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  1. fdw201

    No Longer For Sale

    Hey - I'm interested in a couple of items. I will try to send you a PM!
  2. fdw201

    FREE: Iris 2.0 Hub

    Mark me down in case the other folks fall through!
  3. fdw201

    Wanted: V2 System

    Should also say that if you're dumping your whole system, I'm interested - doesn't just have to be those components!
  4. Hey, all - My wife and I have purchased a rental/AirBNB property, and I'm on the hunt for several devices for a V2 system, namely a hub, deadbolt, 3 x door sensor, and outdoor camera. If anybody is switching to another system and has these items for sale, please shoot me a note. Thanks!
  5. fdw201

    Voice Module

    I'm hoping this idea doesn't sound too far fetched - but I'm interested if anybody knows how to have a change in presence (entering Home mode) turn on a device (smart plug) that says, "Welcome Home, fdw201" I obviously know how to make the Iris end of it work, but what about the device that would do the talking? If it could tell me the temperature/humidity inside the house and any other interesting information after welcoming me home, that would be really cool. Thanks!
  6. fdw201

    Thermostat Issues

    This can be adjusted manually on the thermostat itself - at least on the RadioThermostat; no idea about the Honeywell.
  7. fdw201

    Thermostat Issues

    My take on this is that sometimes the Auto schedule will not pull from the actual Auto schedule that you set, but instead from the Cool (or heat, if it's during cold months) schedule that you may not have set to the same temperatures as you would want in Auto. Seems to be an intermittent problem with the thermostat. When I had that issue, I copied the same schedule I wanted in Auto into my cool schedule, and it seems to have taken care of the problem.
  8. fdw201

    I feel lucky to have Iris

    Just want to add in how happy I am with the system - the wide array of devices available and the ease of use are one thing, but the ability to have a little more peace of mind with the cameras and alerts is worth even more. Throw in the fact that I'm able to shave a couple bucks off my electric bill each month with the presence mode and ability to turn devices on and off is an even bigger bonus! The wife even likes being able to control devices (specifically our outside stuff) without having to wade through the weeds and spider webs to plug stuff in!
  9. fdw201

    Alternate Android App

    Yes. Happens repetitively. I get the Iris+ has crashed error message 4 or 5 times during a 2 hour airplane ride with no internet connectivity.
  10. fdw201

    New on the add devices page

    Seconded. I have one on my gate. I put a very small bead of silicon caulk around the top and sides (not the bottom) of the half with the battery/electronics. Still working like a charm all summer! I have it send me a text when it's opened - that way I know if my dogs have pushed it open and gone on a joyride around the neighborhood, or if anything more nefarious is going on back there.
  11. fdw201

    Ebay: Aeotec DSB28-ZWUS

    No problem - mine is getting installed today. Electrician was already coming for another problem we were having, so I figure I'll let him mess around in the panel
  12. fdw201

    Iris Thermostat Changing Temps

    You might want to see if your thermostat is switching schedules (for instance, is it pulling in the heat schedule instead of the automatic) - mine had some problems with that at some point pretty randomly, and I had to go in and set all of the options to the temperature I wanted. It seems to have only been for a few days and has been trouble-free since.
  13. fdw201

    Aeotec DSB28-ZWUS

    Should I pair this device with my hub before installing in the breaker box? It will be installed about 30 feet from my hub - but I don't want to get it all hooked up in the breaker box and then have trouble pairing. Thank you!
  14. I've been dragging my feet on this for a while, but at this price, I went ahead and bit the bullet. There appear to be a few more for sale. Saves you about $10-12 compared with ordering from Amazon. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161786376672
  15. fdw201

    iBlinds Kickstarter

    I pledged support - if I receive a device I'll be sure to pass along my thoughts. This would be a great help in our house!