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  1. Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

    This may somewhat explain the initial delay, but it doesn't explain why they were unavailable when you tried to call them back. I hope you posted this on the Iris Community website.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I don't have have pets so I can't speak to these personally, but a lot of forum members have had success with this type of motion sensor:
  3. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I'm not an attorney, but this makes sense to me:
  4. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    This wouldn't be allowed as evidence.
  5. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I have a mix of Iris and Dahua cameras and I do not use Iris for anything camera related. I use a third party software to create the timestamp overlay for my Iris cameras. The time stamp in the screenshot I posted is live and it not being recorded for my Iris cameras but it is on my Dahuas.
  6. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I suspect you are just seeing the file name with a timestamp for when it was created. If you change the name of the file you downloaded does the "timestamp" stay the same?
  7. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Is it actually a timestamp or is it just showing the file name of the clip being viewed?
  8. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    A true timestamp is embedded in the video and updates as the video is played. I didn't mean to sidetrack the OP. Iris needs to be more open to integrating with third party vendors. The cameras are a prime example of what can be done with integration When Iris made it possible to use a third party interface on their cameras it opened up a lot of possibilities. Currently I am using an Iris camera at my front door to capture video based on a schedule that is controlled through presence of my iPhone. This is accomplished via geofencing through a third party app. Besides just recording, it is also setup to send me a text message that includes a still image of who is at the door when I'm not home. One other thing I've done with the camera is to have it ring a my doorbell when someone is walking up to my front door. I have this scheduled to only occur during specific times so that stray animals can't trigger the doorbell in the middle of the night. These are just a few examples of what you can do with third party integration. Now if Iris would just quit being so closed minded, the possibilities could be endless.
  9. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Iris doesn't even come close.
  10. Could smart home technology be part of the solution?
  11. Window/Door sensors & Smart Buttons offline/online

    The Gen 1 smart plugs only repeat zigbee while the Gen 2 repeats both zigbee and z-wave. Adding more Gen 2 smart plugs will just strengthen both your zigbee and z-wave networks.
  12. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Security camera systems have the following minimal viable product requirements: It must be Reliable. It must be able to capture good enough images to potentially ID suspects. It must be useful for evidence (thus date and time stamps are critical). So what does this mean in practical terms? Wired systems with local storage will be the most reliable. While some maybe able to get wifi cameras to work well enough it requires a significant investment in building and maintaining a quality wifi network, which most people are unwilling to learn and spend the resources to do. Wifi is also subject to interference (common) and even possible jamming (less common). Quality cameras are required (1080p+). The best way to determine if a camera is good is to test it and compare it to others. Megapixels is only one factor to look at, and does not in itself determine the quality of the image. That said, your search should avoid 720p and poorer spec'ed cameras, they tend to be the cheaper cameras and provide poorer results. Test both day time and night time. Few consumer marketed cameras have date and time stamps. This is critical if you plan to use your video images for evidence. Good wired camera in general are either PoE (Power over Ethernet) using cat5e/cat6 cable for digital or coax wire with power wires and BNC connectors for analog based systems. Arlo / Arlo Pro - why they make poor security cameras: (a lot of this also applies to the Ring cameras) There are a number of reasons, which apply to many consumer wire free products. The Arlo / Arlo Pro system fail in 2 of the 3 minimal viable product categories for security cameras, and in the 3rd one does a poor job (ID distance very short, night image poor). Poor resolution and wide FOV make for short ID distances Poor reliability, cameras will disconnect from base station, base station needs periodic reboots, cloud service failures Lag with cloud service Issues with reliability of motion detection Issues to lag before recording Poor night vision No embedded time stamp - thus videos are poor for evidence. ( Arlo, Ring, and Nest fail here ) Difficult to manage multiple clips for downloading from the cloud service. Lag to access live view Cameras do not have local storage - thus when disconnected to the base station they are unable to record events. Note: The Arlo base station has USB ports which were intended for future options, however reportedly Netgear did not enable local attached storage until the Arlo Pro base station came out. Arlo Pro 2 improves on the Arlo/Arlo Pro with 1080p resolution, which helps. However, the system still suffers from numerous faults similar to it's prior versions, and only when the cameras are wired do you see significant functional improvements. At which point you may want to just install a higher quality PoE system that costs less.
  13. GE (Jasco) Z-Wave Enbrighten EZ Smart LED Bulb

    I would suggest you call Iris support and see if they can help.
  14. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    There are only three cameras currently supported by Iris. They are the two Gen 1 and the one Gen 2 outdoor/indoor cameras.
  15. Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    The iOS app hasn't been updated since October 11th so I haven't had to deal with this yet, but I agree that Santa Tracker doesn't belong in the Iris app.
  16. Is anyone out there using this Harmony Smart Control with Alexa and if so have you had any issues?
  17. Slippery Cloud Connection

    I haven't heard of this being a widespread issue. If it continues, I would reach out to Iris support. You may have a hardware issue.

    I would call support and ask for an explanation.
  19. Slippery Cloud Connection

    I don't believe this is an Iris issue. I would try rebooting your ISP router.
  20. camera wi-fi settings

    Yep, do a 2 second reset on your hub and they should come back.
  21. Push Notification to Alexa

    This won't do exactly what you're looking for, but it's a start:
  22. GE (Jasco) Z-Wave Enbrighten EZ Smart LED Bulb

    Try using the Z-wave removal tool two or three times in a row. Are there any new unknown devices in your device list?
  23. GE (Jasco) Z-Wave Enbrighten EZ Smart LED Bulb

    Since these use a z-wave protocol I assume you are using the z-wave removal tool within the Iris app before factory resetting the bulb? Also, make sure you have removed any new unknown devices within the Iris app before trying to re-pair it to your hub..
  24. Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout

    The time between motions events should be less than 5 minutes.