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    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    The system will work with Iris Gen 2. There are essentially two standards, the current HA standard, and the standard used by AlertMe, which also developed the Iris Gen 1 range. We will be releasing another video later this week, which lists and explains all of the various device types and manufacturers that we have tested with the system so far. All of the modern ZigBee devices use a very similar application layer. AlertMe, in the UK, and Iris Gen 1, have a common application layer, but it differs from the modern standard. For this reason, we use two different ZigBee network adapters, one for the latest standard, and the other for AlertMe / Iris Gen 1. There is only one standard for Z-Wave, but the radio frequency differs between the UK (868 MHz) and the USA (908 MHz). For this reason, a different Z-Wave adapter has to be used for each country. Otherwise, there is no difference across Z-Wave devices. We are using USB adapters, because we think its easiest approach for anyone with a Raspberry Pi. We have also used other, hard wired network adapters.