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    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    I just wondered if it worked with his portal. I am still trying to decide what camera I want to put in my shop and if I could continue to use this V1 for awhile longer I would.
  2. Terminal

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    A V1 camera is not going to work?
  3. Terminal

    System Costs

    Digi Key has them,. Well maybe not. When I ordered mine about a week and half ago it said they had 49 in stock. I just clicked the link in my receipt and it now says they have 0. I got it last Saturday, but I haven't actually opened the package yet. I opened the main package but not the last static bag they had it in. All the part numbers are correct, I guess I better check it and make sure it actually is what I ordered.
  4. Terminal

    Platform Poll

    I'm with you I do not want to continue on a cloud based system. The two I know of that are non cloud based are Hubitat, as you mentioned, and SystronicRF. Hubitat is fielded but it is still a failrly new offering. SystronicsRF is just now starting into a Beta test phase, so it could be a little while before it's available to the general public.
  5. Terminal

    Arlo Pro 2 Cameras vs Iris Cameras

    The batteries for the Arlos last a pretty good while. That of coarse depends on how you set them up and where you place them. You can set them to record while motion is present or record for a fixed amount of time. If you set them in a high traffic area and have them recording all movement for 5 minutes then they may not last so long. I have two on batteries and I can usually go 4 to 6 weeks before I need to recharge them. They probably average 4 to 6 recordings a day. They can be powered outdoor if you purchase external power cables. The power cables that come with them probably shouldn't be used outside. I have one powered with a solar panel and it works really well. The Zone detection Irisusers mentioned can only be used if on constant power, it will not work if powered by a solar panel..
  6. Terminal

    Best method to dispose/sell Iris gear?

    Yeah hang on to them. Over in the Hubitat forum they say the developers are looking at the V1 devices, so they may work again for you some day.
  7. Terminal

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    The only official word I have is from the terms I agreed to when I went through the redemption process. I have heard unofficially 4 to 6 weeks, and since it's only been two weeks since they sent out the notice that leaves maybe 2 to 4 weeks? But according to the agreement it could be up to a year.
  8. Terminal

    Iris is Officially Done

    I am not sure you will be happy with the Arlo Doorbell. It still has some issues. Make sure if you get one it is at least hardware version 1.3. Some say that version seems better, but the speaker volume on the doorbell in earlier versions is basically useless. The volume is so low no one can hear you speak to them. It also requires a battery that you will probably have to replace about every 3 or 4 months, they claim it will last a year. I have had mine about 3 months and it is currently at 33%. I assumed since I would be connecting it to my existing door bell that it would use that power but it does not. You can connect it to your doorbell but it is basically just a switch like a dumb doorbell. The motion sensor, speaker, mic and the L:ED ring that shows it senses motion is all powered by two AA batteries. The message feature is not very intuitive. If you don't respond to the doorbell via the call you get on your phone, then it will tell the person at your door to press the doorbell again to leave a message. If you press the button there is no further info. I have been patient as I like the concept and I think with some firmware updates they can make it better. We will see, The cameras I like and I think they do a good job, and the fact that you get 7 days of free storage is perfect.
  9. My understanding is they took a snapshot of everyone's system before sending out the email saying they were shutting down So if it was not paired then you have to call.
  10. Terminal


    Got my hardware on order today should all be here by Saturday. So as soon as I can get the software I am ready to go.
  11. Terminal

    V1 Contact Sensor Replacement

    These Ecolink sensors work pretty well for that. At my last house I used these to tie the in-wall mounted window and door sensors from the home security system to ST, they also worked with Iris before I switched to ST. You don't have to solder as they have a small screw mount for external wires. They are a bit large, however.
  12. Terminal

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Adding a device is practically the same. Adding rules can be a bit more complicated, depending on what you want to do. You can use canned routines that are pretty simple to setup, all the way up to writing your own custom smartapps. There is also a large developer community from which to draw from. There is also a community developed rules engine called webCoRE. This will allow you to setup all kinds of elaborate rules, but a degree or two in complexity over setting up a standard rule in Iris.
  13. Terminal

    Iris is Officially Done

    There is also Arcus, but when or if it will come on line is the same as SystonicsRF.. These are the only two systems that I have heard are actively trying to use V1 sensors. Once Iris releases the code open source then perhaps other platforms will jump in as well, but it's all speculation at this point. I guess it depends how how critical your system is and can you wait for a bit.
  14. Just got off the phone with Iris support and got my additional $300.00. It took me 33 minutes and about 20 of that was on hold. So not too bad, definitely worth and hour or so of my time between pairing my unused devices and being on the phone.
  15. Terminal

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    Sounds like my setup and all those things are very doable. I switched a coupel of years ago. The only issue is if you get in now you have to use the new ST app. They have been "transitioning" to it for a year or so now. I have yet to be forced to it, but as I understand it, it still has some issues.
  16. Terminal

    System Costs

    In theory sure, but at this point it is only theory as nothing has been released as far as I know. They originally said they would release their beta in late January and here is is February so things are obviously not going exactly as planned. This is not an easy task they are undertaking and delays should be expected. Iris isn't giving much time to switch. It seems ambitious to get through the first public beta release and get something out to the general public by March 31st. If they have done some really good in house testing, and from the info on their website that seems like the case, perhaps they can.. We will have to wait and see.
  17. Terminal


    I am waiting to see what SystonicRF does, but I think this is a my second choice if that does not pan out. I really want to get away from a cloud based solution. I just moved to into a new house with a large detached shop that I plan to setup first. I had just got some wiring redone in the shop this last week and was pretty happy with my Iris setup then they shut it down. I had switched my other house to smartthings a couple of years ago and used just few of my old V1 devices for some simple automations. Mainly just turning on closet lights when you open the door. At the new house I still have it setup with ST, but The shop didn't need anything fancy. Just notify me if a door is opened or movement, allow me to turn lights on and off remotely, so my Iris Hub and my old V1 devices that had been sitting in a bag for a couple of years was a good solution. SystronicRF would be best because I can use my V1 sensors, or so they say. If I switch to Hubitat I have to buy all new, but the $500 or so I am getting from Lowes should make that a viable solution.
  18. Terminal

    Iris is Officially Done

    I doubt they will be as they do work with smart things. I can attest to that as I have two attached to smartthings and they work great.
  19. Terminal

    Iris is Officially Done

    I switched to smart things a couple of years ago myself.. I only have Iris in my detached shop. So it's not really a big deal as my main setup is not effected. Right now it showed they would give me a bit over $500. I do have quite a few more V1 devices that are currently not connected. Hopefully I can add them and get a bit more.
  20. Terminal

    Iris is Officially Done

    I need to get the rest of my V1 devices I have laying around paired. I didn't go through the whole process as I will wait until I get home. I also have a spare HUB. I wonder if you can list devices you don't currently have connected?
  21. Terminal

    Local Processing for Iris

    Got me as well. I started watching the video and just 30 seconds or so in I realized this was nothing new and then looked at the data of the post.
  22. If Iris added it to the Iris skill, I assume both would work. Smartthings has added it and contact sensors appear when discovering devices. You can ask if a sensor is open or closed and Alexa will respond if it is open or closed. You can also ask for the temp at each sensor.
  23. Has anyone that PMed IrisUsers heard from him. I agreed to a price for some devices and asked him how he wanted payment but have heard nothing since. Hope all is well with him.
  24. Terminal

    2nd Gen IRIS Hub died a few days ago.

    Did you try a Z-wave device removal? I have found that even after a reset it's best to do a removal if you are having trouble pairing a Z-wave device.
  25. Terminal

    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    This morning at 2:56 AM all four Zigbee OSRAM bulbs I have dropped off line. Anyone else have any issues? We are in the process of selling our home. I have already bought another place and I have the old house staged and I have the Iris hub at the house to turn on lamps when someone comes in to see the house, I also have it controlling the thermostat so I can cool it down when some one is scheduled to see it. I only have 12 devices attached, 6 V1 smart plugs, 1 V2 smrtplug, 4 OSRAM bulbs and my CT101 thermostat. All the other devices are zigbee except for the thermostat and everything else is fine. I have been using the OSRAM bulbs for the last couple of years with no issues. I thought it weird that they all dropped off at exactly the same time. Probably just have to power cycle them, I tried a Hub reboot and that was a No Go.