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  1. Old house

    I'm not an electrician, but if it was my house I would just use the ground wire for the neutral since they are generally connected together at the service panel anyway. Typically the neutral is the normal or return wire while the ground is a safety protection from fault conditions, but if you don't have a true earth ground what's the difference?
  2. Door Chime Noise Changed?

    It was changed with the latest upgrade and unfortunately, there is no way for you to change it back. The development team is supposedly working to get this changed.
  3. Power Outage Notifications

    That makes sense now. I've just never had to do that with a z-wave switch.
  4. Power Outage Notifications

    I'm not questioning why you are removing and re-pairing the switch, just wondering why you need to unplug your hub to complete this process.
  5. Power Outage Notifications

    That is new, but I have to wonder why you would need to unplug your hub to un-pair any device?
  6. Iris 2.5?

    I don't either on neither platforms. iOS Iris vs Blue Iris camera field of view.
  7. Iris 2.5?

    My CT101 seems to be working OK with Alexa. I tried it on all three modes (Heat, Cool and Auto) and didn't notice any issues.
  8. Notify More Than 1 Contact?

    An easier way would be to just log into the app using the primary account with the same user name and password for each device. This should give you the ability to enable push notifications on each device.
  9. Hurricanes and Iris - Observations

    The URL that Iris provides for local streaming may point directly to the camera, but this only applies to third party apps. Streaming through the Iris app uses "" which indicates the video stream is using the Iris video streaming & recording service. If you could somehow get to your home network with your main internet connection down, you still wouldn't be able to get to your cameras through Iris.
  10. Hurricanes and Iris - Observations

    If they are limiting data on the cellular plan local processing isn't going to help because the video streaming & recording has to be processed by the Iris platform server.
  11. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Scunny, it's good to hear from you! I assume this means you weathered the storm?
  12. 3rd party cam viewer ?

    I believe you are reading this wrong, you cannot change from rstp to http within the Iris App. This reference was for the Blue Iris application not Iris. I'm not familar with Leviton's Snaplink app, but I don't think you're going to be able to pull a video stream from an Iris camera to Snaplink using a string. If there is a UI for setting up a camera you could try using this url rtsp://ipaddress:554/
  13. 3rd party cam viewer ?

    This thread was started prior to Lowe's enabling local viewing. Things have changed and you can use third party apps while the camera is still paired to the hub. The local streaming specifics can be found in the camera settings within the Iris app.

    For those who are still using Blue Line's Power Cost Monitor as a standalone power monitor there is a new version of EnergyCloud on the horizon.
  15. Something Fishy Around Here (again) [emoji23]

    That's because more than likely you're lightyears ahead of everybody else anyway. I wouldn't say it's a joy detecting an update, it's more of a nuisance. In my opinion, updates should be seamless with no disruptions in functionality to the end user.