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  1. Earl

    New echo to be smart home hub

    From what I've read, there isn't a "hub" included per-se. Amazon is integrating a Zigbee chip into the Echo+, and using that in tandem with the Alexa software to drive the IoT integration.
  2. Earl

    100W z-wave switch?? (is this a mistake?)

    I just looked up the 12722 model on Jasco's site, and it still lists the max wattage at 960W incandescent ...... so yes, this is a mistake. Maybe they tried to translate 960W incandescent into the corresponding LED wattage?
  3. I'm not sure how iOS works, but in the Android Alexa app, if you go to "Settings" and then "History", you get the screen I attached. All of my Iris commands show up. If you click on the specific command, it will allow you to play the recording of what Alexa heard. I'm not saying that Alexa and Iris are necessarily playing nicely together in your case, I'm just saying that the voice feedback has been invaluable to me in the past when debugging why skills aren't working the way they should.
  4. In the voice feedback section on the Alexa app, does it look like Alexa is translating your voice to text correctly for the "Auxiliary Outdoor Lights" command?
  5. I have a little experience building voice skills for Alexa, and I just wanted to point out that Alexa seems to handle multi-syllable words better in some cases. I had the same issue with "hall" vs. "hallway"
  6. I have a 4G USB modem (v2) for sale. I used it for a few months, but then moved to a different backup method. $50, with free shipping.
  7. Is there any way to integrate the GDO with Alexa? I would love to be able to at least ask the status, like "Alexa, is the garage door open?". And just like locks, I would like to be able to close the GDO with Alexa, although opening it could be a security issue.
  8. Earl

    Honeywell T6 Thermostat

    I have a Honeywell T6 Lyric, and it will not work with Iris. The Honeywell Lyric app does work with Alexa though.
  9. I just realized I have an "older" Honeywell, and it's z-wave only, so it's not compatible with the Total Connect app. Looks like I need to keep trying to figure out the Iris/Echo/Honeywell problem, or get a new thermostat (I'm sure my wife will veto option #2)
  10. I setup my aunt on the Honeywell Total Connect app, and linked that with her Echo --- it works pretty good. She doesn't have Iris, so that setup is fine for her. That would be my last option, as one of the main selling points of Iris is its integration between components ---- I don't want to open multiple apps or set up multiple "away" triggers.
  11. I didn't see anything like that either. Has anyone else been able to add a Honeywell thermostat as a device on Echo, and actually get Alexa to carry out commands on it?
  12. How do you determine if the thermostat is locked? I have the Honeywell as well, and I've had no luck getting Alexa to run any commands for it. I've changed names, disabled and re-enabled the skill, and tried re-discovering devices.
  13. Earl

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    I just received a notice that mine shipped, and it should be here on Wednesday. It's interesting that it shipped from a company in FL called 'Topp Solutions'. They appear to be an electronics repair shop and small white-label fabricator. I'm wondering if they are flashing the modem firmware for Lowes.
  14. Earl

    Wow customer service has gone way down hill

    I thought it was interesting that when I opened lowes.com this morning, a pop-up appeared advertising job openings in their customer service center in Indianapolis. I've been visiting lowes.com for years, and I've never seen a pop-up like that.
  15. Earl

    4G Modem Email, Post Here if You Received it.

    Received the 4G email yesterday, and I did not use the migration tool. I actually just added the 3G modem and service to my v1 account back in May ---- after they stopped charging the monthly fee for v1. I had a 3G that I purchased but never got around around to installing, and I figured I would pop it in and see if I qualified for the free 4G ---- and it appears that I did. I ran into the same problems as everyone else trying to use the promo code, and the customer service rep was less than helpful. I thought about throwing something cheap into my cart, but never got around to it. I see this morning that it's still in my cart for a penny, so I pulled the trigger. The estimated arrival date is 8/27 ---- we'll see if that happens.