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  1. IrisWV

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    Has anyone else actually tried to compile the Android or IOS code that's already live?
  2. IrisWV

    Realistic ETA for a functional Arcus

    I have downloaded both the Android and IOS code. It seems like there's a lot there. Had some trouble compiling the Android code. No experience with compiling IOS, but from a quick scan of what's there the IOS code looks more sane!
  3. IrisWV

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I received my $1345 automatic redemption and my $450 manual redemption today. Still waiting on a third card for $200 that Lowe's promised due to making a mistake on my manual redemption.
  4. Here's what I have been able to surmise: The camera presents itself to the Iris platform as a model SWWHD-INTCAM. Swann sells that model here: Resetting the Iris camera to factory defaults brings up it's WiFi hotspot, which is an SSID of "Iris-Cam-XX-XX" where XX-XX are the last two octets of the camera's MAC address. The camera's default IP is It will not work with the SAFE by Swann app, I think because it is looking for an SSID of "SwanCam_XX_XX."
  5. IrisWV

    Arcus Smart Home

    Any word on the v3 wifi hub being supported as well?
  6. IrisWV

    Arcus Smart Home

    I am 100% for being on the team that makes Arcus what Iris should have been.... everything that v1.0 was, everything promised v2.0 would be but never happened, and more. Let's just hope that Lowes allows them to make everything open source like we are hoping for.
  7. Which products are definately not eligible for redemption? The GE oulets/switches? How about the garage door controller?
  8. IrisWV

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    I'd chip in $5 if they'd make it open source. 🙄
  9. IrisWV

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    There will be further news when a buyer for Iris is announced (or we are forced to give up). Iris is NOT shutting down (unless we do), and you can continue to expect the (even more than the usually abysmal) Iris service to operate just as it does now (with devices dropping continually, not working properly, and alarms going off randomly) (and to be able to purchase Iris equipment at Lowe's (until they are completely rendered useless)). Iris is personally a very important part of my life and I rely on it to protect my family. We are not going anywhere (unless we do).
  10. IrisWV

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Just found this gem on I, for one, will need A LOT of convincing before investing in yet another iteration of Iris.
  11. When a Halo smoke alarm is assigned to certain rooms in the Iris app, the Halo system reports the incorrect room or no room at all when conducting a self-test: "Upstairs" is reported as "Study" "Kids Bedroom" is not reported as any room "Basement" is not reported as any room
  12. IrisWV


    Too bad that the printed circuit board inside my meter reader sensor has literally disintegrated.
  13. IrisWV

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    yuriypgh, I hope that you intend to make your research on the v2.0 API public as thegillion has done.
  14. IrisWV

    Backend Iris 2.0 Server Info

    His original post on github has since been edited to remove URLs to Iris back-end and development servers. (A common mistake made by developers when asking for help online--they forget to change product-specific information to something generic.)
  15. IrisWV

    Landscape lighting

    Great idea for a write up to put in the hacks/how to section. This would be of benefit to our community.