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  1. Otto Mation

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    Leave them paired and turn off the hub.
  2. Otto Mation

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    Yes, you can pair them to Iris and use the local login information provided by Iris and use them that way after Iris shuts down. Just turn off the hub. If you ever reset them you just use the api and instructions found on this forum to set them up.
  3. Otto Mation

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    You could have left them paired to Iris and they would have retained the login, password and other settings. Since you have unpaired them you will need to set them up with your preferences using the API and the guide that was linked to earlier in this thread. The cameras are very usable without Iris.
  4. Otto Mation

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    It's probably easier to do it through your router but you have to use the API to set it in the cameras. A complete guide to using the API can be found here:
  5. Otto Mation

    Iris CAMs working on ST

    You need to set the cameras up on static IP addresses in your router. You can also assign a static IP in the camera itself.
  6. Otto Mation

    SmartThings experience so far

    Good write up @Smitho. My switch over was similar. For Nest integration you might consider "My Next Manager". It was a $20 app but did not require setting up a developer account and all of the hassle of the other app. It just works and was well worth the $20 for the ease of setting up and using.
  7. Otto Mation

    So, You want Alexa to Announce Alarm Modes?

    Well you can use either, I just set mine up that way. Seemed to me that a closed sensor for off or no alarm was logical to me thinking about it from a contact sensor standpoint. Plus that is how the Device handler works. When the switch is off the virtual contact is closed. Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  8. Alexa devices will announce the status change of a contact sensor. The way to get that translated to alarm modes is as follows. Set up a virtual or simulated switch on your system. Go to the following page and copy and set up the device handler on your system: Change the device handler on your virtual switch to use the newly set up device handler. Alexa will now see your switch as a contact sensor. Have your routines that set the alarm mode turn the switch off for one mode and on for the other. You can then set up your voice command just like you did for your door contact sensors in this thread: Echo Enunciates Here is how I set mine up. The Good morning routine turns the virtual switch off which makes the virtual contact sensor close. I have my Alexa devices announce "Alarm set to off" upon that event. Then I have the Night routine turn the virtual switch on which makes the virtual switch open. Upon open this happening, Alexa announces" Alarm set to Armed".
  9. Otto Mation

    Echo Enunciates

    If they are the ZigbeeHA version they should (might) work. The older gen 1 Zigbee versions will not stay connected. The SmartThings multi senors are much better.
  10. Otto Mation

    Echo Enunciates

    Put a multi sensor on the Garage door and set it as a tilt sensor. Use that as your trigger.
  11. Otto Mation

    Echo Enunciates

    Do not go to "Alexa Says". Add action> Messaging> Send Announcement> Enter your announcement> All Devices
  12. Otto Mation

    Echo Enunciates

    You can and I do. Make sure that you have your Echo's grouped and do it through messaging > send announcement.
  13. Otto Mation

    Echo Enunciates

    For those of you that do not know, you can have your Echo devices announce door openings and alarm status changes using routines in the Alexa app. Now when my alarm arms, I receive a notification on all of the Alexa devices that the "Alarm has been armed" or when a door opens "The Patio Door has been opened". This works great.
  14. Otto Mation

    Multi Sensor as garage door tilt sensor

    I am using two as tilt sensors and they work great and the magnets are not necessary. It doesn't matter which app you use for any of the devices and run both apps at the same time, so I don't understand the original question. The new app however, is seriously lacking in features so I rarely open it.
  15. Otto Mation

    lost iris hub

    Of Course. Just google the device for reset instructions. There is a YouTube video on how to do it for each device.