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  1. I'd like a motion sensor only.. adjustable would be really awesome.. but probably dreaming with my eyes open My preference would be a ZigBee device.. since I've had all kinds of trouble with Z-wave devices on my Iris system.
  2. GE Light Switches - ZWave vs Zigbee

    I have the same problem/issue with the Z-Wave Devices.. I only have a few and within 20' and direct line of sight, and they still fail to stay connected.. I do have 1 Zig-Bee that seems to have problems with the power usage option of the device.. It'll work for a few weeks (maybe) if I reset the circuit.. The switch itself works fine.. but I tend to like the option to monitor the power, so as to send an alert when it comes on... (so that I know it exceeds the bulb wattage.. a nice feature when it works)
  3. Back to Instability

    Ha!! on WOOT today: SimpliSafe SSCS2 Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security 13-piece Deluxe Pack $299.99 Tho, I'm not certain the review offer makes SimpliSafe look like any better option than Iris.. (it is a pretty nice review)
  4. Back to Instability

    I agree with Dan.. we keep getting promised, we keep remaining patient and hopeful that it will be corrected or addressed and so I think many of us are holding out hopes that they will get it working.. but patience are wearing thin... If they were serious about it, they should get it fixed.. or send us all an email update as to the exact status.. and offer to fix it within a specific time frame, or allow us the opportunity to return our gear if desired. It would be nice if the message was conveyed to everyone in the same manner, so we didn't have to learn it on a forum or argue about it with a store manager. It's obvious that Lowe's knows who each and every one of us are that have this Hub setup.. they know how to reach us.. they certainly have all that information in their database. For the most part, I have accepted the system for what it is.. and think it will be OK.. and then suddenly, they change something and stuff stops working again.. what in the world is wrong with that?? It's not my fault, or anything I have done to make it stop.. but it does..
  5. Back to Instability

    Does SmartThings have a web GUI or App only?
  6. Back to Instability

    sounds like a bad item.. it shouldn't chew up batteries that fast!!
  7. Back to Instability

    Thanks Guys, I'll have to see what I have and what I'd like to return.. My Glass Break Sensor has been a real let down the last month or so.. but I don't think that's specifically a v1 or v2 item... all my other v1 items seem to be doing OK..
  8. Back to Instability

    Is this really still valid?? This is actually the first time I've heard or seen this.. -j
  9. Back to Instability

    ah, most of my stuff is still v1.. that's depressing
  10. Back to Instability

    were you able to use your Iris components with the Samsung Hub or did you have to start from scratch again?
  11. Back to Instability

    I've had my Glass Break Sensor start disconnecting recently.. never an issue on v1 and not on v2 until this month.. (since the first of August) I got an email saying it needed new batteries.. so, I replaced them.. and had the same problem the very next day. I've removed and added it several times.. the last attempt, I left the (new) batteries out of it for a day or so.. currently, it's been connected 2 days.. but is only after I moved it a few feet from the hub.. It's sitting loose right now and I'm slowly moving it back to the original location. Then my front Kwikset door lock falls offline.. that has NEVER happened!!!! I pulled the batteries and counted to 30 and put them back in.. it seemed to be enough to reset it.. and it has stayed connected for the last day or so.. It might need batteries.. (I could tell in v1, v2 says they are OK.. but I question that)

    I seem to get notifications when I don't want them.. (scheduling) and don't get them when I want them.. I'm not having this issue on other things.. some rules work fine.. some just don't.. I haven't been able to make sense out of it yet.. Like what's the check box beside the rule really supposed to do? I've solved some issues by unchecking some of them.... only to come back in and find them checked again.. and vice versa, I've checked some of them so, they will work as desired only to come back in and find them unchecked again. Most everything seems to work OK if not scheduled.. but as an example, I don't want my lights turning on when I walk into a room in the daytime.. (only at night) so, I've created that rule and scheduling to support the times desired.. (now this works FINE and as desired IF I leave that rule unchecked) I've talked to the support guys and they agree that they need more information on the check boxes.. they say the rules are difficult to support over the phone & why they act like they do.. (which I can understand) But no explanation as to why some checked rules get unchecked for no reason, and why others get checked.. Also, no reason why some work as desired while unchecked.. while others need to be checked.. (which I thought would be correct)
  13. Gen1 Motion Sensors on v2 won't schedule?

    ah, OK... I opted to the the migration option which seemed to work OK for me.. other than this issue. If these continue to be a problem, maybe I'll try removing one.. resetting it.. and then re-adding it back in. It's encouraging to know that they will (or should) work correctly with the scheduling option.
  14. Gen1 Motion Sensors on v2 won't schedule?

    Hi rdisom, Thank you for your note on the Motion Sensors.. & glad to know that they are working for you... that's encouraging.. It's been a couple days since I unchecked them, so as not to run these.. (since they weren't working correctly) Mine seem to stay unchecked.. at least it seems that way.. sometimes others are unchecked when I didn't think they were previously. (?) I'll try checking them again and see if they are working correctly.. maybe even give them a couple days to see IF they settle in. Just curious, did you use the migration option to upgrade?? Thanks, joe
  15. Gen1 Motion Sensors on v2 won't schedule?

    Hi Otto, Thank you for your note and information on this.. I do have my info setup correctly.. (at least, last I checked) It's odd that my other scheduling options on my Door/Window contact work correct and as desired.. & that I've only got this same problem on 2 identical Motion Sensors... Otherwise, everything else is working correctly as I would expect.. (yes, I miss the WebPage GUI dearly) I liked all the charts and options that are missing in v2. I'm on a PC all day at the office and used the GUI option daily as opposed to my cell phone and data plan. I setup an Android Emulator on a lab PC... so as to be able check on stuff and make configuration edits without using my cell phone all the time. I agree that maybe this is just a BUG and they'll fix it when they can.. I consider it minor, but annoying.. but can live without it as long as my Kwickset Lock and Camera's are working, so that I can check in on the pets while we are away. I thought I might have an extra Motion Sensor.. (never paired up on v1) but it turned out to be an extra Door/Window contact.. (which are working OK in my setup anyway) Thanks Again, -Joe