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  1. Contact sensors falling off

    Another contact dropped off tonight and it may be, at most, two months old 🤦‍♂️. Haven’t checked it yet so not sure why, but add another one to the list. The keypad I just left dead, can’t afford batteries for that thing every two weeks. Update: just checked it, not a bad battery but I had to remove the battery and put the hub in pairing mode to get it to quit blinking blue after pulling the battery. It didn’t find it as a new device, just acted like it re-associated to the hub. Also the rules associated with it aren’t working so I guess this will be another removal and re-pair on ANOTHER contact sensor.
  2. Notifications Not Working

    I have had this system since the beginning of V1 and notifications have been usually solid except the startup of V2. Something was just glitchy that day for several hours and it went away. It has been working perfect ever since, if not too perfect. (Back yard camera notifications drove me crazy this weekend from yard work and I didn’t feel like turning them off) lol. Joe, if you are having that many issues maybe something needs to be checked on your system/internet connection?
  3. Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    Duracell. These last “low” ones I am going to let go until they are completely dead since that glass break has been at 1% for two months.
  4. Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    I would write it off to that if it weren’t some devices that I replaced the batteries less than two weeks ago, are “dying” again. On the same note, I had a glass break say low also and it has been sitting at 1% for over two months now. Maybe something is off with the algorithm for battery levels. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    And another one today 🤦‍♂️ Your Back Door's battery level at Home is low. Change your batteries as soon as possible.
  6. Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    Anyone seeing their devices chewing though batteries at a quicker rate? Seems when the contact sensor dropping off problem started I noticed batteries going dead in several devices also. One of them was the keypad in the kitchen. So these batteries are only a week or two old and I got this, this AM “Your Keypad - Kitchen's battery level at Home is low. Change your batteries as soon as possible.” I looked yesterday and the battery was 60% which was surprising since I just replaced the batteries and now it’s dead? I have several other devices that report below 50% that I don’t think should be.
  7. New iOS app 2.9.2

    Yes, one thing I noticed they fixed was the live view of a camera that was recording. It would just sit there and try to load but never do anything, seems they fixed that. I saw a list on the official site I believe of the changes, there were a few more.
  8. Notifications Not Working

    Of course, now they are working after I posted it. Maybe the new app fixed it, who knows.
  9. Notifications Not Working

    Anyone else’s notifications not working this afternoon/evening? I am missing scenes and contact notifications. Don’t think keyfob worked today when wife got home either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. New iOS app 2.9.2

    New app hit the AppStore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Tapatalk

    Best news so far today!!! Thanks Otto! I deleted the app awhile back thinking it wouldn't work again, reinstalling, lol.
  12. Back before the last two iOS releases of the app (hasn't worked the last two versions), I would get a notification that a camera has detected motion and it will start recording. I could open the app and press on the camera that is recording and see a live feed of that camera and even skip back on the live video to see what triggered the camera to record even before it was finished recording and converted into a "clip". Now when I press on the camera thumbnail all it does is put a spinning wheel in the middle of the screen and nothing ever loads, also the camera thubnail previews will refresh over and over, but actually they just look like they are flickering. I haven't been able to use this feature anymore (I believe 2.9 and 2.9.1, whatever the current release is and the one before). Also put this on the Iris Community under bugs. This is happening on the Outdoor V1 camera, haven't tested it on the others yet.
  13. Contact sensors falling off

    The battery is reading 2.9 volts. I pulled the battery and it didn’t fix it. I put a battery in that read 3.0 volts and it lit back up. No way 0.1 made a difference, but it is back online now. They are all on the back of the house except the mailbox, interesting for sure. Guess I will wait to see which one is going next.
  14. Contact sensors falling off

    Looks like the issues still continue, just got a notification that my garage upper deck door was offline, zigbee V2 contact sensor. I did the zigbee mesh reset power trick about two days ago.
  15. Contact sensors falling off

    I will do the rebuild here in a few. The last time I posted about them being offline was the last time they were. It was acting like the hub just forgot its pairing info, when I removed the battery the contact sensor acted like it wasn’t paired before. All has been good since last Sunday when I fixed the one in my mailbox.