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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    You are the man!! It was a hinge pin door sensor that was causing the issue. Everything is working now. Thanks again for all of the work you put into this!
  2. Local Processing Is Here

    I found the new set hub to local option, but it didn't change the cloud icon next to the alarm status.
  3. Local Processing Is Here

    You can test local processing by enabling your alarm and then disconnect the ethernet cable from your hub (also disconnect the backup modem if you have one). After this is done just open one of your contact sensors that is participating in the type of alarm you set (on or partial). If it is working your local siren should go off. Since the alarm is being processed locally you will not get a notification on your phone or from the monitoring service if you are using the pro monitoring service. However, if you reconnect the internet connection while the 'local" alarm is activated, you should receive a notification.
  4. Iris Camera Quality

    It is an IP camera that supports PoE. However, it came with a power supply instead of an injector so I just used that. This camera does NOT have infrared, but since I leave my outside lights on at night and there is a street light nearby I didn't care. One thing to note is that without IR you get a full color video instead of black and white. The image below was taken from the camera at 1:30 am. . I have had this camera up for a few weeks now and I have learned there is a downside to using auto-tracking. When there are two objects moving in different directions the camera can only follow one object at a time. You actually lose track of the second object as the auto-tracking continues to follow the first. So that I don't miss anything I have mounted a fixed Iris camera on the other side of my garage. The Alibi camera you are looking at is actually a rebranded Hikvision so it should be a decent camera. The thing I didn't like about this type of design is the size and bulkiness. They are typically mounted on an arm that extends out from the wall. The camera I mounted is more like a can light with a much lower profile. The downside is that I had to cut a 7" diameter hole in my soffit.
  5. Iris Camera Quality

    For those interested, here's a video from the PTZ camera I described in the OP. IMG_1994.mp4
  6. Local Processing Is Here

    Thanks for your diligence! Also, the "local based device" icon showed up in this last update.
  7. Local Processing Is Here

  8. Local Processing Is Here

    Still notta
  9. Local Processing Is Here

    There was not a firmware update associated with enabling local processing. The current firmware is V2.1.0.058.
  10. Local Processing Is Here

    Yes and I checked all three of my sirens and they all have "devadv:hubLocal":true
  11. Local Processing Is Here

    Hmmm.... "devadv:hubLocal":true, but if I set my alarm, unplug the ethernet cable from my hub and then open my back door, nothing happens.
  12. Local Processing Is Here

    Did that, but I'm pretty sure I don't have local processing enabled on my account.
  13. Local Processing Is Here

    Thanks John, after refreshing the webpage I see the Cloud based device / Local based device in the key, but I'm not seeing where any of my devices have this enabled.
  14. Camera App Connection Bug

    It's getting too cold outside to be climbing a ladder to pull this down and since I don't use Iris to monitor my cameras anyway it can stay this way until spring.
  15. Camera App Connection Bug

    Already had tried the reboot and it didn't work. The odd thing is that according to the info on the portal the wifi is on the wrong channel and there is no wifi noise or rssi levels. Currently I have my wifi router set to use channel 8. "devconn:status":"ONLINE" "wifi:bssid":"00:00:00:00:00:00" "camera:bitratetype":"cbr" "ipinfo:netmask":"" "dev:model":"Camera" "dev:name":"West Gate" "devadv:driverhash":"9O7Vd1nMQ4Xz+iPzzYd7txqSD5g" "wifi:channel":1 "camera:resolution":"1280x720" "base:instances":{} "wifi:noise":0 "dev:productId":"5c3966" "dev:place":"75850cce-4114-485f-88bc-96581f83db5f" "ipinfo:ip":"" "wifi:rssi":0 "mot:motion":"NONE" "devconn:state":"ONLINE" "base:type":"dev"