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  1. Smittysmit

    Alexa for SystronicsRF

    Any clue when Alexa will be active? It's a major factor in my house.
  2. Smittysmit

    SystronicRF system is now available to general public

    I just received my Systronics hub. I ordered it preconfigured so it would PNP. I am unable to get it to connect. Tried different Ethernet cables without success. Followed all steps and no luck. Tried connecting on tablet and phone. Any thoughts? Invent Pulled the card and see it it has data. Their website says there is a community forum but can't find it.
  3. Smittysmit

    IRIS in hospice. Family Gathered Around

    RIP. I heard they had a new CEO that came from Home Depot. He wanted to steer operations into their Core Business. Lowes had an excellent opportunity to develop a product but they chose not to even educate the Personnel, advertise or promote their product heavily. I'm switched over to Hubitat and they finally were able to utilize the version one products. Hats off to all the folks at Hubitat for all of their hard work. My transition has not been easy. I do believe I have most of my items transferred over but I have to learn the new system. It was mentioned somewhere on the Forum that we were spoon-fed from Lowe's Iris. Now we have to make a drastic change and we're doing the best we can. Lowe's did make it pretty easy for us to set rules lights switches, but now we have to learn the whole new system. It seems that has a awful lot of potential but there's a learning curve.
  4. Many of us have been inquiring about Hubitat and Vera. They both are trying to attract us Iris users. I am a bit tossed between each. Vera has low ratings on the Android app (so did Iris) while Hubitat doesn't have an app...yet. We understand that there is no cookie cutter with our devices and many of us have a full variety of v1 & v2 and other devices (locks, smoke detectors, water sensors...). I need 2 systems and "might" get both to test from my rebate. I know that both vendors are active on this forum and want a DETAILED response as to why "we" should go with your service. Don't "over promise" and "under deliver" but just honest info. Feel free to provide an honest timetable of any future features. Let the games begin...
  5. Smittysmit

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I'm deciding between Vera and Hubitat unless The Gillion does a magic trick soon. Wanting to see what "packages" Vera has at 30% off. I called Vera today and they have 24/7 support. Couldn't see a phone number on the Hubitat site.
  6. Smittysmit

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    While it is not mentioned much here, what are the thoughts on 2GIG even if I need to build from the ground up? I'll get about $1100 to work with. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks that we narrow down the best road to go down.
  7. Smittysmit

    Iris 2.7 email

    This is all it said. Iris Customer, In preparation for our upcoming 2.7 release, we will be performing general platform maintenance. Please use your Iris system as you normally would during this time. Thank you for being an Iris customer. Sincerely, The Iris Team
  8. Smittysmit

    Iris 2.7 email

    Same here. Any clue when it will be released?
  9. Smittysmit

    Iris 2.5?

    I just received an email that there was an update today at 12:00 eastern to resolve the keypad buzzing. Will find out when i get home.
  10. Smittysmit

    Maintenance notice from Iris

    I have been having issues lately with ZigBee lights dropping off till I power cycle them. Hopefully this upgrade will resolve the issues.
  11. Smittysmit

    Kwikset Deadbolt 910 Zigbee

    I have 1 of the Kwikset deadbolts and had a few issues pairing then it stopped taking commands. If I manually turned the lock, the app would report it correct but the app would not lock it. Exchanged it for a new lock and all is going well (Smitty knocks on wood).
  12. Smittysmit

    Continuous beeping on keypad for water leak

    I just noticed when I tripped it that both keypads were flashing that would catch my attention when I leave. Neither keypads or the hub beeped when tripped. Still would be nice to have an occasional chirp as an audible alert. Thanks Otto.
  13. I have been off the forum for a while so hope I'm not duplicating an issue. Just got a leak detector and have the sirens off and push message turned on. Maybe this needs to be moved to Future Requests but is there a way to have the hub or keypad beep continually till the issue is resolved?
  14. Mine seem to be sorted alphabetically with "thermostat" at the top. Try renaming them "Z-freezer" and it may push them to the bottom. Just a thought...
  15. Smittysmit

    Anyone having problems playing Video clips

    I've had an issue with 2 copies of the same video in the list. One is 2 seconds long and is unplayable and the other plays. I have had the good one occasionally play and stutter and other times say CANT PLAY THIS VIDEO.