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  1. I'm not very familiar with the Alarm functions since I've not really utilized that portion of the system. Thanks, I will spend some time tinkering with that aspect of Iris.
  2. Yes, I'd like to see a rule like for the locks that says when the last fob exits, close the garage door. Never thought about it until just now: most peoples garages are in the front of the house and thus most people don't leave the house and not notice they have left their garage door wide open. My house (and all homes in my neighborhood) has the garage in the back. Kinda unusual but the neighborhood has nice curb appeal with no visible garages. Anyhow, I don't always park in the back and have on several occasions had myself or wife leave and the garage door is forgotten about and wide open. So for me a magic fob rule would work nicely.
  3. Several cats from my neighborhood have decided that my back patio and yard is the place to party down at night.... usually around 3:00 AM they are in full swing and by my wake up time 7:30, they are all lounging around and sleeping on my new patio furniture. My Iris outdoor camera magic would be perfect to detect, record and activate the hose device. Same would go for just one of the motion sensors, detect motion, activate hose zone.
  4. Need the key fob or pendant to activate the garage door upon arrival or departure.
  5. I want to have any sensor be able to turn on/off the hose controller. This would be helpful as well as entertaining for keeping the neighborhood cats out of my yard. I'd also like to see a magic rule that allowed me to turn the hose controller on or off depending on the temperature of a given device as I have some ideas for using the Iris system to enhance my solar water heater system.
  6. Titan

    Garage door controller in hand

    Let me begin by saying I absolutely love my Iris system. In many ways it enhances my new home and I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of both the hose controller as well as the garage door opener. I almost bought the garage door controller yesterday when I saw it at my local Lowes however I waited to see what control options would be available. It amazes me that the developers can spend the time and money to create a accessory such as the garage door controller (think about it: injection molds, electronic circuit board engineering, R&D, etc) yet they appear to spend nearly zero time adding software additions to go along with the physical products. That is my only fear; that the lack of software development causes the popularity and profitability to diminish and thus the system is abandoned and becomes one more out-dated gizmo.
  7. I wanted the ability to turn my in-ground swimming pool pump on and off via my smart phone as well as have it operate via a few magic rules. Problem..... the pump is a 220 volt motor and there is no Iris switching device for such. So I picked up a common relay from Radio Shack and wired the pump to the relay and the relay coil to a power cord which plugs into the Smart Plug. Works wonderfully. In the next few days I will post some pictures and part numbers for anyone interested in switching on/off 220v.