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  1. hxn

    Iris Portal Survey

  2. I'm assuming that this isn't a technical limitation with V2? Do we have any information on why Lowe's would forego a feature that is obviously important to many people, and those who purchased these devices, assuming they would be supported? Thanks for the info on the supported list. I hadn't thought of putting Iris in pairing mode to find the supported devices...
  3. Rather, Pavlov quoted an Iris spokesman... If Lowe's has added support for "dozens of devices" in 2017, is there an official list? While I'm sure that some non-Iris devices are supported, all of the third-party sensors (and one siren) have paired but appear as non-supported devices. I did search the Iris community site for "supported" but no list of supported devices was found. Would love to see the Aeon Labs power meter supported again, as I have two of them wasting away in a dormant state...
  4. hxn

    GE Devices Having Trouble

    I had six of the above-mentioned devices all go offline at the same moment, also during the same timeframe mentioned. However, all three of my newer GE Zwave Plus switches (purchased from Lowe's) were completely unaffected. Four of the older switches came back online in about eight hours, and the last two came back at about four hour intervals. One of the affected switches was within 10 ft of the hub. At my other house, with a similar mix of GE switches, had no disconnects at all. I note that the switches that did disconnect had no prior disconnects at all except during power failures.
  5. hxn

    Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    They might be busy on this, in case you haven't seen it (see image). Of course, one of the comments on the article: "I looked for one of these at Lowe's, but they are apparently out of stock."
  6. hxn

    Iris vs SmartThings

    Biggest thing to me is the lack of a hub backup. I have on two occasions had to install a new hub, and all my devices, settings, and rules were lost. Even though the V2 hub is clearly capable of spoofing the hub address (witness the V1 > V2 upgrade process), Lowe's has failed to write a script or app to back up one hub and restore to another. I have had an ST hub for some time, but haven't installed it yet. My attention has turned to the new VeraSecure device, which clearly offers backup and restore of a hub. Needless to say, on the next Iris hub failure without a backup, I'm gone.
  7. hxn

    Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout

    I have had three such alarms in the past week or so, with two motion detectors having problems with spurious detection (not sure why yet, but that's not relevant here). Every few days, they fire within five minutes of each other. Only the first one appears in the log. If I look at the push notification on my Android, it reports that the alarm was triggered by the second device. So it is a bug in the history logging function that fails to log the firing device. Note in the first image that the alarm status page does not report the firing device, but the Iris notification does. The "basement stairs" motion sensor initiates the five minute sequence, but the next item on the alarm status page, and in the history log, is the video cameras beginning to record. Only by looking at the push message do you see the actual trigger.
  8. hxn

    Iris Camera Quality

    @Vettester, Would you mind revealing the model number of your Dahua camera with tracking? I see a number of these on Amazon, but I don't find any that specifically mention the tracking feature. Thanks!
  9. hxn

    Iris App Version 2.6.0

    Well, I called Iris support to verify that my hub version was 2.6 (the "firmware version" reported in the app is actually the app version - - go figure). So after verifying 2.6 on my hub, I disconnected the network cable and tried a couple of buttons. No luck. I suppose it might require the new app to activate the feature, but that's some pretty wishful thinking... Sigh.
  10. hxn

    Iris App Version 2.6.0

    I haven't either, except for three different ones on two houses exposed to high, cold winds. I have over 60 of them, and only those on external doors facing the wind have falsed, sometimes several times within a minute when the wind was extreme. I had the problem solved by setting the number of required devices to trigger to two, but that option was removed. I am planning to replace a couple of the problem ones with V2 sensors to see if they are subject to the same problem. I will report back on this after testing. As it is, I have to turn off the alarm during high winds, which is not really acceptable to me. I also acquired my first system about over years ago, and this has been a problem since the first high winds. That said, we are talking hurricane speed gusts here - probably not too common for houses not exposed to large, wide open spaces.
  11. hxn

    Iris App Version 2.6.0

    I was hit with a solicitation call from Lowe's asking me to sign up for the professional monitoring. I declined, citing the V1 contact sensors' propensity to alarm during very high winds, even with no visible motion of the sensors or magnets*. However, I did ask a number of questions. I was informed that local processing is implemented in 2.6, which would be a very big thing (if true). She claimed that the only function that wouldn't now work while IRIS is disconnected would be the notifications, unless the hub was equipped with the cellular modem. The person calling seemed very knowledgeable about IRIS, which I consider unusual for a sales caller. She also appeared to be in a position of some authority with regard to Lowe's development issues, so I strongly pointed out that lack of a hub backup was a real problem for users who have many devices. I also pointed out that the new VeraSecure now has such a feature, and that the V2 IRIS hub apparently has the innate capability, since we were able to upgrade from the V1 hubs without repairing each device. She appeared to understand the significance of this desired function, and said she would advocate it in a development team meeting. We can hope. *The house is on a large lake and 80mph gusts during fronts and thunderstorms are not uncommon. However, only very cold wind (some leaks through the seals) seem to trigger the contact sensor.
  12. hxn

    GE Light Switches - ZWave vs Zigbee

    Back in the old days when we were under V1, I had a number of GE switches in each of two houses that I had begun monitoring with Iris. In one house, there was never any trouble. In the other, there were frequent disconnects with the result being there was almost always at least one or two switches offline. Eventually, one day, the hub decided that it would fry itself and never be usable again. I made a trip to Lowe's and got a new hub, and had everything back working in a few days. Never again did I have trouble with any of the GE switches disconnecting again, and I never have in the other house (total devices about 100 each house). Apparently, this was an issue with the Z-Wave controller in the hub. I suspect that any Z-Wave device could have its own problems, to the extent that (if making errant broadcasts) it could easily degrade a network of such devices. My suggestion would be to disconnect half of your Z-Wave devices (however inconvenient, but the GE switches have a kill switch on them), and then observe if the problems go away. If not, then disable the other half and watch. You should be able to narrow the problem down to the offender in just a few tries (in two if it's the hub). In an aside note, I have had trouble getting some devices initially paired, so I set up a jig where I hook up the switch into a complete circuit with a light bulb, plug it in, and hold it right under the hub's nose. The hub always recognizes the switch under these conditions, and then I disconnect and install the switch where I want it. I will further note that one of my houses is commercially wired, so that 100% of the wiring is contained in steel conduit and all of the switch boxes are steel. I have had no issues at that house, ever*, with any of the GE switches, and a couple of them are about 65 feet from the hub. However, one of my two CT-101 thermostats is always disconnecting and reconnecting. *With the exception of about the first month under V2, when nothing was stable at either house.
  13. hxn

    Locks not Reporting WHO

    My system has never reported "who" since the forced V2 upgrade. I just thought that was another V2 "feature". I have done multiple zwave rebuilds since that time for other reasons but the who function has never reappeared.
  14. hxn

    Camera is seeing ghosts!

    I have used only the V1 outdoors - they seem tighter and better built. I use them mostly under eaves. For the more exposed ones I use a single layer of white electrical tape and leave a tiny gap at the bottom. The tape is not visible more than a few inches away. These will trigger repeatedly on days where the sun is rapidly going in and out, but most other times they are reasonably stable. I have had no trouble with the units internally getting wet or damp.
  15. hxn

    Camera is seeing ghosts!

    I've had this happen on several cameras, and for the most part, they never function properly again as a motion detector. All but one of these were the V1 cameras, both outdoor and indoor. The one V2 that recently succumbed to this behavior is an indoor/outdoor model (and is still in warranty - but no time yet to deal with it). This is the eighth camera to do this, but only two have ever returned to normal behavior. Typically when this happens, I stick up a motion detector and just use that to trigger the cameras. I note that this has now happened (permanently) to a full 40% of my cameras, and all except for the last one being out of warranty at the time of failure. These cameras clog up the log, and I haven't found any way to turn the logging off. Close physical inspection shows no apparent issues. I suspect that something is happening in the MD circuit that may generate noise or make the camera susceptible to noise.