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  1. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    Tread, Thanks for asking. Yes, everything is pretty well back to normal. Once the new hub arrived, with the assistance of one of the senior techs worked with me starting and stopping the installation mode, and changing names as we went around the house adding devices back to the new hub. We spent the better part of the day working on the reattachment. At the end of the day, I still had a couple of devices that were not connected, but there were related technical difficulties that I needed to resolve before the devices could be reconnected. So things are back to normal. I have two devices that come and go from the network. Periodically I rebuild the network hoping that a new build might find the right optimization for the configuration. I have installed a couple of new z-wave devices since the disaster of July 2017, and yes I have rebuilt the network since that activity. It is less than perfect, but as I add new devices, I think it continues to improve. Again, thanks for asking.
  2. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    Hummmm; I must have mis-stated something. The lights and switches card comes up blank on both the PC AND my phone, and has been that way since my first hub disconnected itself, and continues that way ON BOTH PLATFORMS.
  3. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    Vettester, I am impressed. I haven't even imagined the limits you are going to. I think I might try a simple window contactor (which is magnet based) and mount it on the relay and see if actuation of the relay wont send me a signal telling me that the generator is coming on. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas. Someone suggested a soft reset and I think I am going to give it a try. I cant imagine how that will adjust the IRIS backend, but I can't see how it could hurt my situation. Thanks again. P.S. I am going to at least capture the list of devices from thegillion's portal. If I do have to rebuilt, it will give me a more formal starting point than my current excel sheet.
  4. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    Vettester, I cant even imagine how you are using 120 devices. I an interested to know how many of your devices are modified for specific purposes: like monitoring the condition of a relay in a control panel. (I have an old Potter-Bromfield style double pole switch which has both a magnet in it, and an unused dry contact. I would like to be able to remotely monitor that so that I would know if my generator is getting a signal to start (and run). Back to the primary discussion about the bland lights and switches card, as I have asked for help from Lowes (IrisbyLowes support team) I will give them a day or three before I move down the path of trying the reset. I remember the terror that was blasted over the internet several years ago by members of this forum using the reset and having to rebuild ones entire network. (How much time to you have invested in installing all of these devices?) To the suggestion about thegillion's WebPortal, I have seen that he seems to be a member of this group. I suspect I should just go and ask him about what and how his portal works before I do anything. Thanks for your suggestions. (PS Vettester, how does one get raised from newbee to something else? I think I have been around long enough to no longer be considered a newbee) Thanks again
  5. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    I am a bit worked about the Reset function. I know there are several ways to make use of the reset button on the back of the HUB, and one of them wipes out everything (as previously reported by others). Given the effort to reconstruct my network, I am VERY concerned about the improper use of the reset button. And for what it is worth, NOONE at Lowes has suggest that I make use of the reset feature to recover my missing Lights and Switches Card. I think I will wait for Lowes to suggest that before I move down that path. Thanks for the suggestion. How many devices do you have on YOUR network?
  6. TWilliams

    Garage Door Lock

    I found a related problem in that I have several controllers for the garage door opener, and IRIS was not least of my problems. I finally realized that if I disconnected the power from the garage door opener, then the task of opening the garage door was significantly harder (not that it couldn't be done with a bar or other prying device, but at least the problem would be more difficult). I was experiencing sporadic opening of my garage door at night, when no one was around (to the best of my knowledge); control devices were in there normal storage compartments, or in the cars in the garage, etc. I was concerned that someone was wandering through my neighborhood with a hacking device and wanted a second line of defense. My solution was to install a switched outlet where the garage door was normally plugged in. Yes, it is necessary to turn on the power before I try to open the garage door with any device, but turning on the power does not in-it-self opening the garage, and someone hacking either the Iris controls (or any of the other devices) is not in-it-self a guarantee that the garage door will open. It provides a much greater since of security when I am away from home, not to mention when I turn over to go to sleep at night.
  7. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    Well it is Sunday and yesterday I sent in screen shots of both the home page and the lights and switches card - both of which still suggest I don't have any devices (regardless of the flag on the right side of the screen that says 10/41 devices are "on" right now.) I thought I would call this morning (as promised) to check on the status of my incident. Sarah was quite pleasant to speak with. The initial recording said it would 8 minutes before someone was able to speak to me. She answered the phone in about 3 minutes. Sarah asked if I had reinstalled the application on my phone. I thanked her for the suggestion (a typical T1 suggestion that will solve everything). I explained that unless there were some super programmers that could make a new installation on my phone affect the presentation on my work station (PC), reinstalling the app on my phone was not going to make a difference. She could not respond to my question about the programmers. She stopped to read the last several days of documented history, at this point. Weather42 wondered if it might be possible to restore pairings in bulk. I don't know about the suggestion to clone the MAC. Once you have a new HUB and connect it to your account, the data should (if they have it) be ready to down load.. I proposed to them perhaps they could make use of the second USB port on the HUB as a storage repository for all of the local connections. Given these devices will now store upwards of 128+GB, I cant imagine that they would not have sufficient space to store everything that is related to my network (as well as history screens, etc.). I suggested that to one of the T2 folks yesterday and she said she would run it up the line to the developers. Well, 12 minutes after I started today call my contact information was passed (again) and a promise that T2 would get back to me soon.
  8. TWilliams

    System Backup

    Curious, with the total loss of my hub, the tech support people offered to reconnect my newly connected devices back to the rules that were in place before the hub was lost. Of course I didn't have a list of what rules I had so the offer was basically meaningless to me. Now that I have recreated the rules with devices that have similar names, everything is pretty much back to normal, but I would be nice if there was a list (somewhere) of everything that could have been just downloaded back to the old (or new) hub. I am certain that someone will come up with half a dozen real security concerns, but consider the myriad of problems for those of us who reply on thing like access codes to get in and out of our homes, open garage doors, etc. I suspect that the cost of the T2 technician to support us in rebuilding our systems could have matched the effort to implement a backup system that all of us with 60 devices (or more) would use.
  9. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    More Follow-up: I am just about done. I have two devices that need to be replaced. Cause of death is undetermined (not exactly in the case of one that was being used as a temperature sensor in an air duct and was lost while trying to reset it - it fell down the air duct and was unreachable). I am not sure if I mentioned that in the course of my hub's initial failure, the Lights and Switches Card (you know, the one that shows up when you display the dashboard) now comes up empty. That's right - when you open it, it displays NOTHING. You would assume that there were no devices, regardless of which platform you look at the card from. When I look at it from the PC, it shows that 18/41 are on, but it doesn't show any of the 41 devices. Occasionally, when looking at my PC, while connected to the Iris By Lowes site, when I do a refresh, I get a message in a pink banner that says "No object addressed [DRIV:dev:f54e0b72-3a05-41d1-9d30-6f1fe437e669] was found" The pink banner covers the normal blue Beta / Iris banner. Once I notices that I got several of these warnings; but the ID changed for each that was displayed. The one above is the one that was displayed last on my work station. Well, so much for another day. Lowe's is sending me a new sensor to replace the one that fell into the air duct. I will have to go to the store (at least the on line store) to replace the other device.
  10. TWilliams

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    Just a follow-up: The new Hub showed up yesterday morning. I spent 6+ hours yesterday reconnecting devices. Devices that plug (Smart Switches) in were relatively easy. Make sure you have each labeled, collect them near the hub, and then one by one remove and re-pair each one, one-by-one. Once that is done, start on those items that are hard wired into the wall (outlets and switches) were a bit harder to handle. Fortunately I have Ethernet wired in most of the house so I was able to move the hub closer to many of the devices so that the "T2 CSR" was able to switch back and forth from remove to pair quickly. I must express my appreciation to Josh and Jerrod who were very patient with me. So, after I released them yesterday I "optimized" the network. Some items fell off the network (like the lock on my front door). I finally have a list of all 59 devices. I am expecting a follow-up call this morning (in ten minutes). I have two wired switches, one thermostat, one water valve and half a dozen sensors to reconnect. I think I am coming up on 12 hours and I am still not quite done.
  11. At 3:00 PM today I decided to re-install my indoor iris camera. By 3:50 PM I had no devices attached to my hub. I called Iris support immediately. I was told: I must have removed my hub; All of my devices and programming was lost; That there was no backup. I was then told that in order to get things up and running again, it would be necessary to manually reset my hub and reinstall everything on my network. I pointed out that according to the display on my phone (and on the PC) my thermostat was still connected. I didn't know to what it was till connected, but it was still listed as the only device that was still on my network. I has lost 60 devices. I expressed my shock; my disappointment, my frustration and finally terminated the call in shock. By 4:30 PM I had recomposed myself enough to be civil to the iris support technicians. I called them back to seek further assistance. In order to restore my hub I was told that I would have to terminate the connection to the Honeywell thermostat as part of the reconnection of the hub. I had no options. OK. I wasn't happy but was left no options other than going back to other Z-Wave hubs (and I would still have to reconnect all of my devices.) By 6:00 PM I (we) had 12 devices reconnected. Mostly smart switches because they could be collected from around the house and reset via an outlet that was close to the hub. I wanted to start by working on the hard wired devices (or sensors that were attached to walls, windows, doors, etc.) but found that they were not going to be simple to reconnect. It was becoming apparent that the only way to do the mounted or installed devices would be to set the hub to "remove a device", disconnect the hub from the Ethernet and power, take it to the device, activate the device, listen to a tone from the hub to acknowledge the disconnection of the device, reconnect the hub to the network, communicate the disconnect information, and then repeat the exercise with the hub set to "pair". I had to interrupt the exercise to feed my family at this point. I was back working on the project by 7:30. By 8:50 I was up to 17 devices again called Iris for support. This time I called to learn why none of my devices showed up on the "Lights & Switches" Card (either on my phone, or the PC interface.) Unfortunately I had run out of time for the day and would have to wait till morning before the problem could be escalated. I called IRIS this morning at 8:30. No one was available to help me. I was advised someone would get back to me within 2 hours. While waiting I composed a list of devices yet to be connected. I have reconnected the overhead light at my desk, the front walkway, the Christmas tree lights Josh from Iris called shortly after 10 AM. By 10:34 the Hub was dead - no lights what-so-ever. We replaced the batteries without effect. We tried restarting the hub several times, with and without batteries without effect. With many apologies Lowes offered to send out a new hub (with a 7 to 10 day delivery time). I call to their attention that they seemed to recognize that the problem was the hub and that is mostly why the hub dethatched itself from the network yesterday. A letter was offered that I could take to a Lowes store and present to a manager if I wanted to do that today. I explained why I could not do that at any time in the near future. Upon further consideration, they will send out a new hub overnight. I provided address for U.S.Mail and FedEx. The lesson here: realize that Iris is unable (or unwilling) to keep a list of devices in a format that can either be reused or delivered to the customer so he at least knows what he has in his home (make, model number, types of device at least) I did learn that they did have a list of scenes (and maybe rules) that they could help me with to recreate the operation in my home. To the customer: make a list of every device you have; what you purchased (make, model, etc.). Make a list of all of your scenes. This was still on the application (on my phone), and on the PC, but I was informed that they would all have to be recreated because the devices they referenced were not attached to the hub and this MAY be part of the problem. I have spent 5+ hours working to reconnect my devices (and was only coming up on half of my devices. While Lowes is sending out a new HUB, I am not a happy camper. I expect I will have to start over to reconnect my devices. Their must be a better option? Does anyone know of a solution that includes backup opportunities? I still have my HomeSeer license and I seem to remember that it had a backup utility. Guess I should look for an old computer I can reload the software on.
  12. TWilliams

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    So I was just told that the system is going through a server upgrade......who is going to turn off my lights tonight? (a problem reported earlier today).....etc. etc.etc. I have some thoughts for you.....but they would (shouldn't) be said in polite company.
  13. TWilliams

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    I am unable to even get logged on! So is the whole system down?
  14. TWilliams

    ASUS - on hold for 20 minutes

    So I have a question abut hardware - I call Lowes because it appears the purchasing agent has failed to understand the needs of the customer (again). I call the store, because it is not specifically an Iris problem. I call, wait my turn (ten minutes) and finally reach a sales agent. I ask my question and call his attention to the apparent disconnect between Item 80659 and item 497752. We spend 5 minutes researching HIS catalogue. Finally we realize that he can not answer the question. He suggests I call Iris directly. I do that. I reach an agent and explain my question again. We spend some time searching for an answer. The line goes quiet while the agent is searching. I ask if he is still there. He is. He continues to search. Five minutes I am unceremoniously dumped. Is it a phone problem? Is it a customer service problem? I don't know but I still don't have an answer to my question. So I call back again. I have now been on hold for 27 minutes listening to the music. Do these people think I am stupid? I must be, I am still on hold waiting my turn. I really need to migrate back to Smart Home. T
  15. TWilliams

    Light/Dark Sensor

    "use sunset to sunrise rules" we have those now? Where can I find them (in V2)