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  1. Terminal

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    If you are adding the smart app the first time you need to go to the marketplace and add it from your apps. Martketplace > smartapps> my apps(at the bottom) It will then be in the automations.
  2. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Just put mine up for sale as well
  3. . I copied the above from Scunny's post as my reasons are exactly the same Price seems fair, so if you want the Nest 3 here is a chance to get one cheap I paid $267 for this new, Sept. of last year. Only thing I don't have are the stickers they give you to mark the wires.
  4. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Decided to switch to the Ecobee. It was a prime day special for $199.00. So I guess I will have a Nest available for sale soon.
  5. Terminal

    System backup

    So the SystronicsRF system has at least one huge, IMO, advantage over my ST system. For some reason the SD card on my system crashed. It would not boot and I was dead in the water. I bought a new SD card installed the a new control system then SystronicsRF was able to put my system back just as it was before it crashed. All my rules and devices came back just as they were. I had to go around to some of my V1 sensors and remove and re-install the battery, which could be a bit of a pain on a large system but beats the crap out of starting from scratch.
  6. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Here is another article on the 4+. Looks like Lowes leaked their info. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/29/18644973/ecobee-smart-thermostat-premium-glass-leak-lowes
  7. Terminal

    Iris Centralite / v2 range extender?

    I believe that is right the Iris repeaters were only for the original V1 devices. I never had one but I always heard they didn't work very well anyway. The smart plugs were always recommended as the best option for a repeater.
  8. Terminal

    Door Chimes

    Not sure about creating a simulated Alexa switch, but you can create a simulated contact switch in ST and then have the simulated contact mirror the pushbuttton. Webcore can do it simply enough. I highly recommend webcore, I wrote a few small smartapps when I first started with ST just because I wanted to try my hand at the groovy language. It was an interesting experiment but doing the same stuff in webcore is so much easier.
  9. Terminal

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    At my last house I had a Skydrop controller, and I let it handle everything. I thought it did a pretty good job. Reviews online seemed mixed, however.
  10. Terminal

    Don’t throw away your iris hub!

    I don't want anything for it just pay shipping, PM me your address and I can tell you how much it will cost. I will say I have no idea if it works, I got it from another forum member, here is the thread. I never used it, he said it was his free upgrade and he had moved to Wink. So it should be new. It looks new, but I never hooked it up or tried it. It is in the same box he shipped it to me. I paid $13.00 to have it shipped back in 2016. that was from west coast to east coast. My wife can get a discount if she ships from her work, so I can probably get a little better price. But it will probably be about the same now, depending on where you are.
  11. Terminal

    Don’t throw away your iris hub!

    I have a V2 hub I was given. Was keeping it as a spare. I will send it to you for shipping cost. Assuming I can find it. I am pretty sure I know where it is, but I am not home so I can’t verify. Let me know if interested.
  12. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    https://9to5mac.com/2019/05/09/new-ecobee-4-premium-design-more/ Someone pointed to this article over at the smartthings forum.
  13. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Sounds like I may not have to switch. I am going to wait and see what happens. I really don't need all that much from a thermostat. As long as it will follow my schedule and I can set the temp with voice commands with Alexa I'm good. II also need to be able to access remotely. If that requires google assistant , then I will switch. According to this blog, maybe the basic functionality I use will still work. So I will wait and see, also the Ecobee 4+ is about to drop I hear. So when Aug 31 rolls around if it turns out they have taken away any of my must have integrations, unless I switch to google assistant, I will see about an Ecobee 4+
  14. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    I will probably being doing the same thing soon. What did you switch too? I am thinking about going with an Ecobee.