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  1. x1sspic

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    Any system is going to be different. Iris and ST both have pros and cons, at least for me. What was the final straw for me (with Iris) was when nearly half of my over 100 devices went disconnected after the last firmware update (especially after having multiple hiccups like this over and over again for the last several. weeks). I decided I wasn't going to waste anymore time fiddling with trying to get everything back and reconnected (again), a process that could string out for days or weeks depending on how much free time that I have (which, unfortunately is not that much). I picked up a ST hub on sale and installed it with a few devices to play around to compare. The app takes a little getting used to after coming from Iris V2 app, but I find it more functional (and, there aren't any "coming soon" sections!!). I still haven't completely decided on whether I am going to go all in on ST and give up Iris yet.
  2. x1sspic

    Which water leak detector?

    I have 2 Utilitech sensors, and have had problems with V2. The Iris app reported all was good with both devices, but I decided to check both of them at the same time that I checked on the smoke /CO detector a couple weeks ago (after reading the thread about battery issue and false status reporting with the smoke/CO detectors). Sure enough, one wasn't connected despite it having good batteries and showing as connected. Tested it with water: it beeped properly, however Iris failed to alert to water detection. Multiple resets/re-connects and moving location failed to fix this, although now it will show the device disconnecting and reconnecting frequently (notifications in the app). They have been added to the pile of devices that used to work with, but are now useless with Iris.
  3. x1sspic

    Another one bites the dust

    I can see the same thing happening to Iris. Sounds great on paper, but in reality the system is full of bugs and glitches. And progress on addressing these bugs, developing parity to V1, adding new devices etc - seems painfully slow. Almost like they only have one engineer/programmer working for them..... on a part time basis ???? If they want to capture, and hold, the home automation market then they need to step up their game and really invest in it. Instead it feels like a lot of half a$$ing is going on.
  4. x1sspic

    .074 firmware

    I am definitely having issues! First day on new firmware, all seemed great. About a day later I noticed it was slow and glitchy at times. Now Iris is acting diseased. I'm slowly losing devices, rules aren't running or are painfully delayed.... etc etc. Hub resets have been useless. I have been hopeful and patient for a long time, but my patience is finally worn down. I've made my decision to seek an alternative platform. I'm not wasting anymore time. Rather than trying to mess around and get what was working perfectly 3 days ago back (at this point it looks like I'm going to have to manually un-pair/reset and then re-pair a lot of different device types), I'm going to use that time to be more productive. Start dismantling my system and doing my homework on choosing an alternative platform that I can depend on. If reading through thread after thread on this forum reflects anything, it's that Iris is consistently inconsistent. It can work great, or suddenly go to pot..... and then good luck getting any support or answers. It seems like it was finally my turn for Iris to go to *@#! I'm disappointed after having such good luck with V1. I've enjoyed a few new features with V2, but the bugs here and there, and now everything going nuts, was the final straw for me.
  5. x1sspic

    Getting real effing tired of the constant disconnects.

    Does the harmony remote system work with Smart Things? Their website lists Nexia, Vera and ADT as compatible systems. Anyone have any experience with Smart Things vs Vera?
  6. x1sspic

    Getting real effing tired of the constant disconnects.

    I thought everything went well with the last firmware update, but then yesterday morning I noticed rules running with lag and inconsistency. When I returned home from dinner last night I found a bunch of lights on and all the doors unlocked. As of this morning, between a third and half my devices are disconnected. Yet I only received notification about disconnect for 4. I really don't have the time to troubleshoot all those devices. What system did you go with, cblount? I am anticipating buying and moving to a new house in a few months, and am interested in hearing what other former Iris users have switched to.
  7. x1sspic

    first alert smoke/co

    After seeing this thread, I went and replaced batteries to the three detectors that I have (2 smoke/CO and 1 smoke). Sure enough, despite listing battery as OK they were all completely dead. Replacing battery and hitting test showed test notification. Batteries were all replaced when I switched over to V2, so V2 eats batteries for breakfast. That was a few weeks ago. Last night I triggered the kitchen detector with my fabulous cooking skills, not a single notification or alarm. This morning at exactly 7 am that alarm started going off intermittently and was false alarm. Again no notification or safety alarm from Iris. It's kind of disappointing that the safety alarm doesn't work now, it worked with v1 and gave me ease of mind when I was away from home. I guess now the only way I'll know if my house burns down while away is when the fire department calls, rather than me getting an alarm early on... Also, with the last firmware update a bunch of devices (switches, door locks)have now started showing as disconnected. I am going to be moving in a few months, and think I will be canceling my iris subscription and will be looking at other systems in the new house. Having security, thermostat control, light control, garage door control, and smoke/co/water leak detector all on one system was a nice concept. Seemed about nearly perfect setup with V1, but V2 is just glitch after glitch. Coupled with the snails pace for bug fixes, parity, and new device implementation clearly shows the lack of adequate investment by Lowes into the technical and engineering support really needed if they really want to capture the smart home market. Not to mention that my calls to tech support with V1 were so much more useful. My calls to V1 support never took very long, and the support agent was always able to help me fix my problems without having to escalate to another level. Ok, rant off and back on topic. To answer your inquiry about hitting test, Otto: currently hitting test doesn't even give me a notification. The history log shows nothing either. Yet the app shows the detector as connected and battery ok, but under device screen shows last tested as today. Scott
  8. Up until Sunday evening (7/24) Iris was working fine and giving me appropriate notifications within the app (ie door sensor opened). As I was going to bed my app alerted me to my garage door being open (the door was closed), so I opened the app to check the log. When I opened the app, I received an email that "your Iris account was logged into from a new device." Since then, I have not been getting notifications from Iris, and every time I open the app I get the same email. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. x1sspic

    Zigbee vs Z-wave?

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone more technically knowledgeable could explain differences between Z-wave and Zigbee, particularly as they relate to Iris? While reading another thread about GE light switches coming in both varieties, I realized that with both technologies beginning with the letter Z, that I wasn't sure if I knew what the differences were. I vaguely recall that the V1 the range extenders only repeated 1 of those technologies (I forget which now). Is there one technology that is better than the other? (for example, better frequency for better penetration through walls? better for building connected network, etc). Is one technology better for repeating signals to other devices throughout the house? If there is an option for a particular compatible device coming in either Z-wave or Zigbee varieties, which should I buy to go with Iris V2? I wonder if I have a better understanding of these technologies, could I build a schematic map of my house with device location and type (or planned locations) to build a better system (ensuring devices don't disconnect, commands reach devices timely, etc)? Thanks in advance, Scott
  10. I picked up a Harmony Companion remote kit this weekend to try to eliminate the pile or remotes on my living room coffee table. I was browsing their website today, and found this: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-home-hub-extender?crid=60 Picking through the website, I found a list of z-wave and zigbee devices that it lists as compatible: https://support.myharmony.com/en-us/compatibility?utm_source=logitech.com&utm_medium=harmony%20product%20overview&utm_campaign=compatibility%20lookup Has anyone else here picked one of these up to play around with? Am I correct in assuming that devices can only be paired to one hub? I thought it might be neat to have the remote also control the GE/Jasco lightswitches (for example, dim the lights when watching a movie), but assume that the light switches that are already connected to Iris would not be able to be controlled by a secondary device?
  11. x1sspic

    Ver. 1.8 is out for Android

    Now I can't wait to get home so that I can program a smart button and try this out
  12. x1sspic

    Water Softener with V2

    Hello all, My wife and I have been putting off getting a water softener for the house. I'm interested in the Iris compatible water softener, and am curious what the experience is like with V2? What can you do with it in Iris? Thanks in advance for feedback! Scott
  13. That did the trick, thanks!Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  14. x1sspic

    Android app bug

    This happens sporadically, and I just use force close and reopen the app and am back in business