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  1. neoleo2003

    App Access Levels

    Not sure if it has already been asked, but does any one remember if the V1 Iris had different levels of access? I thought I used to be able to allow my friend to turn on and off the alarm via the V1 app, but not have access to the cameras. When I setup a new account for them to take care of our pets it only allowed full access on the V2 app. If I am correct in my thinking does anyone know if this will becoming part of a new app ability down the line?
  2. neoleo2003

    Iris Version 2.1 is Available for iOS and Android

    The app runs fine on the Moto Z-Force Droid on Android 7.0. Other than the better look, professional motoring it looks the same. I did notice the windows and blinds car that was coming soon has been removed completely.
  3. neoleo2003

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    My system is still having issues. We are now on day four, I hope Lowes does not expect a whole payment for their very flawed service.
  4. neoleo2003

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    My rules are not working. I also have the hub and keypads set to make noise when arming and before a person disarms. The pads and the hub do not make noise when a sensor is triggered, warning to disarm. Cameras are also missing from the camera card. Huge failure by Lowes. I have been suggesting to my friends to wait on their purchases of iris or choose a different system. It is sad v1 worked better than v2.
  5. neoleo2003

    iphone 4s

    You can easily replace any of the older iPhone battries and screens yourself. You can also find some good after market batteries on amazon for cheep. I would suggest purchasing a flat magnet for placing the screws so they do not get lost.
  6. Has anyone noticed a change in the camera motion dectection? My cameras list the motion sensor as being on and it shows the motion detection light, but does not detect motion as well as it did in V1. My patio is on a second story with the cameras and I could detect people at the garage and have an indoor light turn on, but now it only appears to work with motion within the cameras sight. Not really complaining as it has reduced the amount of false movement by trees, but it would be nice to have the privious detection in some situations. I tried to log in the api with the user name and password for the 3rd party apps. I guess Iris just created a second user for view only. Also I noticed the user name should be the iris hub SN or at least the SN as listed in the app.
  7. neoleo2003

    Febreze Home

    The question is will Iris support this device in the future. At the moment they advertise using the standard warming unit and one of the smart plugs with a motion sensor by the cat box.
  8. neoleo2003

    Android 1.11 and Local Viewing

    I honestly want the future website to allow camera access just like version 1. I want to download video onto my PC. In one case last year I had a package stolen from my porch and had to submit the video to my local police department via their website. Currently I have to download one or two videos at a time due to device storage issues and then load them to a flash drive and then copy to my computer. When you have an issue of theft, you are already upset and don't want to jump through hoops to report the crime. Also on the stairs upto my porch I have a height marker tape and a camera on the stairs so it allows a great shot to report to law enforcement.
  9. neoleo2003

    Next Generation of Iris Updates

    It may depend on where you live. California has the two energy companies. Socal Edison allows access to your smart meter via a USB dongle, I think it was one of the items for the old iris hub. An email was sent to me about chai.
  10. neoleo2003

    So far with version two point oh yeah

    The issue that I have with not having a Web interface is not being able to download videos to a desktop or laptop computer. One case when I had an Amazon shipment stolen off my porch, I was able to burn a copy the video of the perpetrator taking the package, walking up my stairs so I could provide the hight of the man all to my local police department. I don't like the idea of having to download on my mobile device and then transfer it to my hard drive for storage.
  11. neoleo2003

    Wonky Smart Plug Control

    I programed my schedule to vacation mode. When in this home mode the schedule is always set to on. I have not had the problem you decribed unless I forget to change the home mode to something other than vacation mode.
  12. So a friend shared this story with me and make me happy that I do not shop at Home Depot and use Lowes because they are better and more responsive to their customers.
  13. neoleo2003

    Video limits set by IRIS. How much longer?

    I have always been able to view more than 100 videos. With 4 outdoor cameras I view and delete daily. I think the most I have deleted by clicking video check box is 187. I have always thought the message was just old text left on the page.
  14. 1.) Resetting the device should work. If your system is new Lowes should replace it. You can call the support center if you run into problems returning the device. 2.) I am the main contact on my system and I get alerts. The second contact I believe is set up to gets alerts too. It should be under the contacts settings page. 3.) When you press the alarm on button from a keypad and a device monitored by that setting, you will see the off button blink and an odd sound will play. The hub should should announce that the alarm can not be switched on because a door or window sensor is open. When the sensor is closed the alarm will arm. If you press the on or partial button twice the system will imdiatly arm. This is why the system set off the alarm when you left. You can always wait near the door to make sure you hear the system beeping indicating that it is arming or use your android or iphone to make sure the system is arming. When I leave the garage my door is open I press on once leave and close the door and they system arms shortly after I close the door. 4.) You can have a smart switch on or off when the alarm mode is changed but not blink. If you want he device to turn on when the system is changed to on do it with magic rules. You may also want to make a setting to have the light turn off after a duration of time or it will remain on. 5.) I do not have a thermostat so I can not directly anwser. If it works like the smart devices ie. lights you should be able to program a diffrent schedule for each mode ie. home, away, and vacation modes. 6.) At the moment you can only have the keypad chime and beep. I hope that they come out keypad that does make the voice announcements. 7.) I have a sensor on my mail box and have the system email me when it gets hot outside or the mail box is open so I know what to expect when I get home. I know iris is working with a company to roll out a smart vent for central air that will open aND close the vent when someone is in the room or if a certain temperature is reached, so you may see more advancements in the near future. Hope that answers most of your questions.
  15. neoleo2003

    Hub update

    My two keypads are having some issues 5 hours after update. If you attempt to arm your home when a sensor is open the alarm off button will light and the pad will make an error sound. When you close the open sensor the house will arm as normal. There is a lot of new lag time with the key pad after the update and optimizing the system. The amount of time for the key pad to begin an alarm and accept my pin almost made me think the full alarm would go off.