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  1. IrisWV

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    I'd chip in $5 if they'd make it open source. 🙄
  2. IrisWV

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    There will be further news when a buyer for Iris is announced (or we are forced to give up). Iris is NOT shutting down (unless we do), and you can continue to expect the (even more than the usually abysmal) Iris service to operate just as it does now (with devices dropping continually, not working properly, and alarms going off randomly) (and to be able to purchase Iris equipment at Lowe's (until they are completely rendered useless)). Iris is personally a very important part of my life and I rely on it to protect my family. We are not going anywhere (unless we do).
  3. IrisWV

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Just found this gem on I, for one, will need A LOT of convincing before investing in yet another iteration of Iris.
  4. When a Halo smoke alarm is assigned to certain rooms in the Iris app, the Halo system reports the incorrect room or no room at all when conducting a self-test: "Upstairs" is reported as "Study" "Kids Bedroom" is not reported as any room "Basement" is not reported as any room
  5. IrisWV


    Too bad that the printed circuit board inside my meter reader sensor has literally disintegrated.
  6. IrisWV

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    yuriypgh, I hope that you intend to make your research on the v2.0 API public as thegillion has done.
  7. IrisWV

    Backend Iris 2.0 Server Info

    His original post on github has since been edited to remove URLs to Iris back-end and development servers. (A common mistake made by developers when asking for help online--they forget to change product-specific information to something generic.)
  8. IrisWV

    Landscape lighting

    Great idea for a write up to put in the hacks/how to section. This would be of benefit to our community.
  9. IrisWV

    Backend Iris 2.0 Server Info

    I have been able to write a third-party app that successfully logs into the service ( [NOT billing.irisbylowes])... but it seems that after this login an encrypted websocket is created by the mobile app, thus making further third-party development impossible without documentation from Lowe's.
  10. IrisWV

    Backend Iris 2.0 Server Info

    Just found this interesting posting on GitHub from an Iris developer (JeffPatton1971): There are several Iris 2.0 back-end and development server urls listed. In fact, if you go to https://bc.irisbylowes.comyou are prompted to login with a username and password. Could this be the beginning of a web portal? Is this used by the mobile app for login? Could this be used as a starting point for a v2 API?
  11. IrisWV

    Android Push Notifications Have No Meaning

    It blows my mind that something this simple STILL has not been fixed.
  12. IrisWV

    completely disapointed

    I agree. If you don't like Iris products then take them back. Many Lowes stores I've dealt with will take stuff back with or without the receipt and with or without the packaging. Just speak with the store management. Very rarely have I been disappointed by Lowes store management. If you are unhappy with the paid service, and you feel like you've been sold something other than what you've expected, then cancel the service and contact your credit card company for a chargeback. It's not a complicated process, and YMMV depending on your CC company. Just about everyone on this forum who use v2 are disappointed how Iris was released with so many bugs and without all the familiar functionality from v1. Essentially we have all been ongoing, unpaid beta testers for essentally a build-and-fix product. But at the same time we must all remember that Lowes is pretty new in this arena (v1 was developed by AlertMe). Hopefully their processes for development and testing will mature rapidly.
  13. IrisWV

    Android 1.7

  14. IrisWV

    Android 1.7

    And apparently with this new release they've managed to break the Alarm card. It's crashing every time for me. But I will say that I love the idea of the WiFi Thermostat integration.
  15. IrisWV

    Open/Close Garage Door With Fob

    This only works if you are willing to wait in your driveway up to five minutes before the door opens because it can take the hub that long to sense the fob present, if at all.