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  1. yuriypgh

    IrisPlus is now open sourced

    Hi all! Since Lowes followed through and open sourced Iris code I decided to do the same with Iris+. Maybe someone can make it work with the Arcus stuff and keep it alive or adapt it to another platform! And you can finally see all the hackery that went into the app Enjoy! https://github.com/80degreeswest/irisplus PS: This code has some unreleased features that I never got to test such as 2 way IFTTT integration and an app redesign.
  2. yuriypgh

    Iris vs SmartThings

    Haven't tried, but you could just try setting up multiple IFTTT rules - one for each phone number. You can also set it up to go to a google voice number, which can in turn ring all of the mobile numbers linked to it.
  3. yuriypgh

    Iris vs SmartThings

    If you link ST to IFTTT you can receive phone calls. I have it setup that way and both times I accidentally set off my alarm I received a phone call from IFTTT almost immediately. My biggest reason for switching was the types of rules ST had - setting up multiple devices controlling other multiple devices etc. But there were also several very close seconds.
  4. yuriypgh

    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    I figured I'll chime in with my 2 cents after being on ST for over a month now. My experience is roughly the same as jwwhite001's. The setup was a bit challenging because of couple of Iris specific devices that weren't supported by ST out of the box and required installing extra smart apps. Also, on day one they had an outage so that made me nervous, however, I was notified of the outage and the resolution progress via e-mail. Setting up rules was great - I had about 40 on Iris and only had to setup about 10 on ST due to being able to combine several devices under one rule. I am also able to turn one switch using another switch, which was a huge missing feature with Iris and my Nest Cam works with it as well. Speed seems to be roughly the same as Iris, but more consistent. With Iris, about 10-20% of the time my device on times were delayed by several seconds when door would open or motion detected. ST routines are MUCH MUCH faster than Iris scenes. The moment I tap a button all of my actions execute immediately and at the same time! With Iris, sometimes I had to wait for several minutes for a scene to finish executing. Alarm works great, even when internet connection is lost, which makes me feel safer at night. Geofencing works great and is very consistent (only had few glitches where it didn't detect me at home until I pulled into the garage, but most of the time i have alarm off and garage door open when I'm coming down the road). Overall, things just seem more polished and mature and is a better experience for me and my family (My wife always had issues with Iris doing what she wasn't expecting and she is much happier now). Plus, I no longer have to pay $10.00/month, which is also a plus. Other than the one outage on my day 1 and another minor outage few days ago (which I don't think I was affected by) I've had no problems with ST. Only devices that I have that seem to have some minor issues are my Sylvania bulbs which some of them seem to lose connectivity once in a while, requiring a power cycle and the 4 buttons on the Iris keyfob seem to act as a single button (may need to find a different device handler for those).
  5. yuriypgh

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    Bluestacks is an Android emulator (and not a full blown version of Android) and from my testing it does not look like it has the notification listener service enabled, which is the reason you are not getting the prompt. Therefore, this feature of Iris+ will not work with Bluestacks going forward (unless it becomes supported in the future by Bluestacks). I would recommend getting a cheap (used?) Android device if you want to use Iris+ with IFTTT after end of June. I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear but I didn't really see another way to make it work with Bluestacks outside of switching to Google Drive sync instead of Dropbox sync, which I think would have been less reliable than Dropbox and definitely less reliable than going directly through IFTTT.
  6. yuriypgh

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    Hey guys, Dropbox Sync is now deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled at the end of June. Since Iris+ relies on that framework to make IFTTT and Presence integration work, I committed to finding an alternative solution as my last main feature development for Iris+ so that the main feature of the app is not lost. I've been testing it for a couple of weeks and it works great on my phone so I think it's time to let others who are willing to test it out before I push the update to the Play Store. Please note, that you will need to re-set up all of your IFTTT and Presence rules. APK for v3.7 Beta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_60_QoaolN-MUpDVFU0azMyM3M/view?usp=sharing Tutorial: http://80degreeswest.com/apps/irisplus/whatsnew.php If something doesn't work and you would want to go back to the previous version that is currently on the Play Store here is that APK for v3.6: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_60_QoaolN-RFUzUjFiQzE3NlU/view?usp=sharing Let me know how this is working out!
  7. yuriypgh

    V1 Items for Sale - SOLD

    Bump, anyone want to make an offer on anything left? I'm open to offers to get me cleared out of all of my V1 gear! PM me if interested in naming your own price!
  8. yuriypgh

    V1 Items for Sale - SOLD

    I sent you a PM
  9. I have some V1 items for sale. Free shipping on orders $25.00 or more. All items are in working condition. Contact sensors may have some residue from adhesive. V1 Contact Sensors (3) - $8.00/each - SOLD V1 Motion Sensors (2) - $10.00/each - SOLD V1 Buttons (2) - $10.00/each - SOLD V1 SmartPlugs (3) - $12.00/each - SOLD V1 Keypad (1) - $15.00 - SOLD Orbit Hose End Controller (1) - $15.00 - SOLD
  10. yuriypgh

    Iris+ Future and Roadmap

    I recently made a decision to leave Iris and move to SmartThings. As such, my Iris system is now shutdown and offline so I wanted to share what my plans are for the Iris+ application that many of you may be using. I'm planning on keeping the app on the app store and making critical bug fixes at least in the short term. I am also looking for one or two people to volunteer to take over the bulk of development going forward. I'm working on setting up a shared git repository so that the development can be shared between multiple people, hopefully keeping Iris+ moving forward with new features. I have a huge list of features and improvements that I was planning on doing this year, but because of personal and business commitments for the next year I just won't have the time to do them. I'm also posting some V1 gear for sale on here that I will no longer need (will go as a separate post) Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
  11. yuriypgh

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    What thermostat do you have? There was an issue with one of the thermostats that had this problem. Was going to fix it for next release but then the backend issue happened so should be fixed in next release.
  12. yuriypgh

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    Keep an eye out for v3.5 that has the fixes Iris+. Update has been submitted to Play Store and should be available within few hours. This update should also fix some other miscellaneous issues like toggling rules on/off and some issues with running scenes. There is a new issue with Hub screen not showing some fields but I wanted to push the main fix out as soon as possible so I'll look at that one later. A shot out to thegillion for letting me know what changed on the backend!
  13. yuriypgh

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    I pulled it from the Play Store while I work on fixing the issue caused by the latest Iris backend update.
  14. yuriypgh

    Iris+ For Gen 2 - Alternative Android Application

    Good news is that I tracked down the issue. Bad news is that the fix is pretty extensive on my end. Stay tuned...
  15. Are you still supporting IRIS+?

    1. yuriypgh


      Yes, the fix is in progress.