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  1. When setting Magic rules with a schedule you can only schedule that rule on an everyday basis. Add individual day selection and weekend choices. i.e. send text message when alarm is changed to off, only on workdays (tue - sat) when no keyfob is present.
  2. JT36013

    Android App with Galaxy S5

    I have the galaxy s5, as well as a nexsus 10 tablet. I haven't had any issues using either or both at the same time. As far as the settings. I cant find it on my s5 either, however they are three dots in the bottom right corner of my tablet. they don't do much though. just: [sign out], [settings]: PIN LOCK, Enable voice control, [status] (same as status on main screen).
  3. JT36013

    Home Depot selling Wink

    I purchased a Wink last week and returned it yesterday. I already had 3 devices the website said it would pair with, a chamberlain "MyQ" garage door opener, a Honeywell thermostat (the same model # as they are selling on the website as compatible) and an aeon door sensor. It would not pair with any of them because there is no exact "profile" in the software for pairing with those same devices. If you are buying the Wink, I would suggest downloading the software first and make sure a "profile" is there for the exact device you are going to use is there, before buying any devices. Also, no PC access, mobile only.