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  1. JSMills

    Platform Poll

    I put none for the moment.I don't have time to deal with anything until the summer, probably. I would lean toward Smartthings, however, if forced to pick one now. J.
  2. JSMills

    Iris is Officially Done

    Here's my list of devices from the redemption process if anyone needs to see prices for various things. I created pdfs of each redemption page, including the agreement. I'll post each of the non-personal pages here. J. Iris Redemption Screen Shots 02-02-2019 2.pdf Iris Redemption Screen Shots 02-02-2019 5.pdf Iris Redemption Screen Shots 02-02-2019 6.pdf Iris Redemption Screen Shots 02-02-2019 8.pdf
  3. JSMills

    Cameras discontinued? Whats going on with iris?

    I've found weird deals on the Iris cameras. I picked up an Outdoor cam about a 2 months ago for $40--it had been opened, but was still in plastic. Then, about a 2 weeks ago, I was screwing around on lowes.com and found one Indoor cam for $22 at a store in the next town over. I figured it would be open box, and when I got to the store there was a crappy worn empty box on the display as a placeholder. I took it and checked out and they brought out a pristine camera still shrink wrapped. Both work great. But my old one (Indoor, was an open box too--I go for cheap) gets hot sometimes and went out a few days ago. It's back online now. Overall, I have 3 cameras for about the price of one (if the old one keeps working). For what it's worth, I've also caught deals on other devices. The older Z-Wave devices--the GE/Jasco switches have gone down to around $20 and I picked up several, as well as one older fan switch. I also found a gen 2 smart button for $5, a gen 2 door sensor for $5, a water leak detector (Ultitech I believe? I'm at work) for $9. I'm always looking for deals, ha. And I try to get the ones that would work with other systems, just in case. I hope this isn't a sign about a looming announcement and sunset. J.
  4. JSMills

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    These are the ones I have (3 total): https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sengled-element-classic-650-lumen-9w-br30-smart-led-light-bulb-white/6238516.p?skuId=6238516 As far as I can tell, they only have one issue: unlike the GE Enbrighten bulbs, they have no way to turn off at the switch. (GE bulbs--always leave in "on" position; but if it's turned off via z-wave, just turn switch off then on for it to come on; to turn it off, flip off, on, off, and on again). J.
  5. JSMills

    Sylvania lightify A19 not supported?

    I have Sengled smart bulbs that work without a bridge. Of course, I found them at a local salvage store and am not sure if they are still being produced. I also found a GE Enbrighten bulb discounted at Walmart not too long ago that also works sans bridge. These seem not to be sold anymore either. Not sure if this is helpful, but there you go. The Sengled bulb is natively supported (recent update); the Enbrighten uses the generic Z-Wave driver (another fairly recent update). J.
  6. JSMills

    iOS 2.8 is Now Available

    The Android version recently updated on my phone and is now at 2.8.0. The big change is that I can now log in with a fingerprint, which is awesome. Works fast and seamlessly. It lists support for Yale assure locks, bug fixes and performance enhancements as the other changes. J.
  7. Just FYI: I still never got this working. I've tried the suggestions in every way I can think of. To answer your question: there are no new unknown devices in my list. I've removed all unknown and malfunctioning devices. I can remove/reset the bulb via Zwave remove an endless number of times, by the way. I'm not sure if that's normal. Thanks for the help, Vett. J.
  8. Okay, I may have not tried that. I'll test this evening. Thanks again, J. Mills
  9. Still no luck, though I have noticed something interesting that I haven't before: when the Z-Wave removal tool removes the bulb, it calls it a dimmer switch. Not sure if this is important or not, but it obviously has some idea of what its dealing with though not quite there. Any other ideas? Thanks so far! J. Mills
  10. Vettester, Yes. Though I have tried different permutations to see if anything would work. I'll retry this evening when I get home. Thanks! J. Mills
  11. Well, I'm back. I don't expect anyone to remember me, but I was here near the beginning. I'll post details in the old Hello thread if anyone is interested. Anyway, after reading the post about Walmart having cheap GE switches, I decided to check the local ones. It was Thanksgiving and I was at my grandparents, and luckily the only store around that had any was less than 20 minutes away. They had about 10 GE dimmers, a few regular GE switches, a GE motion sensor, an outdoor plug or so, and a couple of other things, all between $19 and $21. I was low on cash, so I only picked up 2 dimmers and a $9.95 GE Enbrigthen LED bulb. I was excited about the bulb as it's my first. Long story short, it doesn't work. I posted on the main forum, and instead of rewriting it, here it is (which I hope is okay). Does anyone know anything that can help me? Thanks! J. Mills Re: GE PRODUCTS some uncertified
  12. Please ignore the following being listed for sale at this point. I had offers and even agreed to sell to one member (sorry!). But, miraculously, most of the devices worked when I plugged it up. I might make a separate post about that. For now, I'd like to apologize for not selling what I said I was. I'm totally ashamed of it, but financially I had to. Thanks, and see you around. J. Mills My story first (tldr: I'm not using them, so why not sell them--see below): I was a slightly active member when this forum was first started. I stopped using Iris after some issues: primarily, I blew up my original Gen 1 hub by plugging in an identical power connector but with a higher voltage--heard it fry and smelled ozone as I plugged it in. That was right before Gen 2 coming out, so I waited until I got the free one. But I could never get it to recognize my gen 1 devices. I tried to reset them to no avail. So they have been sitting around forever and I just don't have time to finagle them into working again. These are all Generation 1 Iris devices. This list may not be complete because I am at work: door/window sensors: 7-8 Smart Plug: 2 Smart button: 1 Indoor camera (arrived with the gimbal out of whack and doesn't like to stay in place unless you force it/repair it) Keyfob (with a little wear and tear, but still in good condition): 1 GE light switch: 1 GE 3-way light switch: 1 Siren: 1 Keypad: 1 Fire/carbon monoxide detector (I forget the brand; it was the first one that came out) I also have 2 Generation 2 hubs. One was registered, one was not. If you have an offer, let me know. If you'd rather me price them, I can when I get home this evening. Thanks! J. Mills
  13. JSMills

    Door Chime in V2

    Hi, Old member here who got frustrated and left because at the time Lowe's wasn't doing much with Iris. Now with a new V2 hub in, I'm back in the game. However, I have a question: is there a door chime option for the gen 1 contact sensors with the v2 hub and app? If there is, I can't find it. It was helpful testing out which door and/or window was which, and let me know if someone came or left. Thanks in advance, J. Mills
  14. I will update this soon. I dropped and broke my laptop, causing me to do more work at work where I can't access the website since I have it linked to my Facebook account. I won't do that again. J.
  15. JSMills

    ebay Camera

    The camera I bought from the eBay link came in the mail earlier this week, but I just had the time to install it today. There was no packaging--just the camera, the power cord, and the stand. The ethernet cord was not with it, and neither were any instructions of any kind. The camera itself has a couple of minor scratches on the front facing. Nothing too noticeable and not a deal breaker. The only thing that annoyed me was that the mount was loose--I can't think of what to call it, but the joint part of the ball-in-joint that holds the camera in place. I tooke a pair of pliers and bent it in, which caused some more scratches, but again, no issue. It paired perfectly and worked great on both the ethernet connection and Wifi. The built-in motion sensor worked and I got it to record when activated. For $50 and no s&h, I think it was a good deal. I will update if anything changes. J.