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  2. Greg Jones

    Suggestions for a WiFi garage door controller?

    I have 2 of the Iris garage door openers that are a long way from my hub. They are actually in my guest house next door. I have a smart plugs installed between the hub and the GDO and that seems to allow it to stay connected. I did have a lot of issued getting it initially paired, but has worked flawlessly since that time.
  3. Greg Jones

    How many thermostats can the system (V2) support?

    I have 7. The stability seems to be much better with the latest version of the hub. On V1, I had some constant disconnects but they have been very stable lately on V2.
  4. Greg Jones

    Garage door controller

    I have had this problem also. Its important to get the hub really close to the GDO for it to pair properly.
  5. Greg Jones

    Alexa-Iris Commands

    I had the same issue yesterday. I disabled the Iris integration for Alexa in the Alexa app and then did an enable and discovery. Once I did that all the devices were showing the correct status and I could have Alexa control them.
  6. Greg Jones

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    My schedules just magically reappeared in the last hour. Also, was able to disable Alexa and then re-enable and now that seems to work. Almost back to where we were before the UPGRADE
  7. Greg Jones

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Just spoke to support about not seeing my schedules and not able to add any schedules. They don't seem to have a handle on this. Just told me to wait 24 hours and hopefully they would come back. Otherwise they said I would have to delete my devices, add them back, and recreate all my schedules. If I have to do that I'm moving to Smartthings. Support did give me 2 months credit on my account. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Greg Jones

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    My amazon Alexa integration is not working. Alexa says it's not responding Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Greg Jones

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    The app still shows no schedules but all the ones I had before seem to be executing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Greg Jones

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Still not seeing my schedules in the app Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Greg Jones

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Still seeing issues this morning. Missing devices on dashboard, schedules not showing on the app (but seem to be executing). Any updates from Lowe’s on a fix? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I'd get a second opinion. I have one of the newer trane systems and I use the Radio Thermostat that is Iris compatible. I do have a damper control system so that might be the difference. I currently have 5 of these thermostats and with the latest updates they seem to be working well.
  13. Greg Jones

    Anyone have RMA information

    I have had no issue returning any of my Iris equipment to my local store. I have returned items that they don't have in their system like the V1 repeater. You need to get someone that knows the system and can put the part number back in the system and then they can return it. The part numbers still exist on the lowes website that the internal store people can see. They can use that to determine the price of the return.
  14. Greg Jones

    Disconnected device processing commands?

    Having the same issue with some of my outdoor modules. Unplugging seems to fix it but usually its only temporary. Support told me to unpair/repair but that doesn't seem to make much difference.
  15. Greg Jones

    Orbit Hose Faucet battery

    I haven't had any issues. The current batteries in my unit have been working for >5 months.