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  1. Otto Mation

    CR123A Batteries

    I second this suggestion. Stock up on all the batteries you will need for a while, all will be priced about as cheap as anywhere online, and when your order hits $50 you will get free shipping too.
  2. Otto Mation

    Looks like Wink might be history

    Based on the number of posts in this sub-forum, it looks like Wink did not pick up many ex-Iris users. This is a good thing. It looks like Wink is going away again and this time probably for good.
  3. Otto Mation

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    It does work with the Classic App. I don't know if it works with the new app. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Otto Mation

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    You are using the Classic app?
  5. Otto Mation

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

  6. Otto Mation

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    I don't miss Iris as much as I miss the interaction that I had with you guys on this forum. Kind of like an extended dysfunctional family. I also went with Smartthings and found that it does most everything that I used to beg the Iris developers to give us. Having lost John's portal was difficult but I found a pretty reasonable substitute. Simple Device Viewer. It gives me all of the info that I need about my system on a PC and on my phone and you can turn switches on and off. If you miss the portal, check this out, it is very customizable.
  7. Otto Mation

    Marvin Ellison

    Yep more of the same. Rather than fixing problems, just shut things down as though that would be good for the stock holders. I rarely shop there any more because the search feature on their website is a joke. It is worse than pathetic. It can never find anything that I am looking for when I know that they have it. If I can't verify that the store has it, I go to Home Depot because their website search engine works and I know if it is in stock and on what isle I can find it.
  8. Otto Mation

    Non-resettable V2 keypad giveaway

    I don't recall if I ever followed up with you on this but Scunny tells me he was unable to revive the keypad.
  9. I think that Google has back tracked on that a bit. The latest release from them indicates that if you use "Works with Nest" you can stay on the Nest platform until they have "Works with Google" working. I am holding out for now. I have 2 Nest thermostats and 6 temperature sensors.
  10. Otto Mation

    GE/Jasco Have Some New Wall Switches Coming Out

    The size was always my problem with the GE switches. Glad to see them reduced in size but it is a day late and a dollar short. I have already replaced every single switch in my house with the original Zwave switches. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go with the Zigbee ones. Anyone know if they will shrink too?
  11. Otto Mation

    Non-resettable V2 keypad giveaway

    You just got the winners address.
  12. Otto Mation

    Non-resettable V2 keypad giveaway

    Actually, I'd rather see it go to Scunny. He will make good use of it.
  13. Otto Mation

    Non-resettable V2 keypad giveaway

    I will take it. Shoot me your email address and I will paypal a few bucks to cover shipping.
  14. Otto Mation

    Nest Gen 3 stainless SOLD

    I wish that I could switch to the Ecobee. I am just in too deep with the Nest thermostats. I have 2 Nest thermostats and 5 temperatures sensors. I think that for now, I will just not migrate to the Google platform and see what happens. I read somewhere that the only downside is that you do not get the benefit of the Google platform which to me is no benefit unless you consider being porked in the hind end as a benefit.
  15. Otto Mation

    Gen 1 device limit?

    Good luck with that.