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  1. wakeupneo

    Got our visa card yesterday 2/28/19

    Hey Gang, Wanted to let everyone know we got our card yesterday. Almost 3 weeks after we submitted our claim (Feb 9th is when we filed online). We never received an email or any notification but we got a missed delivery notice from the USPS Wed and picked it up yesterday. I still have some devices I would like to get money for as they were not paired at the time of filing. But happy we got the card. We had a lot of money invested in Iris at two property locations...sad that it's ending like this. I would have kept it for years.
  2. wakeupneo

    Dusk dawn settings for all lighting sources

    Just migrated yesterday. So disappointed in the "new" rules. The dusk to dawn was such a great feature (among others). I can't recreate any of my rules. Ugh.
  3. wakeupneo

    Alarm Mode Changing By Itself

    Thanks everyone, especially adel194 and hxn! You were right. It turns out that my FOB will sometimes drop for a short time and then rejoin the hub. I have a magic rule to set the alarm when the FOB leaves the house (in case I forget to arm) and that's is exactly what's happening. It's leaving the system and the hub is arming right away. I now put the house into night mode and all is good because it doesn't matter if the FOB drops or not, the alarm stays on.
  4. wakeupneo

    Alarm Mode Changing By Itself

    My hub will randomly switch out of night mode to home and then back. This happens every few weeks and usually gives me a heart attack because my hub is in my bedroom and she decides to start talking at 4 in the morning. Recently, the mode has been switching more and this weekend I was out of town and the alarm switched modes and turned itself off! This is a real problem because I don't want the alarm just randomly deciding it's not going to work. Any thoughts?
  5. Deleting the magic rules seemed to do the trick. Problem is, I have had to do this twice in the past month. I guess it's not a major issue in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  6. I live in an older home and don't have ductwork so I don't have central air. I came up with a way to use the magic rules with a smart plug to turn on an AC unit when the house temp reaches 74 degrees on my smart thermostat. Before yesterday, the magic rules were working fine...it turnes on at 74.5 and turns off at 68.5. I optimized the network yesterday afternoon and after that it seems like the magic rules are not working. Has this happened to anyone else?