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    Non IRIS branded motion sensors?

    In addition to what Gillion reviewed above, Bosch also released the "TriTech" version of the same 40ft motion detector and has the 'Works With IRIS' certification. Their TriTech models incorporate doppler radar technology for 'difficult environments" which is pretty high-tech considering it's available for the IRIS ecosystem. Doppler radar tech. provides an additional layer of protection against motion detector false alarms. I utilize those all over my first floor and I've had 0 false alarms. Part number Bosch RFDL-ZB-MSL. As usual, you can find them for cheap on the 'bay. Mine have been in service for a little over a year now and the original batteries are still good. I recommend these as well.
  2. G35Rider

    First Alert Smoke/CO False alarm at 1AM

    I've had First Alert smoke detectors go off by dust, steam from a nearby bathroom while showering, as well as a trail of ants. Additionally to what pavalov suggests, and since you have other detectors nearby, I'd also temporarily place that unit in another room or area for a week or so and see if it false alarms again.
  3. G35Rider

    zwave switch

    I'd assume natively, no. However, in the last few updates IRIS did gain the ability to pair generically via a generic Z-wave driver with Z-Wave switches and dimmers. Your best bet is if you already have the hub and switch give it a try, otherwise if the switch is inexpensive enough to try out, give it a go and let us know.
  4. G35Rider

    Multiple False Alarm Triggers

    I know this topic is about a week old but this happened to me yesterday. Two camera motion sensors in different parts of the house tripped for no apparent reason and set off the alarm while I was at work. Since that incident, all looks well...
  5. G35Rider

    Generic Z-Wave Driver

    Sweet. Got some old Jasco dimmers that initially paired as Uncertified Device which now works, including the dimming function.
  6. G35Rider

    Batteries Depleting Rapidly

    None of my devices appear to be doing that. V1 sensors. V2 keypads. Home hovering around 60 - 71F daily.
  7. G35Rider

    I don't like this

    Sure, but also remember said customers who just cancelled their monitoring contracts probably just got hit with an early-termination fee, so it's not quite a free lunch to them but may be enough for them to actually want to cancel. They may also have to look into purchasing a brand-new IRIS system, sensors, so in the end....who knows.
  8. G35Rider

    Contact sensors falling off

    Just the other day I had a V1 contact sensor fall off the network without a low batt. warning - it had a Duracell CR2. I pulled it out and my DMM read 2.8V. I then re-measured it with the battery installed within the sensor. DMM then read 1.8V... It's funny though because some batteries behave this way and some don't, even with the same brands, and the V will droop enough to cause the sensor to give a low batt. warning so always try to measure it with the batteries installed in the sensor if at all possible.
  9. G35Rider

    Well it was fun

    That's sweet. What would have made it even more awesome is if you can continue using your old panel (with existing alarm keypads, sirens, wireless sensors) and just have the module be a message-passer between the existing panel and SmartThings. Like this Envisalink module - it interprets all the bus data from the panel and sends it to the EyezOn site to notify users of zone openings/alarms/troubles...etc via text/e-mail.
  10. G35Rider

    How does IRIS handle alarm triggers

    Hm...this one was interesting...kudos to IRIS for the implementation for this one. I just tested this - with the hub plugged into the internet and backup batteries removed the alarm was armed and I waited until the pre-arm period was over. I then tripped a sensor to start the countdown, and during this countdown I removed power from the hub (I gave it about 5 seconds before removing power). About a minute later, my app notification and e-mails tell me that my alarm had been tripped, with the specific sensor that initially tripped the alarm. In the app, it indicates the alarm has been tripped, but the hub could not be reached to notify me but the "cloud" was in the alarm state. My hub is "local processing" enabled (per Gillion's site). Very cool.
  11. G35Rider

    Is something going today 1/28?

    Do it in the name of science! If anything, if the devices drop off, perform a 2-second hub reset and that should generally speed up the repair process for most/all your devices.
  12. G35Rider

    Regularly having app/website issues.

    I've only experienced this particular issue on my phone when my signal is weak - which I have only intermittent connectivity to the internet. Switching to WiFi immediately doesn't fix it either. I have to hit my phone's back button (Android), get out all the way, and get back into the app. I guess it starts a new connection session with IRIS's servers. Other than that instance, I've never had any issues logging in with a solid internet connection.
  13. All, I filed this on the IRIS Community board under their Bug reports for Android App. 2.8: --------------------------------- 2.8 App in general, including the fingerprint feature, works pretty well. However, this is a minor annoyance in the fingerprint prompt. I woke up my Android phone (Galaxy S6) and was given the IRIS App login screen with the fingerprint prompt since that's where I left the app. when I put the phone to sleep. However, I wasn't planning on using the app. so I hit cancel which correctly closed down the app. but (in my opinion) incorrectly logged me out all the way. The next login into the app. I had to re-enter my e-mail/password. Closing down the app. and logging back in correctly invokes the fingerprint function from this point. Suggest not logging out the user completely when selecting "Cancel" on the fingerprint verification step.
  14. G35Rider

    Hard wired smoke alarm system

    I think that comment from sparc was from January 2017. Fast forward about a year, Amazon had a price drop for FA CO/Smoke combo detectors around early December 2017... I bought a couple for 26.99 a piece. Looks like they're back up to about $40 each.
  15. G35Rider

    Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    Hm... My phone not finding the latest 2.8 either. Like sparc, I'm also stuck at 2.7.0 with no updates. Samsung Galaxy S6. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  16. G35Rider

    Motion Sensor Inside Safe?

    Some folks on this forum have had varying degrees of success with devices in enclosures (mailbox) and even in a jacuzzi... Is this a V1/V2 motion? Best way is to try it with your particular application but try to avoid disconnects in the first place. If it can maintain connection, you're set. If not, you can try to put a repeater somewhere close to the safe (V2 smart plug, etc.).
  17. G35Rider

    GE Devices Having Trouble

    I was thinking this may have been the case too - one center device has ceased routing the others. If after your optimization has completed and still have missing devices, the next thing you can try is to restart all your switches. You can cut power (via the breaker) to those switches briefly, and power them back on. Then follow that up with another hub reset.
  18. G35Rider

    2GIG Go!Control panel

    Unfortunately your 2GIG sensors will not be compatible with IRIS. 2GIG uses their own wireless communication protocol and frequencies (at 345MHz). The IRIS ecosystem utilizes either ZigBee or ZWave as their protocol for sensors. That's not to say that if you already have some automation products like wall switches, or as Vett pointed out, the thermostat, for your 2GIG panel (they're ZWave), it might work on IRIS but don't quote me on that. Fun fact - the IRIS Utilitech-branded glass break sensors for IRIS (GB-00Z-1) look awfully similar to 2GIG's version since Linear is behind both sensors. It's still not compatible to IRIS because it also uses 2GIG's wireless protocol. It appears the specs are a little different as well between 2GIG's and IRIS' version.
  19. G35Rider

    Pairing GE 12727

    I'm assuming you didn't hear the triple beep for pairing success? - When you toggle on/off the switch, does the internal relay click (checks for proper installation)? Try your "Remove from network" procedure again - it could be that the switch needs to be reset: - In the IRIS App, go to the Devices page - At the very bottom is a button called "ZWave Tools" - Select "Remove Z-Wave Devices", then select the button of the same name - Once in that mode, move the installed switch to the "off" position, and it should trigger two beeps from the hub. The app should probably show something like "Unknown switch" or something but that's ok since it was never paired - Get out of the Remove Z-wave mode in your app. Reset your hub by holding the reset button (small button next to the Ethernet cable) for about 2 seconds. Hub should respond with a long beep. After the hub illuminates a solid green light, try your re-pair process again
  20. G35Rider

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Thanks, you too and all on this forum! And I wish my tree looked like that...
  21. G35Rider

    Happy holidays Iris device test list.

    Cool - thanks! I think I spotted the new ST Leak sensor sensor in the list with a YouTube link which should hopefully mean it's way to being certified right? Best Buy had a sale a few weeks back for the ST Leak Sensor and ST Outlet, which I picked up a couple. Unfortunately currently no worky on IRIS. Hopefully soon though - I mean, Lowes even has them in-stock right?
  22. Smitho, I'd try to get that FW updated. Between two homes with their wired versions for alarm panels, and the older Zigbee ones I currently use for Iris ( ISW-ZPR1-WP13 ), Bosch sensors have been super-dependable for me. I can't comment on their pet-immune performance but in general I've not had a single false alarm from them. One of mine is even pointed toward stainless-steel appliances, and an exterior window, a location where my old V1 Iris sensors were having issues with false-trips. As usual, proper installation applies - 7.5' off ground, away from false-trip sources. On another note, until I stumbled onto this thread, I didn't even know Bosch had released these newer models. I'm also having trouble finding these on the Lowes website. Are you guys finding these in your local Lowes stores?
  23. G35Rider

    Notification of lost connection

    Read this post today and tried it. Well - indeed it does log it now! I removed my Ethernet cable from the hub at approx. 7:59pm PDT. At about 8:30pm I get a app. notification and an e-mail that the hub has gone offline. Checked app, and History does show a entry for lost connection. I reconnected the Ethernet cable and once I get the solid green LED, I immediately get another app. notification + e-mail that the hub has reconnected. And History properly reflects this as well. I tried it again at 8:40pm and got a notification at 9:11pm. So it looks like you'll need to have a hub that's been offline for about 30 minutes before Iris will send you notifications about it. To me that's perfectly acceptable and this behavior is the way I'd expect it to work. Fantastic!
  24. G35Rider

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Mine has been working as expected for a while now. My problems occurred when scheduling odd intervals, like "water every 3 days" on V2. May not be a one-size-fits-all solution but sometimes when schedules on this timer gets screwed up, I've found it effective to force the hub to push a new watering schedule to the timer. I usually water using the "Weekly" mode. I switch it to interval mode, wait for the push to occur in the "History", then switch it back to "Weekly", and then see that represented in the History. I didn't have to unpair the device in this case.
  25. G35Rider

    Motion Bypass

    "On" is like the "Away" feature on traditional alarm systems. "Partial" is like the "Stay" feature. "On & Partial" is use a sensor for both modes. In your application - per what thegillion posted above, set your upstairs motion detectors to "On" (not participating when alarm set to Partial). Your downstairs sensors need to be set to "On & Partial". When you sleep at night use "Partial" mode and use "On" when you leave the house.