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  1. mswol

    Iris is Officially Done

    Wondering the same. On the phone with them but wait time is crazy as expected.
  2. mswol

    Iris is Officially Done

    I have about 30 of the outlets that i purchased still in the box. I wonder if i start hooking them will they qualify for the program? Its to late for me to return but i always kept them handy. I bought them at lowes for 1 buck each.
  3. mswol

    Play Sound on Motion

    Hi - I have and outdoor camera that hits my driveway an was wondering if i could make the keypad beep on motion?
  4. mswol

    Indoor Camera Rule Not working

    Mine didn't detect nor did it record via the app.. only can see it live.
  5. My indoor camera has been running for months with no issues! Now i can view the camera but the rule setup to record on motion will not work! Im leaving for vacation and hoping to get this fixed asap but not sure what to do! Any ideas?I have already tried to delete an re-create the rule.
  6. Products in Cart Select a Delivery Method Quantity Unit Price Total Iris Z-Wave Garage Door ControllerItem #:589237 | Model #:GD-00Z-1 Store PickupYour item is available for pickup today. Lowe's Truck DeliveryYou'll be contacted within 24 hours to arrange your delivery. Parcel ShippingUnavailable for This Order Sent by carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. Quantity for IrisRemove $39.60 Was $79.20 (Save 50% ) $39.60
  7. All - Take a look at if you need one of these. I was able to score one for 31.95. Just giving the forum a heads up!
  8. mswol

    Logging into App

    This is getting crazy.... I thought it was my phone.. since i can't test via the web anymore..
  9. mswol

    Sold: V1 Iris System

    Just wanted to say.. I purchased the Iris outdoor cam from xadawgx and the transaction was super smooth and the camera is great. Buy with no worries from this guy!
  10. mswol

    Iris V2 Camera & Motion

    are you using wifi or cable? I can get it to work on a cable but nothing on wifi
  11. mswol

    Thinking about getting a camera

    How much?
  12. mswol

    Iris V2 Camera & Motion

    Lol.. did you use rule scheduling?
  13. mswol

    Iris V2 Camera & Motion

    I was so annoyed. I went out and bought a new camera last night.. still have old one.