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  1. Well ring is out

    That chart also shows that Ring does not work with the existing doorbell (chime) and special installation is required which is not correct. They work fine with the existing chime and no special installation is required.
  2. Well ring is out

    Wow, my experience with ring has been great. I have the version 1 and 2 doorbells and they have been pretty flawless.
  3. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    When I run the plug in it kills some other browser operations. Hangouts plugin will not send messages and I am unable to even post to this forum. Any ideas?
  4. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    That works. Thank you very much.
  5. Yes the fingerprint function was not properly implemented by the Iris team. It should be used to log into the account not open the app. It is best to just disable it and move on. The way they have it set up to only let you into the app is a pain in the ass and makes it pretty useless to me.
  6. Firmware Updates

    Using thegillion's web portal, I just noticed that I have about three different firmware versions on my Cameras also. Version V1.0.07 on a gen 2 cam and versions V1.0.06 and V1.0.08 on my gen 1 cameras.
  7. Santa Tracker

    Come on over to Android and worry not!
  8. Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    It is true Santa Tracker just gets reactivated every year but it is still irritating every time it comes up. It is a yearly reminder of the developer time that was wasted when Iris was buggy as a crack house and almost unusable. I view it as bloat. It doesn't belong in the Iris app. If you have kids and want this type of app they are available in the google play store including one by Lowes. I am sure this is the same for Apple users but don't know for sure and don't really care.
  9. New Kwikset Lock

    +1 on this. Zigbee is the way to go. Zwave locks just don't work consistently particularly if you have several of them. Currently more than two Zwave locks in a scene do not function properly. Even two can be problematic.
  10. It's That Time of the Year

    That's right. Time to hide Santa Tracker in the Iris app. 😀
  11. Local Processing Is Here

    Thank you for your efforts John.
  12. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    This awesome John. The camera tile is cool and the fact that touching it takes you to a full screen shot is great. Now fix it so that we can arrange the tiles and it will be better than awesome. This screen shot is from my Galaxy Tab A8, btw.
  13. Iris 2.7 email

    It's not that you can't have uncertified devices. You just need to make sure that they are not participating in the alarm. Obviously arrival sensors are not relevant because they can't participate as alarm devices. Just uncheck any uncertified devices to prevent them from participating in the alarm and the update will eventually get pushed to you. No need to remove anything.
  14. Local Processing Is Here

    Partly here anyway.
  15. Updated Camera Card in 2.5

    I don't think there is a wider field of view in the thumbnail. (The snapshot on the camera card) Mine is seriously cropped and has been since version 1.11. This is a major irritation for me. Edit: If you are talking about the thumbnail on the video clip page I think they have always displayed the correct field of view. Edit 2: No the camera preview thumbnail on the video clip page is also badly cropped.