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  1. so, after calling the store and telling the manager how to find this document, they took the return and gave me store credit.
  2. I can't find the original post with the info and image that had been sent to the stores, if anyone know where to find it that would be a huge help
  3. So I called be into customer care and let them know, now I am waiting on a call from the market manager.
  4. So the store manager called me this morning, said that he's not aware of the company directive that allowed it to be open-ended and return without a receipt, he said that he thought that there was a time limit and that you had to have the receipt. Anyone have any input on this? I have sent a pm to Irisbylowes.
  5. great info, thanks for those items numbers. hopefully I hear from the store tomorrow. Store Credit is perfectly fine with me, I just going to grab v2 sensors and GDO with it.
  6. Are they refunding the original purchase amount without a receipt? Tried to return stuff tonight, no one knew how to find the part numbers, so, called customer service and opened a ticket with them, waiting on the store to call me.
  7. ecam315

    What clever things do you do with Iris?

    I have a float valve hacked into a V1 sensor to monitor the water level in my salt water aquarium to tell me if the pump has shut off for some reason.
  8. ecam315

    Cree Bulb Working Well

    Can you post a screenshot of the device page?
  9. ecam315

    Cree Bulb Working Well

    playing phone tag with the Tier2 tech named Jason, hoping I can work with him today to find a fix for this.
  10. ecam315

    Cree Bulb Working Well

    Do your bulbs show up as Cree, OSRAM , or unsupported?
  11. ecam315

    Cannot change the main user pin in ios

    It did work correctly on my android device .
  12. ecam315

    Cree Bulb Working Well

    Tier 2 never called, unfortunately not surprised, it seems to be the trend with this new version @irisbylowes
  13. When I try to change the pin, it just keeps asking for to re-enter it repeatedly, and never saves/changes it.
  14. ecam315

    No iOS Push Notifications

    Same here, no notifications on my iOS devices, android phone had them.