselves. I love the system and can't wait for it to get better. Sure, the road has been a little bumpy, but this system works and gets better with every update. The iris team listens to the customers and they seem to be working very hard to bring everything to parity. Give it time guys, already it can do a lot, it will only get better.
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    My little girl (2 years old) loves our Christmas lights more than anything. Well not anything. Mickey Mouse first, then lights. She talks about them all the way to daycare and back home. When they aren't on (inside and out), she gets worried that they are "broken". She insists on taking her stuffed friends outside to see the "pretty lights". Thanks to a combination of GE outdoor modules (x3), a smart plug, and a ge wall socket, we can group all of the Christmas lights into a single control group. They are all on when she gets up, leaves for daycare, comes home, and goes to bed. I haven't touched them in over a week. You can see our house from quite a distance as you drive up. "Watch out pretty lights, here I come!" from about a quarter mile out. It's the little things like this, that make Iris worth it.
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    V2 Iris

    Wow, how many devices did this cost Lowe's?
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    Don't just worry about your internet, if your power goes off, you have nothing. Cell modem or not, Iris is useless when the power goes off. In V1, you got a voice alert, a text and about 30 minutes of limited capability but now,,,,well, you have a little white box and a flashing red light
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    PS i was wondering why my ac, lights and alarm were not working when I got home. I had to log onto a forum to find out. THIS IS WHY LOCAL PROCESSING IS PARAMOUNT.
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    Holding the 2 button on the v2 keypad raises the volume level. Holding down the 5 key lowers it.
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    Hi Mensa. Welcome to the forum. Here's the thing, Scunny, Otto, and others were just trying to help you out. It's what they do. They were meant with rudeness, bullying, and someone so desperate for validation he finds offense in everything. I'm surprised they put up with your attitude. I would have banned you already. They are better people than I am. If you are going to stay, stay. You should probably apologize and say thank you to our super users, who also happen to be some of the most helpful people I've seen on any forum. If you are going to go, then go. I don't understand why someone would create an account to a forum just to walk in, give the nicest people here the middle finger, and threaten to march back out the door. (Without actually doing it.....) Who needs that kind of attention from random strangers? Weird. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
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    Great customer service

    My newly installed water softener failed last Friday. I reached out to my local store manager who immediately offered to replace the softener but suggested I contact the Lowes's customer service to at least record the problem for future reference. He transferred me and they sent me to Ecowater, the manufacturer of the device for Whirlpool. They offered to send me a replacement board but they were back ordered. I'm thinking here we go, how long is this going to take. I still had the option of store replacement but a water softener is not quite as convenient as most other Iris devices. Much to my surprise I get an email yesterday they had shipped the board next day air and it will be here in a couple of hours. An inconvenience but I could not have received better service from both Lowe's and the device manufacturer.
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    Device disconnection notification

    It appears at least on Android that when a device becomes disconnected the push notification is sent 24 hours afterwards. Would you like to have the option to set the notification parameter to immediate?
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    There has been allot of discussion about the problem with the V2 hubs having a weak sound, the V2 keypads have a weak sound and the V1 keypads losing the previous sounds on chime that are now a faint buzz. There has also been several requests to differentiate the chime sounds based on what was opened. Aeon Labs now makes a Z-Wave doorbell that simply plugs into a wall outlet. How cool would it be if this or something like it made it into the iris platform. It has programmable tones and different volume settings. Imagine the ability to have two or three of these scattered around your home with different tones tied to different contact sensors and have the ability to adjust the volume appropriate for the device location. One of the reviewers on Amazon said he was able to create his own custom MP3 files and upload them to the doorbell and customized his alerts. http://www.amazon.com/Aeon-Labs-ZW056-z-wave-doorbell/dp/B0182XG27Q/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1457795181&sr=8-12&keywords=aeon+labs
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    Let's clear the air

    Exactly this, that blog is a sales platform, not customer service or customer interaction. Scunny, I've defended you and others in posts from more... emotional?.... posters, but I sincerely hope you meant linking that blog tongue in cheek. It obvious that it is in no way meant as anything other than sales. For those that are po'd about you and anyone else getting free stuff. So what? He's a super user, moderator/admin, and beta tester. Of course they are going to give Scunny stuff. That's who you give stuff to. The mistake you made Scunny, is you hid behind a technicality when IrisUsers accused you of astroturfing. paraphrasing----> "We weren't given stuff in exchange for glowing reviews" looks like you mean it to say "we weren't given stuff". That makes you look super hella mega guilty of astroturfing. It's defense by omission. It looks terrible, even if unintended. You were right to defend yourself, but should have said "Yeah, they gave us stuff. The stuff was not contingent upon any review at all, much less a glowing one. They gave us stuff to test it, and learn about it. That's what I did. You know all that beta testing you all are clamoring for? That's what I did. Sometimes that involves me getting shit given to me, because what beta tester pays for the product? No one would ever beta test ever. I'm not going to apologize for doing exactly what everyone has been asking for. I also used the free stuff to learn about fixing common problems, I then used that knowledge to help people on the forum. I'm also not going to apologize for that. I think a little free shit is is a small payment for the time, effort, and headaches I've put into this forum and Iris as a whole. You're welcome." I've never seen you come out in support of a specific product, and that should tell the story people need to know. If you got a smoke detector (or whatever widget) with the expectation of a glowing review, we'd be able to find that glowing review in your post history. It's not there. The only time I've notice you comment on specific items, is when others come out asking, and then you (and others) help. Know that even those of us that are pretty critical of Lowe's right now, appreciate it. Well, a lot of us, anyway. Some people are just who they are. Lowe's is suffering from a HUGE perception issue right now. Through silence, omission, and ignorance, they've created a public perception of ineptitude. They will have to work hard to overcome that. They continually make promises, break them, and then go radio silent. That is not exactly confidence building. They really can't be shocked that the masses are tired of the games after 9 months, can they? Not making promises they can't keep is not only achieved through complete silence. If Lowe's were to come forward, say "yeah, we totally blew it, we're really trying to get it fixed, please give us some time." and actually talked with us, it would go a really long way. It would probably buy a little goodwill if they decided to suspend charging for premium for a period of time. Give us 6 months or something. The features premium is supposed to bring, don't really work great right now anyway. Start charging us when they get their shit together. Some sign of goodwill and contrition may stop the hemorrhaging of customers. Go back in my history to before the V2 announcement. I was a complete cheerleader for Iris. I even tried to talk the VP of my company (the boss of my boss) into Iris for his vacation home. Boy howdy am I glad right now he didn't bite last summer. He came a few weeks back and asked what I'd recommend. I said he probably should seek out a professional, there's not a system I have enough confidence in to suggest at this time. The only thing keeping me on Iris right now is a lack of a better option, and the large amount of money I have sunk into items I can't take with me to other systems. I really screwed up there. Won't happen again. I'm not buying another piece of Iris branded equipment. I'll also research better to make sure anything I buy can be brought over.
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    Smart Things?

    Yes, I understand that people have been frustrated with Iris 2, but I have SmartThings also and trust me "the grass is not always greener". To be honest, I think Lowe's has been doing a great job and been very responsive to their customers needs. Yes, some of us have been having major issues during the migration, but it seems to me the whole point was that Lowe's wanted to bring the system "in-house" so they could be more responsive and less dependent on an external vendor to support the system and integrate new devices. It appears as if they have basically built a new system from scratch and come a long way in a very short time, compared to how long other systems have been in development. SmartThings has been around for years and I think Iris 2 is already getting very comparable, and in some ways better. The fact that Lowe's seems to update the system about once a month I find amazing, compared to how long releases of other systems often take. Yes, they have made some mis-steps, but I imagine some of those were hard to avoid, or just part of learning how to develop and support software and hardware products in-house. Keep in mind that they are dealing with dozens of devices all made by different manufactures and external organizations like cellular vendors that have contracts that expire, etc. I'm not trying to make excuses for them, and maybe some of the planning could have been better, but not everything is always in their control and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I guess I'm just saying that I understand many people have had issues and have been very upset, but I personally do think Lowe's is really trying to make Iris 2, and home automation in general, a success and something that even non-technical customers can take advantage of. They still have a long way to go, but they sure seem to be going there quickly and I look forward to them becoming a leader. The easy choice would have been to just keep supporting the Iris 1 system through an external vendor and let it slowly die as more and more new devices came in to the market and took longer and longer to add to the old system, if at all. The tough choice was to invest in developing a new platform with the capability to eventually go well beyond what the old system could do, and I feel like that is what they are doing. Just my opinion. And I don't mean to minimize the issues and problems some people have been having with the initial switch to V2. I do feel they have a right to express their frustrations, and even switch to another system if they really feel it will work better for them (which Lowe's makes easier now by the way with their new V2 devices that all use standard Home Automation commands instead of the older V1 devices that were not standard). But I also felt like I should express my opinion that Lowe's appears to really be trying hard to create a new system that is really in the best interest of their customers for moving forward with home automation. Maybe it is easier for me, since I have both systems I get the best of both worlds (and the worst of both worlds ) right now, but I have a feeling Iris 2 is going to keep getting better and better and I am really looking forward to seeing where things go during the next year or two.
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    It would be nice to set switches, smart plugs, our outlets to on at dusk and off at dawn?
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    Would be nice to have widgets to arm/disarm alarm. My wife is not too savvy and a couple buttons on her phone would make it a lot easier for her rather than having to go into the app.
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    So far with version two point oh yeah

    How did this topic go from "So far with version two point oh yeah" to whining and moaning blah, blah, blah? Did anyone notice there was a new version of the Iris app released today? The biggest change was the additional functionality added to the CAMERAS section.
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    So far with version two point oh yeah

    I agree, I think Lowe's should actually pay us for using Iris. I mean really, who do they think they are investing millions into a system and then try and charge us to use it. Shame on them!
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    So far with version two point oh yeah

    I totally knew that the subscription would be necessary to get the most out of my system before I decided to purchase. It was something I had to weigh out prior to purchase, but ultimately I purchased the system KNOWING I would pay the $10/mo Honestly, to me, it's worth the price... I like the idea that Lowes can potentially see iris as "profitable", in my opinion it gives the whole system more credibility... as long as they continue to invest in the platform, and keep device costs low I respect the fact that they have made the service self sustaining and not totally dependent on new device sales. The fact that they are mailing us out new hubs FOR FREE further solidifies my trust in this business strategy and their commitment to us. Honestly, it would have made sense if only us premium subscribers got the new hub, but its totally cool that they are sending it out to everyone! It is very likely that if Lowes ever decides to discontinue the iris products... if no one is buying them any more and it no longer makes sense to sell them... as long as the subscriptions can pay the overhead, there is no reason to shut down the servers for a while. This gives me greater piece of mind in my investment. Now, if Lowes decided to give more features to the free accounts, that would be fine by me... There are a lot of things (most magic rules) that technically could be engineered to happen locally with no web based communication, and I can understand the argument that these rules should be available without a monthly fee... but it is their service and their products, and I don't feel they were at all deceitful about what could and could not be done with a free plan... I know what I got into and I'm cool with that. If I needed a free service I would have decided on a different platform.
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    I feel lucky to have Iris

    I agree too. Iris still is by far the best that I've seen that does both the Security and Home Automation sides well. Sure there are quirks and things I wish it did more intuitively but at the end of the day I don't have a folder full of apps to do everything Iris can do within one app and that simplicity is very nice.