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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    Thank you for your efforts John.
  2. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    This awesome John. The camera tile is cool and the fact that touching it takes you to a full screen shot is great. Now fix it so that we can arrange the tiles and it will be better than awesome. This screen shot is from my Galaxy Tab A8, btw.
  3. Iris 2.7 email

    It's not that you can't have uncertified devices. You just need to make sure that they are not participating in the alarm. Obviously arrival sensors are not relevant because they can't participate as alarm devices. Just uncheck any uncertified devices to prevent them from participating in the alarm and the update will eventually get pushed to you. No need to remove anything.
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    Partly here anyway.
  5. Updated Camera Card in 2.5

    I don't think there is a wider field of view in the thumbnail. (The snapshot on the camera card) Mine is seriously cropped and has been since version 1.11. This is a major irritation for me. Edit: If you are talking about the thumbnail on the video clip page I think they have always displayed the correct field of view. Edit 2: No the camera preview thumbnail on the video clip page is also badly cropped.
  6. Iris 2.5?

    Are you on Android or iOS?
  7. Iris 2.5?

    Can you tell me if you have full field of view on the camera card snapshot in the updated app?
  8. Echo for 75.00 delivered from QVC - Act fast!

    Got it on the way. Thanks.
  9. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    And it works. Thanks.
  10. Alexa now supports multi room audio

    This is one feature that I have been waiting for. I just got it set up and tested it and it works great. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Which is preferable in my mind. The Nest interface is very refined. I primarily want nest integration to provide temperature and humidity triggers for Iris rules and scenes. Schedules and settings through the Nest interface is good with me.
  12. Tapatalk

    Working for me. In fact this is being posted with Tapatalk. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Iris headed into fingerprint recognition?

    Your sarcasm meter must be broken.
  14. Iris headed into fingerprint recognition?

    Why yes I was, that must be it. Give me a minute to remove them and try again.......I'll report right back. Edit: No that wasn't it. I guess that you just can't name a rule with a question and expect it to work.
  15. Iris headed into fingerprint recognition?

    I set up that rule and have been pushing a smart button like a monkey pressing a cocaine button and Iris will not tell me who is pushing it. WTF is up with this rule?