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  1. Terminal

    GE Light switches reversing

    I had never tried it but I had heard you could.
  2. Terminal

    GE Light switches reversing

    There are button sequences on the switches that will allow you to do this but not outlets.
  3. Terminal

    GE Light switches reversing

    With an outlet the only way to change it would be to call support and have them do it. There are commands that allow the LEDs to be changed but Iris does not have any way for the user to send them.
  4. Terminal

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    I have been happy with Alexa and recently with the routines it has gotten even better. Smartthings integrates well with Alexa. You can trigger a routine in Smartthings with a switch and you can create simulated switches. These switches are discovered by Alexa and as far as it is concerned it is just a switch, but they do nothing. So my routine to shut off all lights, lock the doors and close my garage doors in Smartthings can be triggered now by saying Alexa, Goodnight. Alexa just toggles the simulated switch since Alexa won't allow you to run routines with Garage doors or locks. I wish Iris would add something similar. I use Iris in my shop, so my Alexa goodnight routine can turn off switches in the shop, but I can not close the garage doors. I also like the room feature of Alexa. You don't need to remember the room name, you just say turn on or turn off lights. When you assign a device to a group that device will only control the lights in that room. The last update also said they have added location services to Alexa, I haven't tried using that yet and I am not sure how well it will work. The use case example they gave in the announcement was to tell Alexa to turn on a light when you are a block from the house.
  5. Terminal

    Contact Sensors Dropping and others

    I have had no issues.
  6. Terminal

    Alexa discovery

    I have just got my Iris system back up and running since my move. I have Iris setup in my detached shop. So far I only have 7 devices. All V1 devices, except for a OSRAM bulb. Along with the bulb I have a GDO, Button, motion sensor, contact sensor, smart plug, and a camera. When I discover devices with Alexa it only finds the bulb and the V1 smart-plug. I wasn't sure about the GDO as I know Alexa can't control it, but it does find the ones on my smart-things hub and Alexa will tell me if they are opened or closed. Alexa also discovers motion sensors and contact sensors from smart-things so I assume the same for Iris. I am pretty sure it discovered all these devices at other house. Does anyone using Iris show these type of devices in Alexa. My shop is connected wirelessly through a couple of netgear nighthawk routers using one in bridge mode. I wouldn't think that would be an issue.
  7. Terminal

    Audio on cameras

    So MIkeS over on the official forum posted this last week. I just added my old V1 camera back to my Iris system this last Saturday the November 10th. I haven't really used this camera in a couple of years. It was attached to my system at the other house, but since there was no free option for recording I hardly ever used it. I occasionally opened it up and looked to make sure my shop garage door was closed. That was very seldom as I had a GDO attached but a few times the GDO malfunctioned so I would check visually very now and then. I now have the camera set up in my shop at the new house I have opened it up a few times and never heard anything but I wasn't sure that maybe that was because there was nothing to hear. Yesterday, however, I let someone in using my GDO and we were on the phone at the time. After I got off the phone I loaded up the camera and was able to watch the guy I was talking to, he was standing right in front of the camera and I can see he is on the phone but I hear nothing. This is an old model V1 camera but as I understood it it has two way audio capability. Anyone able to verity audio is working? -Mike
  8. Perhaps one of these already work as an un-certified device,I hope so, I actually have two of the Third Reality switches I am using on ST right now. The house I just bought does not have neutral wires so I am using these temporarily until I can get some stuff re-wired. Eco-link or Third reality. My plan is to use my Iris hub in my shop since it is about 200' behind my house. Connecting devices in the shop from that hub is not going to be feasible. I plan on setting up WIFI in my shop and then I connect my Iris hub in there to control the lights and garage doors. The shop wiring does not have neutral wires either and it would be a real pain to rewire it. One of these type switches would be perfect. I can always buy a second ST hub, but I would like to use what I already have. Anyone using anything like this?
  9. Terminal

    Switch that can be mounted on a normal toggle.

    I bought another third reality switch and tried it. It would pair but as a unknown device and would not allow me to do anything with it. I guess I will try the Eco-Link but I don't think they will work on the gang switch boxes I have. The one in the shop office is a single so I can use it there but out in the main area it's two 3 ganged boxes so they may be a problem.
  10. I posted this over on the official community forum as a bug, anyone else see this?
  11. Terminal

    Alexa discovery

    I have come to the conclusion that the other devices not found are not available through Alexa on Iris. I disabled and re-enabled the skill and it said it wanted authorization to access locks, thermostats, lights and switches. Nothing about cameras or sensors. I have not really used much of my Iris system over the last couple years. I only had a few V1 devices used in some areas where I wanted a light to come on when I opened a door. I also had kept my thermostat on Iris as it worked well for me. So thinking back I guess the contact sensors where not listed in Iris, and I wasn't using any motion sensors, they have been sitting in storage since I went to Smart-things
  12. Terminal

    Switch that can be mounted on a normal toggle.

    The problem with the ECO-link devices is they seem to be only for a single ganged box. That would be a problem in my shop.
  13. Terminal

    Anyone notice that an app update is rolling out?

    No update shown on the IOS store for me, but my firmware has been bumped up. It was at last time I checked it's now .065
  14. I used these. They are for toggles. They attach using the existing screws and are open on one side so you can reach in and toggle if required.
  15. Terminal

    Ring Floodlight Cam Install

    I like the idea of the Ring floodlight cams but my experience with the Ring Pro Doorbell has dissuaded me from using any Ring products in the near future. We are selling our house and I am leaving the Ring doorbell, because it pretty useless. The video quality is ok but it's choppy and the audio is a joke. My router sits in an office which is just off the main entrance where the Ring is located and according to the signal quality meter in the app the WiFi Signal is good. I have an Arlo camera mounted about 6 foot away from the Ring on the front porch and the difference in the audio is night and day between the two. Maybe the floodlights are better.
  16. Terminal

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    This morning at 2:56 AM all four Zigbee OSRAM bulbs I have dropped off line. Anyone else have any issues? We are in the process of selling our home. I have already bought another place and I have the old house staged and I have the Iris hub at the house to turn on lamps when someone comes in to see the house, I also have it controlling the thermostat so I can cool it down when some one is scheduled to see it. I only have 12 devices attached, 6 V1 smart plugs, 1 V2 smrtplug, 4 OSRAM bulbs and my CT101 thermostat. All the other devices are zigbee except for the thermostat and everything else is fine. I have been using the OSRAM bulbs for the last couple of years with no issues. I thought it weird that they all dropped off at exactly the same time. Probably just have to power cycle them, I tried a Hub reboot and that was a No Go.
  17. Terminal

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    It turns out it was not a Osram or Iris problem. Apparently the last realtor that left the house was very conscientious about turning out all the lights which included all the lamps I had set up on smartplugs and bulbs. So it was just the notifications that came at 2:00 in the morning, not the devices going offline. I get having a delay for a notification but I would think an hour might be a good limit. The last realtor left around 2 or 3 so I guess it must wait 12 or so hours.
  18. That would work to, I should have mentioned after removing old name you would need to have Alexa discover devices.
  19. Go into the Alexa app and remove the old name. Seems like this has happened to me before. I have had trouble in the past renaming and getting rid of old names or groups n the phone app, but using the Alexa web link give you a little more flexibility and works sometimes when the app will not. https://alexa.amazon.com
  20. Terminal

    Hub Battery backup not working?

    You can get some low end UPSs cheaper than a new hub. As far as I know Iris has yet to implement any kind of Hub backup scheme.
  21. Terminal

    Iris Web Portal

    Yep back up, Thanks @thegillion
  22. Terminal

    Iris Web Portal

    Not working for me either.
  23. Terminal

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Just watched your videos, and I am quite interested in this. It would be great to use my V1 devices along with the newer devices I now have running on ST.
  24. Terminal

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    Doesn't do any good to name them anyway. If it's like the single orbit timer. The history will only show the default name no matter what you name it. And you can't search the history for them.