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    iOS 2.11 is Now Available

    The GE Link bulbs still don't work with Iris. ☹️
  2. Vettester

    iOS 2.11 is Now Available

    On the App Store...
  3. Vettester

    iOS 2.11 is Now Available

    Well that didn't last long. This is the one that was furthest away from the hub. I'll move it closer to the hub and give it one more shot.
  4. Vettester

    iOS 2.11 is Now Available

    So I added a few GE Link bulbs back into system to see if they will work with these new updates. The first thing I noticed is the new pairing process is definitely more polished. The first bulb was within 10' of the hub and paired with no problems. The second bulb is in another room and about 30' away from the hub. It took 3 tries to get this bulb to pair, but it finally worked and it seem to be functioning properly. The new pairing process now identifies improperly paired devices and walks you through the process to remove and re-pair the device. The first three screenshots below show the new process with the last one indicating the new device was paired as an uncertified device. Please note that the bulb was factory reset between each improper pairing process. I guess only time will tell if these bulbs will work or not.
  5. Vettester

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    What he said. ⬆️⬆️⬆️
  6. Vettester

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    Welcome to the forum. Your hub and key pads have the most current version of firmware. The only way to force a firmware change is to call support and ask them to do it for you.
  7. Vettester

    Garage Door Gone From Doors and Locks

    Nope, my garage doors are still showing up under doors and locks on all my devices (Android, iOS and the web app).
  8. Vettester

    1st Gen Motion Sensor

    Rebuilding your network only affects Z-wave devices so it shouldn't have any affect on a motion sensor. I've never seen a device just disappear on its own. Are you sure you didn't inadvertently remove it? If you go into your device list does it show any unknown devices?
  9. Vettester

    Hub lost lights now

    Welcome to the forum. If everything is normal your hub should have a green status indicator light on the front. If it doesn't you may want to consider exchanging it before you add any more devices.
  10. Vettester

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    I'm using a hose timer and all 12 zones on my controller without any issues. Have you tried what @DuoDS suggested and leave your zone names at the default value? Another thing I have found is if you create too many schedules for a single day you will have issues. Try limiting the number of schedules to 3-4 per day.
  11. Vettester

    Random Device Drops

    Z-wave networks are not self healing so anything that is connected to a device that goes offline will be dropped as well.
  12. Vettester

    Rule not firing when AC turned on and a door is open

    Try deleting the rule and then recreate it.
  13. Vettester

    GE Dimmer Switch

    Did you try using the z-wave removal tool? How many ac powered z-wave devices do you have on your network? If possible create a z-wave map using the gillion's portal and post your results.
  14. Vettester


    For those who are still using Blue Line's Power Cost Monitor as a standalone power monitor there is a new version of EnergyCloud on the horizon.
  15. Vettester


    After using Blue Line's Energy Cloud 2.1 for a few months now I have found that it is an excellent tool for energy monitoring. After reviewing the data the system collected in April, I was able to make a few minor adjustments and used 20% less energy in May. The system currently does not allow you to enter a tier based rate structure to calculate the monthly dollar amount so I questioned its accuracy. I sent an email to Blue Line's support team and this was their response: "We will be adding the ability to add various rates and structures in EnergyCloud shortly. Not being able to add a tiered rate into EnergyCloud does not affect the accuracy of the device. These devices are as accurate as your electricity meter. The kWh totals should line up very close. Keep in mind, these devices are not meant to compare to your exact utility bill because of various factors such as billing dates, and other utility based charges. Our device is meant to help you identify your electricity usage and make changes in real-time to help bring your overall bill down." Since my utility provider bills on a tier based rate structure I have found that the dollar amount being reported by the system is slightly higher than my actual bill. However, as Blue Line mentioned in their response, the total kWh used is very close. Below are the comparable screenshots from my previous post. The system also sends email notifications if the device goes offline as well a weekly and monthly energy reports. EnergyCloud Weekly Report.pdf EnergyCloud Monthly Report.pdf Overall I would highly recommend this system for those of you who are interested in monitoring your energy use. For more info please go to Blue Line's website.
  16. Vettester

    Iris Web Portal

    No, it is not down.
  17. Vettester

    Iris Web Portal

    Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  18. Vettester

    Iris Web Portal

  19. Vettester

    Iris Web Portal

    No, it is still up.
  20. Vettester

    GE In-wall Switches Dropped Off Network All At Once

    Of the 67 Z-wave devices I have 47 of them are GE.
  21. Vettester

    Blue Iris Now Has Alexa Integration

    For those of you that are using Blue Iris for a 3rd party camera interface the latest version ( now provides Alexa integration. I copied the following from the help section: Amazon Echo Most Amazon Echo home automation integration requires a solution provider to establish a dedicated central web server. However, the Blue Iris model has always been private, local control without a central-server requirement--your video and system control commands never pass through a third-party server and no Internet connection is required. Therefore in order to get Amazon Echo to talk to your Blue Iris PC directly, we have had to implement this functionality via device emulation--there are a few home automation devices with which Echo can communicate directly, such as the Philips Hue lighting systems and WeMo devices, and Blue Iris will appear to Echo as one of these. To get started, you should have your Echo and your Blue Iris PC on the same LAN. If you have multiple subnets (routers), the Echo and your PC should be configured in such a way that they are visible to each other on the network. In addition to basic control of the traffic signal icon and profile#, you may choose to add individual camera control as well--please see the Amazon Echo setting on each camera's properties pages. Next, use the Connect to Amazon Echo button on Options/Mobile devices. This will make your PC discoverable by the Echo device via UPNP technology. You will be notified once the Echo is able to successfully connect. If you add or remove any camera from Echo control, or if your PC's LAN address changes, you should re-run this discovery step in order to find any newly added cameras. To fully remove a camera from Echo control you may need to use the Alexa app on your Smartphone. In addition, to fully remove Echo access to your Blue Iris, you should delete the user entry that's created on Options/Mobile devices. Once discovery is successful, you're ready to issue commands to your Echo such as: "Alexa, turn Blue Iris On" to set the traffic signal icon to yellow/green "Alexa, turn Blue Iris Off" to set the traffic signal icon to red "Alexa, set Blue Iris to 10%" to set profile 1 "Alexa, set Blue Iris to 50%" to set profile 5 "Alexa, set Blue Iris to 100%" to resume the normal schedule For individual camera control (if configured on camera properties page prior to discovery), you can issue commands such as: "Alexa, turn My Camera 1 On" to enable, pause, record, or select the camera (as configured) "Alexa, turn My Camera 1 Off" to disable, un-pause, stop recording, or de-select the camera "Alexa, set My Camera 1 to 10%" to move to PTZ preset 1 "Alexa, set My Camera 1 to 50%" to move to PTZ preset 5 Sure in a perfect world, we would not use percentages to control presets and profiles, this is a side-effect of the light-bulb device emulation. If Amazon opens the ASK API (Amazon Skill Kit Application Programming Interface) to further direct device control manufacturers, or if Blue Iris builds-out a full user portal website, this may change. You may also see additional HA integration, such as Hue and WeMo control directly through Blue Iris.
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    The Tapatalk login issue that started last November has been resolved. Thanks Otto for following up on this!
  23. Is anyone out there using this Harmony Smart Control with Alexa and if so have you had any issues?
  24. Vettester

    Hub lost lights now

    Sounds like your hub is dying. You could call support and ask them if your hub is online.
  25. Vettester

    Iris Camera Quality

    Even though I don't I don't live in a high crime area my neighborhood has experienced an ever increasing number of car prowls over the past few years. In an effort to protect the vehicles I leave parked outside I have been spent a great deal of time and money setting up a multi-camera surveillance system. I started out with the Iris Gen 1 Outdoor Wireless Video cameras. This camera left a lot to be desired when it comes to video quality and night vision so when Lowe's released their new Gen 2 Indoor and Outdoor Camera I replaced all of my Gen 1 cameras with the new Gen 2 cameras. I've been using these cameras for over a year now and even though there is a significant improvement in video quality and night vision they still aren't capable of doing facial recognition under certain conditions. The screenshot below is one of four prowlers my cameras have captured in the last 6 months, but because of the poor quality I have not been able to get a recognizable face shot. I recently replaced one of my Iris cameras with a Dahua PTZ and there is a night and day difference in video quality between the two cameras. The Dahua has auto tracking that zooms in on an object and then follows the object until its out of the camera's field of view. In my opinion the Dahua camera install looks a lot cleaner than the Iris camera. The three screenshots below are to show that the cameras are basically located in the same area. Fortunately I don't have screen shot of a another prowler to compare the difference in quality, but the image below is from the Dahua camera and the quail is more than twice the distance from the camera than the prowler was in the first screenshot. In reference to the prowler image the quail would be located on the ground next to the sidewalk right behind the prowler's head.