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  1. Terminal

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    It turns out it was not a Osram or Iris problem. Apparently the last realtor that left the house was very conscientious about turning out all the lights which included all the lamps I had set up on smartplugs and bulbs. So it was just the notifications that came at 2:00 in the morning, not the devices going offline. I get having a delay for a notification but I would think an hour might be a good limit. The last realtor left around 2 or 3 so I guess it must wait 12 or so hours.
  2. Terminal

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    This morning at 2:56 AM all four Zigbee OSRAM bulbs I have dropped off line. Anyone else have any issues? We are in the process of selling our home. I have already bought another place and I have the old house staged and I have the Iris hub at the house to turn on lamps when someone comes in to see the house, I also have it controlling the thermostat so I can cool it down when some one is scheduled to see it. I only have 12 devices attached, 6 V1 smart plugs, 1 V2 smrtplug, 4 OSRAM bulbs and my CT101 thermostat. All the other devices are zigbee except for the thermostat and everything else is fine. I have been using the OSRAM bulbs for the last couple of years with no issues. I thought it weird that they all dropped off at exactly the same time. Probably just have to power cycle them, I tried a Hub reboot and that was a No Go.
  3. That would work to, I should have mentioned after removing old name you would need to have Alexa discover devices.
  4. Go into the Alexa app and remove the old name. Seems like this has happened to me before. I have had trouble in the past renaming and getting rid of old names or groups n the phone app, but using the Alexa web link give you a little more flexibility and works sometimes when the app will not. https://alexa.amazon.com
  5. Terminal

    Hub Battery backup not working?

    You can get some low end UPSs cheaper than a new hub. As far as I know Iris has yet to implement any kind of Hub backup scheme.
  6. Terminal

    Iris Web Portal

    Yep back up, Thanks @thegillion
  7. Terminal

    Iris Web Portal

    Not working for me either.
  8. Terminal

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Just watched your videos, and I am quite interested in this. It would be great to use my V1 devices along with the newer devices I now have running on ST.
  9. Terminal

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    Doesn't do any good to name them anyway. If it's like the single orbit timer. The history will only show the default name no matter what you name it. And you can't search the history for them.
  10. Terminal

    Hub Replacement Automation

    I agree this is something they should really have working by now.
  11. Terminal

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Ebay seems to still have quite a few V1 devices available. I will keep an eye on this thread and see if this goes anywhere, as I still have a number of V1 devices. Most are in storage, as I have switched mostly to Smartthings, but I still use a number of them for turning on some lights in the house.
  12. Terminal

    Automatically Lock Door

    I think most of the smart locks can do this manually. Check your lock's manual. I am pretty sure Schlages have that capability, although if I remember right it's a pretty limited time window.
  13. Terminal

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Yep working, Thanks!
  14. Terminal

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    So the plug in doesn't seem to work anymore. I guess they got wind of this work around?