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  1. Terminal

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    Doesn't do any good to name them anyway. If it's like the single orbit timer. The history will only show the default name no matter what you name it. And you can't search the history for them.
  2. Terminal

    Hub Replacement Automation

    I agree this is something they should really have working by now.
  3. Terminal

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Ebay seems to still have quite a few V1 devices available. I will keep an eye on this thread and see if this goes anywhere, as I still have a number of V1 devices. Most are in storage, as I have switched mostly to Smartthings, but I still use a number of them for turning on some lights in the house.
  4. Terminal

    Automatically Lock Door

    I think most of the smart locks can do this manually. Check your lock's manual. I am pretty sure Schlages have that capability, although if I remember right it's a pretty limited time window.
  5. Terminal

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Yep working, Thanks!
  6. Terminal

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    So the plug in doesn't seem to work anymore. I guess they got wind of this work around?
  7. Terminal

    Well ring is out

    Yeah I noticed that as well, but I figured they were referring to what Vet showed, you have to install that extra module on your existing doorbell. At least I did with the Pro.
  8. Terminal

    Well ring is out

    I like the LTS features. Especially the 128GB on board storage. The ring does integrate with my ST system so the motion detection tuns on my front porch light, but I can just use my Arlo camera to take over that function I also have a Ring chime extender, which the LTS doesn't seem to have. I could work around that as well. I will wait a bit and see what Amazon does with Ring, at least until my current plan runs out this summer.
  9. Terminal

    Well ring is out

    Thanks. that does seem like a better choice.
  10. Terminal

    Well ring is out

    It seemed ok at first and I even payed for a year of storage. I will not pay for another. My Ring Pro is on the front door which is only about 15 feet from my main WiFi access point, it is also hardwired to my doorbell power. According to the app it has good WiFi signal. Also I have pretty good internet it usually stays around 10MB upload. Most of the time the video is jerky. An object will freeze and then jump off screen. I have three Arlo cameras and they will occasionally get glitches, but not very often. In fact I have a rule setup in ST that has two of the three cameras start recording when the garage door is opened and the video is always pretty good. They also made some change about 6 months ago and now motion detection at night is basically non-existent. You have to stand almost right in front of my door before it will capture anything. A few weeks ago four deer walked through the front yard, about 20 feet in front of my front door. I have an Arlo camera at the front corner that captured it but nothing on the Ring. The next morning two kids walked on the side walk about another 10 feet further away than the deer and the ring captured that.no problem. Motion capture is pretty good during the day. When I first got it it seemed to be pretty good at night as well. The app is pretty crappy as well. They have no thumbnail view so you have to open each video to see what triggered it.. The videos are shown in a scroll-able line. So if you have three weeks of videos and you wanted to go back two weeks to look at something you must scroll down one by one to find it. There is no calendar view No local storage option. You can download the videos but you would have to download one at a time. So I am watching and hoping something better comes along,
  11. Terminal

    Well ring is out

    Yes I am starting to see that.
  12. Terminal

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Worked for me as well. To be honest I don't use web access much anyway. I always felt it was a dumb move to get rid of web access and only have mobile, but to Iris's credit I hardly ever use the web to do anything to my system. The one thing I do use is filter hours. I still can't believe Iris has not added this back. If it were not for this portal I probably would have moved my thermostat over to smart things as well. I figured I would move it over if this did not work. With this workaround I will keep it here for now.
  13. Terminal

    Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Hope it is something they can fix on their end without a firmware update or it's not something they did on purpose. If so it may be down for awhile.
  14. Terminal

    Is something going today 1/28?

    My system was working I just could not open my mobile app on my phone. I only did it on my phone. My wife has it installed on her phone but she didn't mention it wasn't working. Although she probably never opens it anyway.