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  1. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Up up up, open to offers :-)
  2. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Up, price reduction!
  3. Having SmartThings since several months

    I have the Schlage lock since 2 years, and it has been working great so far with both Iris and SmartThings, but I also know it can fail at some point, so I need to think about a plan B. If it fails on me it's OK, if it fails on my wife or kid when I'm away.... well... You are probably right about the Locksmith, it's a regular lock with a servo after all, shouldn't be more difficult to force it.
  4. Having SmartThings since several months

    That'd be very true, if I were carrying the key with me... that's the whole point of a Smart Lock, I don't want keys! Anyways that was just an example... seriously, if I had to break into a home to steal something, I'd rather break a window than hacking a lock lol
  5. Having SmartThings since several months

    Funny... I recently had this discussion with a friend about having a lock controlled by a Smart Home platform. There are flaws everywhere and we should be aware of this when dealing with software, no system is fully secure. But honestly, imagine you forgot your PIN, what do you do? (Forget the App etc... Lol) Hack your own system like described in the link, or break-in via the window? I'm an IT person, but I would definitely try any other solution than trying to hack my own system to get in. But that's great for people awareness not to use blindly any app or click any links.
  6. I got SmartThings since several months now after I decided to leave Iris. I was a pleased owner of the Iris V1, worked as expected but got REALLY pissed off once I switched to v2. Ok, about SmartThings now... The Good: On the paper it's a great product, I LOVE the openness of the product, the community is awesome, there are really a lot of Device Handler to control many Connected Things, and loads of App to create scenarios. No Monthly fees Amazon Echo is a prime example... it's a great integration. I also have my EcoBee working I even developed my own app to control my servo motors I installed in all my windows blinds, that I can control via Alexa. I have my Lightyfy bulbs working The Aeon Minimote is working flawlessly GE switch and Dimmer works I bought some Iris Door and Motion Sensors and used specific Device Handlers to have them working I have a HTML Dashboard, one member developed something which can run on a tablet There is a great App called Rule Machine, I mean this app is a IFFT by itself, so powerful. The Bad: The alarm (SmartHome Monitor), their in-house app, I don't trust this thing, it's so unreliable I deactivated the Siren because I don't trust it.; It scared our daughter off when she came back to school, and I had to stop the alarm remotely. A recent update said it should be good now, but I haven't tested it. The Routines, the In House scenario... it's a hit or miss, it often misses a step like changing the temperature, or changing the Alarm mode... I will switch to Rule Machine eventually; Support says I should try to break the routines down to different routines and have less steps to find the culprit... canned answer, I'm not the inly one having the issue. Live video streaming is only supported via a couple of camera models, I have a Foscam, supported by a third party Device Handler, I can only take pictures, but I don't really mind, if I want to see the Live Video, I switch to the Foscam App, and my Synology server records anyway way better than any other Smart Home platform. No monthly fees (Did I already mentioned that?), I'd be willing to pay $9.99/month to get a better and faster support. I don't know how they can make money by just selling a $99 hub and some accessories. So there are lots of good thing, and some other very frustrating, but all in all, while this is not a perfect platform, there is a great community and there are ways around the issues. I won't go back to Iris, but as I already said in another Post, SmartThings is not for everybody either, you need to be a bit "hands on" to use it to its full potential. Iris V1 did a great job delivering a product which was user friendly and working... I wish them luck with v2, but it seems it's not there yet. If you have any questions on SmartThings, I'll do my best to answer to the best of my knowledge.
  7. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Update the CT-101 is available Great Thermostat
  8. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Yes CT101 thanks. List updated
  9. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Updated, one Thermostat CT110 available, probably next week (I'm waiting for the new one)
  10. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Updated, Camera is now sell as "new" as exchanged by Lowe's.
  11. The Grass may not be Greener

    I read that offline processing seems to work only with approved devices, with the Smart Lighting app only, seems like Alarm might works too but I do not guarantee it, I'll do some tests when I get time. (but again the stock alarm sucks big time) So it's very limited for now but they promised more offline processing in the future...
  12. The Grass may not be Greener

    I switched to SmartThings 2 weeks ago, and yes it's not a perfect world without bugs either over there. I have many issues with their Routines not triggering correctly on time or even at all. The stock Alarm sucks, I mean really sucks, and some other talented programmer came with better solutions, working way better. That being said, I much prefer the SmartThing philosophy, it's more open, and there is a great community improving the system. It's REALLY flexible, example Sunset / Sunrise rules based on Modes or Days... I can control my fan in my HVAC to work on a schedule... I can have different Tamper mode on the Schlage lock preprogrammed based on Modes or time... I have also a mode where my lights doesn't go on when there is motion in the room when I'm in Movie mode, and that's a big thing. I have my Fire TV listening to me now, and I'll have the Amazon Echo listening to my requests, to turn on or off this or that, activate modes, and even control my harmony hub to turn on different AV stuff in the house. But I really thinks SmartThings is not for everybody, if you don't wanna dig into specific unofficial drivers or apps for the (many) devices available or tweak during hours... it's not for you because, out of the box, it's meh. Iris (v1) did a really great job having a system working without too much hassle... v2 is still a disappointment but I'm sure they'll get there.... eventually.
  13. CCTV vs. iris cameras

    With a large amount of Cameras like yours (12) I'd stick with a bespoke system like Lorex, Synology NVR or equivalent. Your solution to link both system combine the best of both worlds. Delay, local storage (no cloud fees), reliability, functions (like playing all the camera synchronized at the same time, live and stored)... Forget PTZ with Iris... and Iris has a very limited of camera choice. I have a Synology, I don't see in a short term having all the bells and whistle I have on my server coming on Iris or any other SmartHome platform. I only have one Camera and plan to have 2 shortly, but what I did is having my Camera on both system, Iris and Synology recording everything. My 2 cents Franck
  14. For Sale: Keypad v1

    Update with price