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    A unified forum

    As we evolve away from the Iris platform this forum will no longer be a favorite to any one platform. Instead, the Admins hope this becomes the goto place for all things Home Automation. Accordingly let's keep the platform favorites out of the equation and work towards sharing information and help to benefit all. There have been many super helpful members contributing along the way and I hope this trend continues and the forum grows to be bigger and better for all.
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    SmartThings experience so far

    This weekend I completed my migration to smartthings and so far I can say I am very pleased. In one weekend I've already been able to do MUCH more on smartthings than I ever could on iris... Observations so far: (1) Pairing devices was pretty much seamless. At the recommendation of others, I set up the v3 hub with the new app, then switched to the classic app for the remainder of my setup. I had an issue with a few z-wave devices that would not pair at first. I tried excluding them via the iris app, but the only way I could get them to pair was use the exclude function within the smartthings app. (2) The smart-things brand devices: motion sensors are much more sensitive than the old v1 iris ones I was using. I had to position them differently, but I made them work. The magnetic attachment is pretty slick though... It makes it easy to take them down or adjust the angle. For the buttons, I like that you can assign different functions to tap, double tap, and hold. I think this might have been possible with the iris v2 buttons, but not with the v1 buttons I was replacing. The contact sensors are also nice because they are "multi-function". They can act as a contact sensor, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, acceleration sensor, or tilt sensor. (3) SmartThings devices can trigger routines in alexa. This might get annoying eventually, but I created routines for alexa to speak when doors are open. This could open a lot of other possibilities as well. (4) Everything seems really stable... I never really had any stability issues with iris though. I moved my hub to a new location after setting up everything and I was afraid all the devices might not come back up, but everything came back pretty quickly. (5) The first party "smart lighting app" is really flexible and it RUNS LOCALLY. You can do a lot of your automation in this, and I would suggest you do anything you can within this app because it all runs locally. Seems to me that all my lighting rules run instantly... probably because they are not being processed in the cloud. Also, it allows you to create some additional criteria like "only if switch is off" (see next point) (6) The IDE allows digging into the system at a level not possible with iris... I was afraid it would take some time and there would be a steep learning cure to it, but fortunately what I've done so far was pretty straight forward. One of the cool tricks I came up with is to use a "simulated switch" created in the IDE in order to bypass a rule. For instance, I created a switch called "nap time". All of our bedroom lighting works on motion during normal "awake hours", but depends on this switch being off. If the "nap time switch" is turned on then none of the bedroom motion sensors will trigger lighting. To take this a step further, I enabled a power allowance rule that turns off the nap time switch if it has been on longer than 3 hours. This simulated switch can be turned on via alexa by saying "turn on nap time". It can also be triggered from an alexa routine called "it's nap time" which also has alexa verbally explain that nap time will be enable for 3 hours. I also created a similar setup for bathroom lighting, called "shower time" which gives you longer to take a shower before the lights turn off due to lack of motion. (7) Actiontiles: I've only started playing with this, but its really cool that I can have a tablet act as a touch screen controller for the entire house... Its a pretty slick setup. (8) Harmony hub integration: I can now control any of my lighting from my harmony remote and also assign lighting scenes as part of a logitech activity. I can also have my living room tv turn on as party of my "I'm back" routine in smartthings that happens automatically when the first family member arrives home, or it can turn off when the last person leaves if someone has forgot to turn it off (great for the bedroom TV). Speaking of location services... (9) Life 360 integration: I'm not using presence sensors to trigger home and away modes... my wife and I both use iPhones and I'm finding that the geofencing through life360 works really well. I like how quickly it detects we have left or arrived. (10) Integration with unsupported devices: Again, this goes back to the IDE, but I've found github projects to integrate with my ring alarm system and nest thermostat which are not natively supported. I've only recently setup the ring alarm integration, so the verdict is still out but it seems to work without any issue. I'm not a big fan of the nst manager smartapp, but at least it gets me some basic integration (thinking about switching to ecobee) It seems that "where there's a will, there's a way" in smartthings. If someone else hasn't figured out how to do it, it's probably because no one has bothered to try. (11) IFTTT: When all else fails, you can automate things via IFTTT. This opens up a whole slew of possibilities, however I've found very little I couldn't do outside of the built in integrations and/or custom device handlers through the IDE. (12) Device mirroring: This is something I always wished was available in iris. I have a light switch for outdoor lights that is difficult to get to and I wanted it to turn on and off along with my front porch lights. This was easy to setup in smartthings. I've only been running smartthings for a few days, but so far I would say I am really happy with the possibilities... and I haven't even gotten into webcore yet. I haven't needed to, but I'm sure that is something I will naturally want to explore in the future.
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    My story.

    So with the closing of Iris, I guess its time to tell my story. I started using Iris in the V1 days no beta just a user. I was happy with it. Then V2 came in and like everyone else I ran with the missing parts and was not okay with this. So I started to look around and saw commands getting sent to the server using WebSocket and knowing I can send commands with JavaScript over WebSockets I started working on the Iris Web Portal. When doing the testing for the web portal I saw a big bug in Iris so I called support and well that didn't go anywhere. I then I PMed with some people on this forum and that turned into a phone call, showed them what I could do with this bug and it needed to be patched. I then I got a call from the lead dev from Iris about the bug. A patch was put in place within a week and I was placed on the beta team. As for the Iris Web Portal. When we would have a monthly call the beta team would bring up what the community wanted and needed. We would get "We would look into it" or "It's on the road map" than I would build it on my portal in a matter of hours maybe days. Then force there hand or show them it could be done. This went on from about a year or 2. I was never a dev or anything like that but I knew more about Iris than may of the users did and talked with the devs weekly. We signed an NDA as part of the beta team so this is about as much as I can give out.
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    If anyone is interested in beta testing Hubitat with V1 devices please PM me.
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    Thanks Iris!

    Well tonight my Iris system went off letting me know the stupid water softener overflowed again. So thank you again Iris...this could have been a huge mess. But this event highlighted how much I rely on Iris and the multiple notifications. I think I could have slept through the siren but for some reason the house phone ringing always seems to wake me up. So thanks again for possibly the last time.
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    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    Whatever the Arcus team wants to do with it. If they want me to host I will be happy to if they want me to give them the domain for like a Wiki page I will do that too. I just have it locked down so someone that didn't want to see Arcus work or wanted to make a quick buck didn't get it.
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    No guarantees, but check this out! Very encouraging but still only in the lab right now!
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    Great News! I just downloaded the latest Hubitat system update which now includes support for Iris V1 devices. I am happy to report that I have successfully paired 4 V1 contact sensors and the V1 range extender to the Hubitat C5 hub. The contact sensor attributes include battery level, temperature, contact state, and tamper. Hats off to the people at Hubitat! Their efforts have saved me hundreds of dollars. This is going to allow Hubitat to sell a lot of product.
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    Im working on it. Form what I have found out so far. OS: CentOS7 (Will not work on anything less) 2 vCPUs (More wont hurt) min of 4 GB of ram 8GB would be better 20GB of HDD or SSD (Best) Java 1.8.0 or greater ( https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-java-on-centos-and-fedora ) Homebrew ( https://docs.brew.sh/Homebrew-on-Linux ) Docker ( https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/centos/#install-docker-ce ) boot2docker ( Working on this one) Gradle( https://www.vultr.com/docs/how-to-install-gradle-on-centos-7 ) Cassandra ( https://www.vultr.com/docs/how-to-install-apache-cassandra-3-11-x-on-centos-7 ) I am still getting build errors but closer then before.
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    Also the invitation to beta has closed. Thanks to all that volunteered.
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    Fingers crossed for the v1 contacts.
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    The majority of the devices on the list have already been profiled. I currently have over 130 devices connected to the system. This includes a mix of V1 and V2 devices along with several Z-Wave switches and plugs. The system is using less than 10% of the Pi’s processing capability. The guys from SystronisRF are working 7 days a week and things are progressing quickly.
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    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I’ve been moving everything over to SystronicsRF and in the process I noticed something in the Iris app that I found kind of ironic.
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    Hubitat Thread - Pro\Con

    Thats what she said!!
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    Just noticed that the Arcus code has been posted to https://github.com/arcus-smart-home. The pieces seem to be... arcusipcd arcusplatform arcusweb arcusios arcusandroid I've said it before, I will say it again. I am not of the skill set to tackle this solo, but I have skills to offer to get this flying... The question I have is, is anyone launching an open source project to manage this and get it off the ground? I'd hate to see Iris totally gone, and I have applications where I can still use my old 1st gen stuff, the hub etc...
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    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

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    Arcus (Iris) Smart Home code posted.

    I have dozens of V1 sensors / switches, and will love to be able to reuse it. Dig through the git sources, and get familiar with it. I will be happy to help in anyway.
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    Hubitat is 99 bucks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As far as my contribution? I’ve assisted over 30 people in their migrations to other platforms since the Iris announcement in January which is why I am here. Don’t like what I say, don’t respond to my posts., I won’t be offended by your silence.
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    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I was able to build both apps after pulling them from the repositories. The iOS app does not do much as it attempts to connect to your local machine to login (which makes sense since eventually you would have to provide the connection strings to your particular instance of the Arcus platform). Surprisingly the Android application actually connected to the still running Iris servers and I could use it to access my Iris account (which now only contains an offline hub, but I was able to login to the account so I assume the rest of the app was fully functional). It was very generous of Lowe's to make all these resources (including all the graphics images) available to the open source community and I look forward to seeing the platform and hub software released at some point as well. Hopefully once that occurs other vendors may be able to leverage what is there to also support the Iris V1 devices (I hope at least the Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors, Plugs, and Smart Buttons).
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    These devices have been profiled for use with the new SystronicsRF system, and devices of each type have been paired to the system, and are functioning correctly. The finalized profiles will not be available for some of these devices for downloading until Monday. First Alert Smoke Alarm First Alert Smoke & CO Alarm GE Light Switch GE Dimmer Switch GE Duplex Outlet GE Plug-In Switch – Indoor GE Plug-In Switch - Outdoor GE Fan Switch GE On Off Relay Switch Iris 1st Generation Range Extender Iris 1st Generation Smart Plug Iris 1st Generation Door Sensor Iris 1st Generation Motion Sensor Iris 1st Generation Senior Pendant Iris 1st Generation Security Keypad Iris 1st Generation Security Key Fob Iris 2nd Generation Smart Plug Iris 2nd Generation Motion Sensor Iris 2nd Generation Security Keypad Iris 2nd Generation 4 Button Key Fob Iris Garage Door Controller Iris Indoor Water Sensor LeakSmart Leak Sensor LeakSmart Water Shutoff Valve Leviton Decora Smart Switch Leviton Dimmer Switch Cree A19 Light Bulb Linear Dimmer Switch NYCE Tilt Sensor Osram Lightify A19 Smart Bulb Osram Lightify A19 Tunable White Light Bulb Osram Lightify PAR38 Flood Light Bulb Osram Lightify BR30 Flood Light Bulb Osram Lightify 4 Button Switch Radio Thermostat CoA Thermostat - Deferred due to additional work required on Actions related to heating system. Utilitech Flood Sensor Utilitech Glass Break Sensor Utilitech Indoor Siren In addition to the profiling that was undertaken prior to the start of the Beta Test Program, this profiling has been ongoing for just over a week. The aim is to profile all of the devices that are currently being used in conjunction with the 1st Generation Iris devices. The next stage is to complete the profiling of the 2nd and 3rd Generation Iris devices, together with more GE devices, and other commonly used devices, before moving onto the Schlage and Kwikset door locks.
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    Hubitat Thread - Pro\Con

    Got my hub today. This thing is tiny!
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    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    An encouraging development... there is code for an Arcus IOS and Android app at GitHub. I haven’t looked at it other than to see that it is there I am looking forward to the open source code. I would be most happy to get a minimaly functioning system for self monitoring running. Realistically, I don’t thIs is going to happen quickly but I have a Raspberry Pi, a zigbee stick and a z wave stick and I am going to see what I can do. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what language Arcus code is written in? C++, python, java? Is anyone planning a group effort for arcus development?
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    Halo+ Help

    Thanks dusterp...that #%*^$# beeping Halo+ has gotten me in trouble. I set it outside in garage because of the beeping & it was scaring the cat, so I put it in backseat of my wife's 2nd car--one she rarely drives. Well lo & behold she left out for work in it yesterday morning and it's an hour drive commute for her. Well now I'm in the "doghouse" after 2 hours of her driving with that $%&*** thing in the backseat! I'm in the doghouse because I didn't want to scare the cat. LOL. The only thing that may make her feel better is that I got a surprise in the mail today--my Iris cards. Halo+ is going in tomorrow's trash. Sleeping in the doghouse with a beeping smoke alarm isn't fun! mojo2600
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    Arcus Smart Home

    @ShieldOfSalvation the whole Iris team wants the code to be open because of all the time put into the system the would hate to see it canned.