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  1. Hub update notice

    LOL, looks like that firmware I posted about on a free hub that I got with my thermostat ( was really a thing, now it is current with the rest of them.
  2. Iris Keypads on Sale for $10.00

    $10.00 in SC > 29642 Easley location, 4 available.
  3. Connected, disconnected, connected, disconnected, repeat...

    I have version 1020492 on all my bulbs. I hooked them to ST to update then back on the Iris hub. That or I used the Lightify hub, both work the same, ST is faster though.
  4. Leaking leak detector batteries

    Sorry, I edited my post above to clarify. Also are you keeping batteries in the fridge? My wife was making that mistake on some batteries and they had 100% chance of leaking from everyone that was in the fridge, no matter the brand.
  5. Leaking leak detector batteries

    I installed mine with Duracell batteries, don't trust other brands for this exact issue, leakage. I do know from history that vinegar makes a great cleaner for the potassium carbonate as it cleans the potassium carbonate (excuse me) and cleans the surface (q-tip on springs). Sorry guess I should have been more specific.
  6. Connected, disconnected, connected, disconnected, repeat...

    I have had the Osram bulbs for quite some time, actually I have lots of them and the only issue I had with them was back in the day they would come on by themselves. The firmware update .316 I believe fixed all of that and the latest one that I have I don't have any issues with that one either. I have them up to 100 feet away in an external garage, four of them, and they are all working great. I must ask, did you pair them within 10 feet of the hub, let them sit a few minutes then move them? You wouldn't believe how important it is to pair all devices within 10 feet of the hub, or you WILL have issues later.
  7. Alexa doesn't control the ALARM

    I am still looking forward to scenes. "Alexa turn on Night" (based on ST modes). Closing, arming, and locking devices would be nice also, for sure!
  8. Alexa doesn't control the ALARM

    More functionality with Echo is coming in the future (from previous post about it) but I would rather my system not respond to "Alexa, turn off alarm" shouted from the outside or open garage door, lol.
  9. Anyone know the difference between the 8810300l vs 883000l Leak Smart valves? They have the 881 dirt cheap at my Lowe's and wasn't sure if the 883 was a lot better for some reason.
  10. My system has been acting up today

    I rebooted my hub and it seems to have solved the two cameras that were rebooting, strange.
  11. Schlage lock after battery replacement

    Same here. I started with Kwikset and swapped them to Schlage and glad I did.
  12. Would like to know what to add to the web portal

    I think they already do. I have two devices that are in the 30% range that are showing up on mine. Make sure you press check for updates on the left if they aren't showing up.
  13. My system has been acting up today

    Anyone elses camera rebooting tonight? I have the two in the living room, one rebooted several times and a few minutes later the other one rebooted. I checked the firmware page and I don't see any update firmware or anything on them. Interesting.
  14. Unread content on this forum

    I had to change my theme (bottom of the page) back to original so the unread messages would have blue dots on them again.
  15. Thermostat not responding to iPhone app

    Once the codes are uploaded to the locks, they are in the locks. You can throw your hub out the window and the locks would still work. Iris allows you to unlock and lock with the app and upload codes to it. Once they are in there, they stay until you tell Iris to remove them. Edit: oops just noticed after I typed this, there was already a response below it.
  16. Thermostat not responding to iPhone app

    With mine at my rental house, I have it set on auto and I find it works the best of you grab the little arrows around the dial and drop it where you want it. For me that seems to work better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Zwave maps

    I have 17 V2 smart plugs and only 7 devices that I can't find what they are. (yes they are all repeating zwave).
  18. iOS version 1.16 is now available

    My water heater dropped offline and I haven't seen the reconnect message yet. 07:35 EST.
  19. Zwave maps

    Same here on wanting to know about the plugs. I have 11 devices on my map I can't find ID's for. One being device 36 on mine with a fat pipe to the hub, no idea what that is.
  20. Zwave Rebuild...reboot?

    I was in the middle of, well 41%, of my zwave rebuild because I moved some plugs and noticed my hub restarted. Great, hope there isn't any damage to my device pairing [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Zwave Rebuild...reboot?

    Here is the map I took a few min ago.
  22. 2.1 firmware??

    I received a free hub back in December when I purchased a thermostat for a friend that already had a hub. I turned it on today and Iris had to remove it from someone else's account (return go figure) and I noticed that the hub has version 2.1.... on it. Strange. I was going to use it to troubleshoot a plug firmware update issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Zwave Rebuild...reboot?

    Yeah, I was going to after I let it settle down for an hour or so. I will post it on here afterwards if you want. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Zwave Rebuild...reboot?

    Yeah it should already be posted on here. Think it was the first one posted on your site thread, and after yours on the zwave map thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Zwave Rebuild...reboot?

    Ran it again and it ran all the way to 100% fine, who knows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk