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  1. TheBagMan

    Platform Poll

    Got Home Assistant running on a pi. Z-wave talking to GDO and lights with schedules.
  2. TheBagMan

    IRIS Cameras after IRIS Shutdown

    Thanks, all. Gonna miss IRIS...
  3. So, if I wish to use the IRIS cameras after March 31 and migrate to Blue Iris or iSpy, would it be best to leave the cameras as is and access via the local link (should still work) or factory them and possibly lose any new firmware features? I suspect I can have more control via the API if I factory but have not looked into that.
  4. TheBagMan

    push notifications - alexa - coming soon?

    I always make sure to put on a good show -
  5. TheBagMan

    One word: Google

    This seems to have come out rather quietly - “Philips Lighting is the first connected home device you can control directly with OnHub,” Google’s Ben Brown explains.
  6. TheBagMan

    Android App Screen Orientation

    I tested "Set Orientation" from Eyes-Free. It forces landscape on the IRIS app. I still do not have my cameras on IRIS so can't tell what happens when a video is viewed.
  7. I'm using that on my Android Chrome; haven't tried it on a PC. Might work on Safari Mobile with IOS.
  8. TheBagMan

    Sleep Number Bed

    Love our Sleep Number. Older model that the displays have died but can still set by "feel". I used to get back spasms regularly while doing seemingly nothing but bending over to pick something up. You know the kind - lasts for days. But not since getting this bed.
  9. TheBagMan

    Cutting the cable

    Funny, neither one of us plays *any* online or computer games so Vue was something I ignored.
  10. TheBagMan

    Cutting the cable

    Thanks. I had just clicked on the link posted by accessdenied79. The last I looked at Sling, it was only OTA DVR. Edit- Just noted it doesn't DVR and we never watch live.
  11. TheBagMan

    Cutting the cable

    Good topic. For those who cut the cable, what are you doing for internet? We've tried here with a good outdoor antenna but DW needs TNT, TBS, etc and have not found good options for those yet.
  12. No issues here last night or currently. Hub did something (update or went out for pizza?) 8 hour ago.
  13. TheBagMan

    Amazon Echo Integration

    Kicked and cursed. I added ceiling speakers, an amp and Bluetooth to support a Dot in the living area and move the Echo to the back part of the house. Arrg...
  14. TheBagMan


    What's "facebook"?