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  1. Terminal

    Switching to ST New App

    If you have some simple routines or smartlighting routines you want to move over to the new automations then that would probably be okay to start doing. Most of my automations are in webcore, so I am not doing anything until I am forced to.
  2. Here is a better one.
  3. Since you say your wired internet does not die I would start with the Netgear Router, I would think you modem is okay. Pick one up locally at a best buy or something and see if the problem goes away. If it does you know you got a bad router and you can see if you can get Netgear to send you a new one. Then take the other one back, this time of year they will be expecting a lot of returns anyway. Another way to go is get a cheap access point and use it's wifi and turn off the neat gear wifi and see if that holds up. You can get a TP-link access point for around $20.
  4. Terminal

    Alexa for SystronicsRF

    Could you guys do something like webcore has and allow URL links to start actions. I setup shortcuts in Siri that when called pass links to chrome on my phone which in turn fires a webcore piston. Works pretty well. Since most everything is web based anyway it would seem a fairly straight forward approach.
  5. Terminal

    System backup

    I don't think there really is at this point. I asked about this back during the beta testing. As I would like to keep my own copy. The guys are very responsive but I would like to have a ready to pop in backup of the SD card. What they said back then was, they keep hourly backups of your system and 14 days of a nightly backup. They said they would offer the ability to download a system backup directly from your CS at some point, but that point has yet to arrive.
  6. Terminal

    My Apps

    Go to settingd>My Apps>Add an app. Then update the templates. The add the app you want.
  7. The device I have was by a company called YTF and I paid about $20.00 on amazon. Just checked and it says it is now unavailable. It was a cheap solution and the reviews seemed good. It has worked really well for me.
  8. I never had to re-pair a single device.
  9. So they have finally released a public version. I am pretty happy with it. I think there are a few devices they should have gotten working first, but overall it works really well. The device availability is still a bit limited but they are very open and responsive to adding new things. You can go to their site to read about pricing and such. The cost point is a bit higher than the others since along with the software you have to buy the PI hardware and Zigbee and Zwave network adapters. If they keep progressing as they are, I believe I will eventually move most of my home automation to their system. My system has crashed twice but each time Systronics was able to reload my system back just as it was. I wrote about this in another thread, which is a big advantage over Smartthings. Whic is my main home automation system now. I dread the day my ST hub crashes. I only had to remove a couple batteries to get a few of the V1 devices to reconnect. They say I am the only one that this has happened to and no one else has reported anything like this in the forum so I believe them. I think it is the environment my system is in. It is in my shop office which is insulated but not until recently was it cooled. It has been a hot summer and it would get upwards of 90 in the office sometimes. I have since added a portable AC unit that I can turn on and off via Wifi. It is not controlled directly by the SystronicRF CS, but I monitor the temp and the CS tells me when the temp is getting too high by sending me notifications. I then can turn on the AC wherever I am via another app on my phone I have asked the Systronic guys to look into adding something so you could control a remote device via their system and they say they are working on it. So hopefully in the near future I will have teh AC totally automated. One thing that is good about this system, the guys seem pretty responsive to problems and will fix things pretty quickly. It hasn't been running long enough this last time to tell if the cooling has fixed the issue or not. It ran from Feb till June, approximately 4 months with no issues. Then only about another month after that before it crashed again. I then added the AC and it has been up a couple months now. It's starting to cool off some, so hopefully it will be ok now. This new release is supposed to support the V1 cameras. I personally have not tried it as they still don't have the process totally automated, I am looking forward to checking it out once they get it working. It will make your camera totally independent of the cloud, you can save all you videos on a USB stick on your PI. It supports almost all of the old V1 hardware. It also has customizable dash boards, that I use quite extensively for general day to day monitoring. It probably would have been better for them if they could have been at this point when Iris shutdown, but as we all know Lowes kind of surprised everyone with that one.
  10. Terminal

    Arcus Smart Home

    SystronicRF just released a version that supports the Iris V1 cameras. It's a pretty solid Security system and basic home automation. Supports most all the old iris stuff. It still needs work but overall I have been happy with it. I have one V1 camera and I plan on adding it soon to try out what they have setup. So I can't comment on how well it works.
  11. Terminal

    Is there an Idiots Guide to Rule Machine for Hubitat?

    I believe Webcore works with habitat now.I don't know anything about Hubitat, but Webcore is a very versatile rules engine. You can make simple rules very quickly or if you want to get complex you can do that too.
  12. Terminal

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    If you are adding the smart app the first time you need to go to the marketplace and add it from your apps. Martketplace > smartapps> my apps(at the bottom) It will then be in the automations.
  13. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Just put mine up for sale as well
  14. . I copied the above from Scunny's post as my reasons are exactly the same Price seems fair, so if you want the Nest 3 here is a chance to get one cheap I paid $267 for this new, Sept. of last year. Only thing I don't have are the stickers they give you to mark the wires.
  15. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Decided to switch to the Ecobee. It was a prime day special for $199.00. So I guess I will have a Nest available for sale soon.