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  1. Otto Mation

    Iris GL08_2 Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plugs

    Kind of like the Iris cameras do if you do not reset them. Fortunately the Iris cameras have an API that allow you to reset them and use them independent of the Iris servers as I have tried to explain in another thread over and over to someone who doesn't understand. The un-reset cameras are usable un-reset but do continue to search for the Iris servers which just causes unnecessary traffic. Resetting them eliminates this problem. Unfortunately this is not the case for the other Iris WiFi devices. I am not talking about you Sparc, I know that you understand what is going on.
  2. Otto Mation

    Iris GL08_2 Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plugs

    Yes, Unfortunately I believe they search for the nonexistent Iris servers no mater what you do.
  3. Otto Mation

    Careful with old Iris Cameras

    I think that you misread what we wrote. Neither one of us are having alerts from the cameras. Did you reset yours after removing them from Iris? If not, that is likely your problem.
  4. Otto Mation

    Careful with old Iris Cameras

    Did you reset the camera's and start over using the instructions on this forum? If not your cameras are still looking for the Iris servers and would be what you are seeing. Further to this, I have 13 of these cameras and a very serious fire wall running. I am blocking thousands of incoming intrusion attempts daily. There is no unusual activity coming from any of my Iris camera.
  5. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    I am pretty sure the SmartThings sensors use CR 2's Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  6. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    I have mostly SmartThings and PEQ which are the same. I like the ones that Scunny referenced and have a few. They catch drips on top and leaks on bottom.
  7. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Yes they do. I am pretty sure @scunny has his connected to SmartThings.
  8. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Not to worry Sparc, It'll pair right up. It's just a Z-Wave switch and will be seen as such. Additionally, it measures energy usage and you will be able to see that. Just to be clear with the sprinkler system to drain the tank, there is no need to use a currently unused zone. In fact you want to use a zone that is connected. Pick one that has bubblers or a zone that doesn't require a lot of pressure to open up to drain the tank. It will show up as a switch in SmartThings and you just turn it on for 10 or 15 minutes and then turn it off. The water will run into the yard or garden and not the house. My current rule is in Hubitat which uses a rule maker and looks different but you can accomplish the same thing in SmartThings. I will post a screen shot of it below so that you can use it to help you construct your rule or rules in SmartThings. The Leak Alexa switch just turns on an Alexa contact switch that has all of my Alexa devices announce that a leak has occurred. And this is the rule that tells me which device started the chain reaction of events above.
  9. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Be careful where you install a shutoff valve when you are dealing with a well. If you have it between the pressure switch and the well you will have a big problem if it ever shuts off and the pressure switch is calling for water. With the GE 40A switch you don't need a shutoff valve. Just make sure you install the switch between the breaker and the pressure switch. Also Intermatic makes one that is similar and cheaper but I don't think that it is Z-Wave Plus.
  10. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    It pairs as an energy reporting Z-Wave Switch and is Z-Wave plus. I love mine. It comes in its own electrical box. You just let SHMBO know that now is time to ramp up the automation not to cut back. If this stuff was in place you could have just looked at your phone, rolled over and gone back to sleep and dealt with fixing the leak in the morning and with none of the damage that you did encounter. 😎😎
  11. Otto Mation

    ST and Sense Saved My Butt

    Wow Sparc it sounds like it could have been worse for sure. Let me tell you what I have done with my system. I had this working on SmartThings and now on Hubitat. I have 17 leak sensors in the house. Every sink, toilet, water treatment equipment, water heater, well pressure tank and any appliance that touches water in the house. I have a GE 240 volt Z-Wave switch on the well pump. I also have my Rachio sprinkler system paired to my hub. If I get a leak anywhere, the well pump shuts off, the RO pump shuts off, the hot water recirculation pump shuts off and the Rachio sprinkler system opens Zone 14 which drains the 80 gallon pressure tank in minutes. My Hue bulbs all turn on and turn blue. I then get a text and push telling me which leak detector set off this chain of events. That'll help you with that breaker panel trip.
  12. Like the title says, I miss the activity, discussions and exchange of information that we used to have here. I recognized all of the characters by their avatar and pretty much could predict how they would respond to certain posts. I had moved on to SmartThings and then quickly to Hubitat and I am active on both of their respective forums but what we had here, is missing there.
  13. Otto Mation

    CR123A Batteries

    I second this suggestion. Stock up on all the batteries you will need for a while, all will be priced about as cheap as anywhere online, and when your order hits $50 you will get free shipping too.
  14. Otto Mation

    Looks like Wink might be history

    Based on the number of posts in this sub-forum, it looks like Wink did not pick up many ex-Iris users. This is a good thing. It looks like Wink is going away again and this time probably for good.
  15. Otto Mation

    Do You Miss Iris? and General BS Thread

    It does work with the Classic App. I don't know if it works with the new app. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk