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    It continues to develop sophistication in the control system, with custom dashboards and apps, along with the ability to create even more complex actions and activators. The system works very well locally when broadband is out. I just added my second Iris camera today, although that is still in the development phase. One thing I especially like is the ZigBee routing information and control. I have found that my ZigBee smart bulbs are poor routers of commands. SRF gives you access to routing information in mesh and list form, so I can see what route the signal is taking for each device. If I don't like the route, I can manually change it. In my case, for problem devices, I can create a manual route that only uses Gen 2 smart plugs, which creates dependable routes. That said, there are still a few devices that have not been profiled successfully, and they have not yet created a facility for Alexa or Google voice control. I miss that a great deal, and will be glad when it is enabled. I am pleased that the cameras are able to be put to use, since I have 9 cams that I never switched from Iris. I appreciate the help you and Otto gave us in getting that worked out.