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  1. Hey Otto Mation, I can and will do that.. but can't until we get home later tonight.. I did run them both last night.. but can't remember exactly what the details were.. I think my Network Piece looked OK. I had some question on the Wireless Piece was supposed to look like. Thank you for your continued help with it.. -joe
  2. Hi Otto Mation, Thank you for your note, Yes.. that's exactly where I set it the first time.. I tried most all the options in that area. came back to security=2.. I was able to confirm that when I came back to look at the wireless settings.. but still a no go for me last night.. I don't know why the error or message when I tried to set the password.. and that confused me. Not sure that it was an error, or just information. But it didn't seem to work either way.
  3. @Otto Mation Okay... so I end up getting the Blue Iris setup and working on a older (for now) Win7 pc.. It's pretty AWESOME software and was easy to setup too.. I was able to get the port opened on my ATT Router.. (works for BI, still not yet for TinyCam) so, life was good.. except for one of my Lowe's gen1 outdoor cams.. somehow lost it's higher resolution and defaulted back to the lower res.. Knowing that I can't log into it using the Iris Cam credentials to try to change it, (not to mention, have to get the ladder out and take it down) I've opted to just let it ride for
  4. I lost the camera resolution on one of my cams.. while I obviously know the user name and password, I'm unable to log into the camera via the web interface to reset the resolution to where I thought it was before taking my Iris Hub down. In order to factory reset it, I'm gonna have to get a ladder and take it down to try to factory reset it.. so far, I've been reluctant to touch it.. for fear of making things worse with the reset attempt, not to mention the additional time and effort to mess with it. I don't really understand why I can access the cam since I obviously know the u