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  1. If you reboot your router the IP address table should update. It sounds like you may have an IP conflict somewhere. Try changing the camera's reservation in your router to something on the higher end of the spectrum. Something like should work. Just make sure you make these changes with the camera powered off.
  2. Check out the note on step 5 of the following link: You need to manually add the device reservation for the cameras that you are not seeing. After completing this connect your camera and power it up. Your router will then assign the camera whatever IP you manually assigned. Just make sure the IP address you give your camera is on the same subnet and that it is not being used by another device.
  3. What’s the brand and model number of your router?
  4. Assuming these have been reset, do you see flashing green lights on the back of the camera when you connect it to your router via Ethernet?
  5. If you can't ping the camera on the wired side check your router and make sure the MAC address of the camera is assigned to the correct IP address.
  6. It was me who said that. I can reset and reconfigure both a V1 and V2 camera in about 5 minutes. And yes, I am doing this on a Mac.
  7. I don't think so, if you can ping the camera's IP address the API will work. This has to be something you are doing wrong. The fact that you are able to access the camera sometimes and not others doesn't make any sense. Reading through all the threads you have posted there are a lot of typos which makes me think you are not entering the API commands correctly. For example, in one of the posts above you stated "I use the next string, adm/ reset_to_default. cgi" The API command cannot have any spaces and in your example there are two. I would suggest that if you are able to get back into a camera the first thing that you do is change the username and password.
  8. I have one Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Wave Plus and two Zigbee Modules (802.15.4) XStick USB sticks for sale. These were used for about a month during my participation in SystronicsRF's beta program. I purchased these on Amazon for $205 and am willing to sell all three for $100 + shipping. Please PM me if you're interested.
  9. Vettester

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    If a zigbee device was paired to another hub its always a good idea complete a factory reset before pairing to another hub.
  10. I'm not sure what you're doing wrong, but I can assure you this user name and password does work.
  11. Assuming you are on a PC running Windows, open up a command prompt window and type ping followed by the IP address of the camera. The results should look like the example below.
  12. Vettester

    V2 Keypad not pairing

    Have you tried the reset/pairing process with a fresh set of batteries? These are Zigbee devices so it shouldn't matter that they had been paired to another hub. I reset two of these that had been paired to Iris and then paired them to both SystronicsRF and Hubitat without any issues.
  13. You can go to Lowes' YouTube channel and find videos on how to reset the cameras. After resetting are you able to ping the camera's IP address?
  14. I assume you are using this post as a guide:
  15. I'm thinking Dahua would be a good choice.