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    Don’t throw away your iris hub!

    I don't want anything for it just pay shipping, PM me your address and I can tell you how much it will cost. I will say I have no idea if it works, I got it from another forum member, here is the thread. I never used it, he said it was his free upgrade and he had moved to Wink. So it should be new. It looks new, but I never hooked it up or tried it. It is in the same box he shipped it to me. I paid $13.00 to have it shipped back in 2016. that was from west coast to east coast. My wife can get a discount if she ships from her work, so I can probably get a little better price. But it will probably be about the same now, depending on where you are.
  2. Terminal

    Don’t throw away your iris hub!

    I have a V2 hub I was given. Was keeping it as a spare. I will send it to you for shipping cost. Assuming I can find it. I am pretty sure I know where it is, but I am not home so I can’t verify. Let me know if interested.
  3. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    https://9to5mac.com/2019/05/09/new-ecobee-4-premium-design-more/ Someone pointed to this article over at the smartthings forum.
  4. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    Sounds like I may not have to switch. I am going to wait and see what happens. I really don't need all that much from a thermostat. As long as it will follow my schedule and I can set the temp with voice commands with Alexa I'm good. II also need to be able to access remotely. If that requires google assistant , then I will switch. According to this blog, maybe the basic functionality I use will still work. So I will wait and see, also the Ecobee 4+ is about to drop I hear. So when Aug 31 rolls around if it turns out they have taken away any of my must have integrations, unless I switch to google assistant, I will see about an Ecobee 4+
  5. Terminal

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    I will probably being doing the same thing soon. What did you switch too? I am thinking about going with an Ecobee.
  6. Terminal

    Podcast with Hubitat on Thursday Night the 18th

    Your link took me to the wrong podcast I found it, however.
  7. Terminal

    Aerotek Dry Contact Sensor

    Check out this thread on the ST community. Sounds like they have a DTH you can use.
  8. Terminal

    Kwikset 910 not pairing

    By they, do you mean Hubitat or Kwikset? I have had to move a lock close to my controller to get it to pair, I actually moved the hub to the lock, but same difference. It was a Schlage, not a Kwikset, but the Kwikset manual for a 910 recommends having the lock with 12' of the hub. Also I have seen the recommendation many times to move a lock close to a hub to get it to pair, and I have never heard anyone say it is not recommended. Until your post of coarse.
  9. Terminal

    Arlo Pro 2 Cameras vs Iris Cameras

    Since you are using ST you can buy external motion sensors and use those to trigger your cameras. Although I have found the motion sensors on mine to be quite adequate. In fact I have the sensitivity turned down on two of them so they don't pick up every leaf or twig that blows around the yard.
  10. I really hate the new app, but I added some blinds that will only work in the new app and not the classic so I downloaded it a week or two ago. Twice it moved all my devices to one room and I had to go back and re-sort them. I also have about 20 generic contact sensors that can not be deleted from the app. They are not associated with any device and why the new app added them when I loaded it I have no idea. .I called support and it was elevated to a upper level support and I was given a number, but that was over a week ago and have not heard a word from them since. Hopefully this new app will fix some of this.
  11. Terminal

    IOS update for new app is now avaiable

    I posted the question on the ST forum and a staff member saw it and fixed the issue for me. He did something on their end and now all the devices are gone. Will they come back, who knows?
  12. Terminal

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    That is what he is trying to do but I am pretty sure it's not possible with a CT101 as it is a Z-wave thermostat that needs a Z-wave hub, like ST for instance.
  13. Terminal

    SmartThings and GE Z-wave devices

    This article gives a pretty good description of the C-wire and what you need to do to if you don't have one.
  14. Terminal

    Gamma Stage Offer from SystronicsRF

    They are pretty busy so just give them a bit It took them a few days to get back to us to start the Beta process as well. If they sent you the offer you will hear back from them.
  15. Terminal

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    You are able to control your CT101 with a app from Radio Thermostat with no hub?
  16. Terminal

    Door Chimes

    I bought one of those and it had the same problem. It broke just as yours did, I got it so it would make contact and used it for a month or so. One day my wife called and said it quit working and she changed the battery and still would not work. When I got home I checked it and the tab was gone, I found it on the floor and got it working again. I then decided I paid too much to have to fix it for them so I returned it and got another, it had the same problem, I took it back for a refund and never bought another.
  17. Terminal

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    There is no WIFI connection to a CT-101 thermostat, AFIK. It is Z-wave only
  18. Terminal

    Question with CT101 Thermostat

    The CT-101 is a Z-wave thermostat, so you need a Z-wave hub. I use to have one at my old house and I didn't remember an option for connecting to any native app.
  19. Terminal

    SmartThings and GE Z-wave devices

    I don't know the exact protocol of what it does but the Z-wave exclude process does not seem to be hub dependent. It basically removes it from any previous pairing which you would think a device reset would do, but sometimes it helps. Something else you might try is a power reset, if you haven't already. The paddle switches have a tab you can pull, but you will have to flip the breaker for the toggles. I thought of this because I had to re-pair one of mine last night and it took a power reset before it would pair.
  20. Terminal

    SmartThings and GE Z-wave devices

    I have several of the older GE Z-wave devices paired to my ST system. But they have been paired for quite some time, about 6 months now, I switched to ST a few years ago. I just had to re-pair because I moved all my devices to a new house. I am not sure some of the recent firmware updates have not screwed things up. I also have 4 V2 Smart plugs currently on my system. I just got the rest of the furniture in the new house so I have 3 more I now want to pair but none of them will. I realize these are Zigbee, but I had no problem pairing the first 4 five months or so ago, also all these plugs use to paired to the ST hub. Every one of these plugs will pair to the Iris Hub, they will also pair to a Echo Plus, and to the Systronic RF hub. They will not pair to ST, however I can get them reset and they start blinking slowly which means they are in pairing mode and, using the classic app, I click add a thing and then they almost immediately blink fast for about a second or two and stop, this means it paired, ST never finds the device I say all this because they just released a update to an update because the previous update caused issues with Z-wave devices, so might want to make sure your hub updated. I think it's 25.26
  21. Terminal

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    Did you get your main rebate? No need to call for that, but no if don't know any other way, send an email maybe. probably all the support people have left..
  22. Terminal

    Don't throw away your V1 devices just yet!

    Yeah they need to be paired. Not sure if they have to be online when you call probably better if they are. You can only get another $300.00 above what they showed on your redemption link. You can try to get more but it will have to be esculated to and you will need to wait for an answer, as I understood it anyways. I just took the $300.00.
  23. Terminal

    What will work?

    I believe one of the developers answered that over on their community forum. Go do a search over there, I don't visit there anymore but I believe he said a few local processes may may still work. I can't remember why now but it seemed for some reason he said not to depend on it.
  24. Terminal

    SmartThings experience so far

    Well hang on to them. Looks like you may have options in the future. I know for a fact they work with the SystonicsRF system, and it looks like others are working on them as well.