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  1. fdw201

    My .02

  2. fdw201

    My .02

    After having been an Iris user for 6 years, a beta tester for v2 (yikes), 75+ devices, 2 locations, and all of that jazz... I have completed my transition to SmartThings and can say without a doubt that SmartThings is superior. The flexibility to add devices not officially supported is not only easy but works incredibly well. While some minor technical ability may be necessary, if you can follow step by step directions you can install custom SmartApps and Device Type Handlers. I'm so happy to have gotten my Home Energy Monitor back! Not only that, but SmartApps such as BigTalker and Virtual Thermostat, Geofencing options, and the ability to change light colors and percentages for scenes are all amazing upgrades over the Iris platform. Security is at least on par if not enhanced by some of the things you can customize. I will miss Iris because it met my family's needs so well, but am happy to be on to SmartThings. I'm happy to help with any questions on this new platform!
  3. fdw201

    Automation first, Security not so much.

    Sure! First thing you need is access to the SmartThings developer area (just login to the website with your SmartThings UN/PW, and then developer options are somewhere on the top right, maybe under community?) Second, I followed the instructions step-by-step (I took it one line at a time!) from this page: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-lowes-iris-and-xfinity-centralite-keypad-dth-apps/58630 Third, adding a SmartApp or DTH (Device Type Handler) is really easy. Access the developer page, and at the top are My Smart App and My Device Handlers. Take the code for the SmartApp and DTH and copy it (there is a GitHub link for each at the link above). Head over to either the SmartApp or DTH and add new. Then select the tab From Code. Paste in your code. Say Ok. Then hit Save, then publish icon on the top right, and publish To Me. The only other thing I had to do with my first keypad was AFTER pairing, I had to manually change the DTH of the keypad itself. From that same developer menu, select My Devices, then edit at the bottom. There is a pull-down for device type, and the custom ones you add are at the very bottom of a very long list. The additional keypads automatically chose the right device type. One thing to note is that I *think* you can somehow link the keypads together with another SmartApp so that PIN codes are shared among them (I think they call it the SmartAlarm SmartApp on the link above). I chose not to do this and just configured each the same way (my name and my code, my wife's name and her code) for each individual keypad. The program does give other great options like the ability to "burn" a pin once it's been used - something you could set for a repairman or what have you. I should point out that in no way shape or form am I technically savvy, but this process was actually really easy. When the "alarm" is armed from the App or from the proximity sensors (mine turns on when my wife and I leave) the keypads accurately reflect the state of the alarm... I thought that was a nice bonus. *EDIT* - here is a Youtube Video that shows sort of how it works once installed, although not HOW to install -
  4. fdw201

    Automation first, Security not so much.

    I made the transition over to Smartthings yesterday. For our purposes, it checks most of the boxes for security. I was able to get the keypads up and running in about 5 minutes. Adding the "code" is just a copy/paste situation... although you have to do it for 2 different items (DTH and SmartApp).
  5. fdw201

    No Longer For Sale

    Hey - I'm interested in a couple of items. I will try to send you a PM!
  6. fdw201

    FREE: Iris 2.0 Hub

    Mark me down in case the other folks fall through!
  7. fdw201

    Wanted: V2 System

    Should also say that if you're dumping your whole system, I'm interested - doesn't just have to be those components!
  8. Hey, all - My wife and I have purchased a rental/AirBNB property, and I'm on the hunt for several devices for a V2 system, namely a hub, deadbolt, 3 x door sensor, and outdoor camera. If anybody is switching to another system and has these items for sale, please shoot me a note. Thanks!
  9. fdw201

    Voice Module

    I'm hoping this idea doesn't sound too far fetched - but I'm interested if anybody knows how to have a change in presence (entering Home mode) turn on a device (smart plug) that says, "Welcome Home, fdw201" I obviously know how to make the Iris end of it work, but what about the device that would do the talking? If it could tell me the temperature/humidity inside the house and any other interesting information after welcoming me home, that would be really cool. Thanks!
  10. fdw201

    Thermostat Issues

    This can be adjusted manually on the thermostat itself - at least on the RadioThermostat; no idea about the Honeywell.
  11. fdw201

    Thermostat Issues

    My take on this is that sometimes the Auto schedule will not pull from the actual Auto schedule that you set, but instead from the Cool (or heat, if it's during cold months) schedule that you may not have set to the same temperatures as you would want in Auto. Seems to be an intermittent problem with the thermostat. When I had that issue, I copied the same schedule I wanted in Auto into my cool schedule, and it seems to have taken care of the problem.
  12. fdw201

    I feel lucky to have Iris

    Just want to add in how happy I am with the system - the wide array of devices available and the ease of use are one thing, but the ability to have a little more peace of mind with the cameras and alerts is worth even more. Throw in the fact that I'm able to shave a couple bucks off my electric bill each month with the presence mode and ability to turn devices on and off is an even bigger bonus! The wife even likes being able to control devices (specifically our outside stuff) without having to wade through the weeds and spider webs to plug stuff in!
  13. fdw201

    Alternate Android App

    Yes. Happens repetitively. I get the Iris+ has crashed error message 4 or 5 times during a 2 hour airplane ride with no internet connectivity.
  14. fdw201

    New on the add devices page

    Seconded. I have one on my gate. I put a very small bead of silicon caulk around the top and sides (not the bottom) of the half with the battery/electronics. Still working like a charm all summer! I have it send me a text when it's opened - that way I know if my dogs have pushed it open and gone on a joyride around the neighborhood, or if anything more nefarious is going on back there.
  15. fdw201

    Ebay: Aeotec DSB28-ZWUS

    No problem - mine is getting installed today. Electrician was already coming for another problem we were having, so I figure I'll let him mess around in the panel