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  1. If Iris added it to the Iris skill, I assume both would work. Smartthings has added it and contact sensors appear when discovering devices. You can ask if a sensor is open or closed and Alexa will respond if it is open or closed. You can also ask for the temp at each sensor.
  2. Has anyone that PMed IrisUsers heard from him. I agreed to a price for some devices and asked him how he wanted payment but have heard nothing since. Hope all is well with him.
  3. Terminal

    2nd Gen IRIS Hub died a few days ago.

    Did you try a Z-wave device removal? I have found that even after a reset it's best to do a removal if you are having trouble pairing a Z-wave device.
  4. Terminal

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Yes that is a concern for me as well.
  5. Terminal

    Best adhesive strips for sensors

    I use command strips, the ones meant for bathroom hold best, but those will peel off paint as well if not careful when removing. Even the clear less heavy duty ones can, but not usually. I have some of the 3M tape that is probably similar to the stuff Scunny linked too, except mine is a smaller width, about twice the width of a contact sensor magnet.. My wife got it from a company she used to work for, it is meant for automotive applications and it will definitely pull drywall off when removing. It does not let loose easy.
  6. Terminal

    GE Light switches reversing

    I had never tried it but I had heard you could.
  7. Terminal

    GE Light switches reversing

    There are button sequences on the switches that will allow you to do this but not outlets.
  8. Terminal

    GE Light switches reversing

    With an outlet the only way to change it would be to call support and have them do it. There are commands that allow the LEDs to be changed but Iris does not have any way for the user to send them.
  9. Terminal

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    I have been happy with Alexa and recently with the routines it has gotten even better. Smartthings integrates well with Alexa. You can trigger a routine in Smartthings with a switch and you can create simulated switches. These switches are discovered by Alexa and as far as it is concerned it is just a switch, but they do nothing. So my routine to shut off all lights, lock the doors and close my garage doors in Smartthings can be triggered now by saying Alexa, Goodnight. Alexa just toggles the simulated switch since Alexa won't allow you to run routines with Garage doors or locks. I wish Iris would add something similar. I use Iris in my shop, so my Alexa goodnight routine can turn off switches in the shop, but I can not close the garage doors. I also like the room feature of Alexa. You don't need to remember the room name, you just say turn on or turn off lights. When you assign a device to a group that device will only control the lights in that room. The last update also said they have added location services to Alexa, I haven't tried using that yet and I am not sure how well it will work. The use case example they gave in the announcement was to tell Alexa to turn on a light when you are a block from the house.
  10. Terminal

    Contact Sensors Dropping and others

    I have had no issues.
  11. Terminal

    Audio on cameras

    So MIkeS over on the official forum posted this last week. I just added my old V1 camera back to my Iris system this last Saturday the November 10th. I haven't really used this camera in a couple of years. It was attached to my system at the other house, but since there was no free option for recording I hardly ever used it. I occasionally opened it up and looked to make sure my shop garage door was closed. That was very seldom as I had a GDO attached but a few times the GDO malfunctioned so I would check visually very now and then. I now have the camera set up in my shop at the new house I have opened it up a few times and never heard anything but I wasn't sure that maybe that was because there was nothing to hear. Yesterday, however, I let someone in using my GDO and we were on the phone at the time. After I got off the phone I loaded up the camera and was able to watch the guy I was talking to, he was standing right in front of the camera and I can see he is on the phone but I hear nothing. This is an old model V1 camera but as I understood it it has two way audio capability. Anyone able to verity audio is working? -Mike
  12. Terminal

    Switch that can be mounted on a normal toggle.

    I bought another third reality switch and tried it. It would pair but as a unknown device and would not allow me to do anything with it. I guess I will try the Eco-Link but I don't think they will work on the gang switch boxes I have. The one in the shop office is a single so I can use it there but out in the main area it's two 3 ganged boxes so they may be a problem.
  13. I posted this over on the official community forum as a bug, anyone else see this?
  14. Terminal

    Alexa discovery

    I have come to the conclusion that the other devices not found are not available through Alexa on Iris. I disabled and re-enabled the skill and it said it wanted authorization to access locks, thermostats, lights and switches. Nothing about cameras or sensors. I have not really used much of my Iris system over the last couple years. I only had a few V1 devices used in some areas where I wanted a light to come on when I opened a door. I also had kept my thermostat on Iris as it worked well for me. So thinking back I guess the contact sensors where not listed in Iris, and I wasn't using any motion sensors, they have been sitting in storage since I went to Smart-things