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  1. Contact sensors falling off

    I received a notification that one of my contact sensors was "low battery". That being said the app shows battery ok and it has not dropped off and all of my other devices have been solid.
  2. Outdoor camera disconnected

    I should have asked earlier if we are talking about V1 or V2 cameras?
  3. Outdoor camera disconnected

    I would also power cycle your router as one of my outdoor cameras went offline and that was the issue.
  4. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    It really is a shame. One person gave users a superior product than the "official" site.
  5. Firmware Updates

    My V1 camera has became blind as well. I was watching a car go by last night with my 3rd party software. I waited 15 minutes and then checked Iris. Nothing at all. Nothing seen all night. Nice job Iris.
  6. Is something going today 1/28?

    I would do a quick check of your data cables on your hub and router to make sure they are still connected good and then try a 2 second reboot of the hub to see if that smooths things out.
  7. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    Are you on Android or IOS? I do not see that on my Ipad.
  8. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    V1 recorded videos had a date and time stamp. V2 nope. After Iris missed an event here I moved to third party video recording. Just can't trust Iris.
  9. Iris 2.7 email

    Do we know the hub firmware version for this release? My hub is rebooting daily and I received the email and have none of the excluded devices. My hub is still
  10. Iris Camera Quality

    Recently our cars were went through at night. Lost some change and a car cell phone charger. The V1 camera missed it all. It seems it only records on motion when headlights pass by. In V1 it would record animals going through the yard at night, no longer. I am moving to local recording as I can't get the results from Iris I can trust.
  11. Notification of lost connection

    I had this a few nights ago with a loss of internet. Iris told me when I lost connection and when the connection was restored. Nice !!!!
  12. New to Iris, but not happy

    What did the Techs at Lowes on your 5 calls say? When speaking of sensors are you talking about motion or contact sensors? What brand of locks did you buy? The pairing of new devices within 10 feet of the hub is a must.
  13. Iris didn't tell me

    Last official reply on this issue on the earlier mentioned "official" thread was 2/16/2017. They are sure on top of it. We want local processing.
  14. Toasty Freezer

    Since no marketed device "temperature sensor" has been made for the platform the use of these sensors for this application has not been considered by Lowes. Users thinking outside the box and getting great results from a device not considered for this type of monitoring have been hosed by an update that only considers the primary function of the device only. Not the great forward thinking of users.
  15. Camera issues

    Dakota, are your cameras wired or wifi. If wifi a router reboot may clear that issue.