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  1. Vettester

    Hubitat Thread - Pro\Con
  2. Vettester

    IRIS Cameras after IRIS Shutdown

    They will still work with other applications, but I would highly recommend resetting them to factory defaults. Doing this will allow you to set your own user name and password along with being able to control the camera’s settings through the API. h
  3. Vettester

    Zigbee Channel?

  4. Vettester

    Visa Cards

    My cards were in my mailbox when I got home from work. Apparently some post offices don't take "Signature Required" seriously.
  5. Vettester

    Is SmartThings ADT dead?
  6. Vettester

    System Costs

    Isn't it obvious?
  7. Vettester

    Platform Poll

    Yes, just go back to the poll results and click on "Show Vote Options" in the bottom left corner. ***Edit*** Doing this will not let you rescind your vote, but it will let you change it to another system.
  8. Vettester

    System Costs

    The way I look at it is I'm getting $3,774 back from Lowe's redemption process and from what I've learned about SystronicsRF so far it is going to be well worth it.
  9. Vettester

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    I really didn’t mean to hijack this thread, but I appreciate the response!
  10. Vettester

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    I can get into the diagnostics of the Hopper and check the signal status and everything comes up with a green checkmark. Since it doesn't actually report signal strength, I assume the checkmark means everything is OK.
  11. Vettester

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    Next time it happens I'll try this. Thanks for the response!
  12. Vettester

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    Hmmm.... Maybe you could tell me what could cause a slight pixelation on my TV connected to a Dish Hopper? This doesn't happen all the time and I don't believe it's a signal loss issue. My dish antenna is clear and I'm using a quality HDMI cable to connect the Hopper to the TV.
  13. Vettester

    Platform Poll

    Unfortunately the polling function will only let you select one option. If you are replacing Iris with more than one system then you are more than welcome to add a comment if you would like.