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  1. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    Can you ping the camera's IP address?
  2. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    Try deleting your camera rules and then recreate them.
  3. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    Regardless of what Arlo is referring to these as they are not true motion detection zones. Zones are used to detect objects crossing multiple areas to help eliminate false alerts. Because Arlo uses IR to detect motion and not pixel changes in the image, I'm going to guess that true zoning is not possible with Arlo.
  4. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    There are a lot of negative reviews for the Arlo Q Plus camera with one of the biggest complaints being lag time. For me, the piece of mind of having 24/7 recording, setting up motion zones to only notify me of people walking in my driveway for example, but still have the camera see out into the street and record a larger field of view (which you can't do with the Arlo or Iris), lead me to go with Blue Iris as a third party app for my recording needs.
  5. IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I have a lot of time and money invested into my surveillance system, which includes both Iris and other IP based cameras, and if I had to start over I would definitely take a different approach and go with Dahua 2MP Starlight cameras. Even though there have been some huge improvements made in the new indoor/outdoor cameras vs the original ones, there are still a lot of things lacking to make these a viable solution for surveillance monitoring. My two biggest complaints with the Iris cameras would have to be the limited storage space and not being able to configure motion detection to suit the end user’s needs. You can use a 3rd party software to overcome these limitations, but in my mind we shouldn’t have to. If all you want to do is look at a live stream of what’s happening now the new indoor/outdoor cameras are OK, but there is so much more that can be done to improve the functionality of the cameras and the app as well for recording video.
  6. Version 2.4.1 is in the app store

    Looks like my GE Link Bulb update barometer wasn't to far off. [emoji848]
  7. Maintenance notice from Iris

    It's not really that strange. Iris recommends not having non-certified devices on a system and I chose to ignore that recommendation so whatever happens is my own fault and I can deal with it. Just out of curiosity, how many GE Link Bulbs do you have paired to your hub?
  8. Maintenance notice from Iris

    All of my GE Link Bulbs went offline yesterday over an eight hour period. They were causing all kinds of havoc on my zigbee network so I removed them all. I can't remember the last time that all of them went offline in the same day so I would say something is in the wind again.
  9. Changing Order on Climate/temp tab

    You can use thegillion's web portal to accomplish both sorting (alphabetically) and logging. However, you must keep the temperature page open so this is not an ideal way to log changes.
  10. Changing Order on Climate/temp tab

    This depends on the platform you are using. Android will sort temps alphabetically, but iOS does not. There is no rhyme or reason for the sorting order in iOS.
  11. Tapatalk

    The Tapatalk issue has been resolved.
  12. Motion Sensor Sensitivity

    You can tweak the camera on thegillions web portal, but other than adjusting placement, there is no way to adjust the gen 1 motion sensor.
  13. Web Portal list of all devices?

    That's awesome, thanks!!!
  14. In my opinion you should never include a camera as an alarm device. The camera's motion detection is way to sensitive and there is no reliable way of controlling it.
  15. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    The only rules that requires a premium subscriptions are related to recording video. If you want to use Iris for video recording you are going to have to pay for their cloud based storage. Like @Terminal mentioned, they recently moved a lot of functionality from the premium to basic plan so I don't see them going backwards with the service plans.