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    Just to let everyone know I am still working on portal. It seems I got it almost working now.
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    https://proxy.iriswebportal.com/ Portal is up and running. Thanks, @IrisUsers and a 6 pack of beer for the help
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    Just an update for you all. I've been working with Gillion on restoring the portal. After some research and testing today I now know exactly the change that Lowe's did which broke the portal. That change, an added check to ensure that the connections to their servers are coming from users of their web portal, rejecting any from other websites such as Gillions. The good news, by using a Chrome browser plug-in "Modify Headers for Google Chrome" I am able to override this security measure and allow the portal to connect to the Iris cloud. For now it's just a hack while we continue to research a permanent fix.
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    The recent security update has caused the Gillion's wen portal to fail. Please make your voice heard here if you want this fixed. https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/Solutions-Projects-How-To-and/Iris-Web-Portal-Fix/m-p/4318#M679
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    TG, without this Iris loses a lot of functionality. I can again check all my battery levels at a glance again, among other features that were sorely missed. Glad you got it working again.
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    I'd like a motion sensor only.. adjustable would be really awesome.. but probably dreaming with my eyes open My preference would be a ZigBee device.. since I've had all kinds of trouble with Z-wave devices on my Iris system.
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    Not sure how to help you on the dryer but you could put a smart plug on the washer and have it send you a push notification when the electricity draw drops below a certain amount.
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    Iris Web Portal

    YAY fixed!
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    Generic Z-Wave Driver

    See this thread: I tried this before the update and it didn't work, then tried it after and it DID work.
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    You might want to try this after the next update. A generic driver that will make generic Zwave switches usable is coming in the next update. It might be there now because the platform has already been updated. Generic Z-Wave Driver for Switches and Dimmers: A generic driver has been added to Iris so that any Z-Wave switch or dimmer can be paired as an uncertified device and will be useable from the apps or web site.
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    Watercop is a no go

    So my buddy that runs ST picked up a couple of Watercop auto-shutoff valves and suggested I give one a shot to see if it works with Iris. Well it pairs right away but comes up as an uncertified device. It is kind of sad there are all these other devices out there that we can't use. Right now everything on Iris seems to be working well for me but I really wish they would open up the platform. This is probably the sixth device I have tried that doesn't work on Iris but works on ST. I think ultimately this closed mentality is going to be its demise. It would be one thing if they were coming out with new devices of their own, but really nothing is happening. It makes me want to jump ship before I have to, anyone else?
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    Cover Magnet Issue

    Keen has excellent customer service. They sent me a replacement with no questions asked. Apparently there was a design issue with the glued on magnets. The new design has magnets that are held in place with a screw.
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    Here is how to setup the Modify Headers for Google Chrome Click the add (plus) button on the top right of the plugin page. add the following Then click save. Then click the play button in the top left. Then click the power button on the line this will make it look like above. Go log in to the portal like before.
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    Please do as scunny suggests. Even if you don't post a comment, please "Kudo" Gillion's original post. The Iris folks often don't pay attention to posts/requests unless they have been kudo'd at least 20 times.
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    Refreshed V2 Devices

    Doesn't really matter to me. The keyfob is still big and clunky and not something I want to have in my pocket. Fits in a women's (or mans too I guess) purse OK but not gonna ride well in my pants pocket on a key ring. Even the V1 keyfob is too big for my taste.
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    The end caps in my local stores are neat also.
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    With the list of devices that work with V2 but unsupported growing, I thought it would be a good idea to have them listed all in one place for reference. We will pin it here and keep it up to date for future reference Aeon Recessed Door Sensor (Model ZW089-A) Aeon Smart Energy Switch (DSC06106-ZWUS) Aeon Smart Switch Gen 2 Aeon Water Sensor (Model DSB45-ZWUS) Cree Bulb 60W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) A19 Dimmable LED (BA19-08027OMF-12CE26-1C100) Cree Bulb 60W Equivalent Daylight (5000K) A19 Dimmable LED (BA19-08050OMF-12CE26-1C100) Leaksmart Leak Sensor Leviton 5A Incandescent Light Switch (VRS05-1LZ Z-Wave) Leviton Dimmer Switch (DZMX1 Z-Wave) Leviton Dimmer Switch (VRI06-1LZ Z-Wave) Leviton Dimmer Switch (VRMX1-1LZ Z-Wave) Leviton Electrical Outlet (DZR15 Z-Wave) Leviton Electrical Outlet (VRR15-1LZ Z-Wave) Leviton Fan Switch (VRF01-1LZ Z-Wave) Leviton Light Switch (DZS15 Z-Wave) Linear Dimmer Switch (WD500Z Z-Wave) Linear Electrical Outlet (W015Z Z-Wave) Linear Light Switch (WS15Z Z-Wave) Nanoleaf Ivy LED Light Bulb NYCE Ceiling Occupancy/Motion Sensor (Model NCZ-3043) SmartThings Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Model 3310-S) Everspring Screw-In Lamp Module Bosch Pet-Immune Motion Sensor (ISW-ZPR1-WP13) Bosch Pet-Immune Motion Sensor (ISW-ZDL1-WP11G) Ecolink Contact Sensor (DW-ZWAVE2 Z-Wave) Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor (TILT-ZWAVE2 Z-Wave) Ecolink Pet-Immune Motion Sensor (PIRZWAVE2 Z-Wave) GoControl Dimmer Switch (WD500Z-1 Z-Wave) Dimmer GoControl Garage Door Controller Sengled Element A19 LED Light Bulb SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor Radio Thermostat Thermostat (CT100) Radio Thermostat Thermostat (CT30) Radio Thermostat Thermostat (CT32) Bali Blinds
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    Keypad battery life

    Glad my V1 keypads are working OK (knock on wood). I like that they use AA batteries. Takes 6 but they last a long time.
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    Cortana to control Iris

    I would like to see if Iris can be added to Windows 10 Cortana support so that we can control our smart devices from our PC's. Currently the Smart Services available are: Hue, SmartThings, Nest, Insteon, and Wink. Seems like this would be a great feature to have! See link below: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/06/cortana-connected-home-windows-10/
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    Notifications Not Working

    Iris just released iOS Version 2.9.5. You might want to try updating to see if that helps.
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    I've had an Iris v2 motion sensor under my eves in front of my garage door in weather between -14 and 101 for almost 2 years with no issues. It isn't outdoor rated but it has worked fine as long as it is sheltered sufficiently.
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    IRIS Plus is still working. Maybe there is some help there...
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    GE Devices Having Trouble

    This article states "The top players of Home Automation market are: Icontrol Networks, Ismartalarm, Nest Labs, Ingersoll-Rand, Nortek, Vera Control, Belkin International, Lowe’s Iris and Smartlabs" so I don't think the ship will be sinking anytime soon. http://importantevents24.com/2018/01/18/global-home-automation-market/
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    Any non-Lowes cameras?
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    Thank you for posting this. I can't seem to find a good list of confirmed incompatible devices. Is there such a link you might be able to post here? I'm sketched out about being forced to "migrate" and would like to know if any of my current devices are going to just 'not work.' If so, then it's time for all of us to grab Burp Suite and develop our own hacked V1 setups...assuming the AlertMe code still works... Edit: I did find this page: http://support.irisbylowes.com/link/portal/30143/30206/Article/653/Devices-Supported-on-Iris It was a PITA to find tho...but answered my questions. FYI - middle finger goes to Lowe's for making us desert folk migrate in the kickoff of the HOT summer months