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    ZIgbee/OSRAM drop out?

    I feel your pain just having sold a home also. I would give support a call. We did recently have a platform update on the 12th which may be the culprit.
  2. Otto Mation

    Warning About Version 2 Hub Resets

    Several folks here have reported losing all of their paired devices from accidentally performing a total hub reset. Do not hold the reset button for more than 2 seconds. If you hold the red reset button down for ~20 seconds your hub will perform a total reset and remove all paired devices. If you would like to reboot your hub, you can push and hold the reset button until you get a red led on the hub which will take only about 2 seconds and then immediately release the button and your hub will reboot. If you continue to hold the button down beyond that short 2 second time frame you risk performing a total reset.
  3. Otto Mation

    Sad news for Halo Labs

    I just received this: It's so hard to say goodbye. Dear Halo customers, It is with our sincere apologies that we must let you know that Halo Smart Labs is closing its doors. You may have noticed a lack of available product and support responses, and we apologize for taking so long to let you know what is going on. While we are proud to have created a best in class product, it takes more than a great product to make a great business. Despite the best efforts of our team, ultimately the resources required to continue making and supporting Halo products were beyond our reach. Over the next couple of weeks, direct support for Halo devices using the Halo app will be disconnected, leaving them unable to connect to the internet and deliver messages including hazard notifications and emergency contact ability. Our recommendation for those customers who wish to retain these features is to connect the Halo smoke alarms to a hub produced by either Iris by Lowe’s or SmartThings. These connected home systems intend to continue to provide connectivity and support for Halo devices and offer some additional benefits beyond the previous Halo app. We at Halo recognize that your support of our products was no small investment, and we truly wish we could have found a way to provide a better outcome for your experience. Thank you for including us in your search for ways to make your home smarter and safer, and for letting us be a part of your lives. -Ben Stagg Co-Founder Halo Smart Labs
  4. Otto Mation

    Iris, tell me when my washing machine stops please.

    Not sure how to help you on the dryer but you could put a smart plug on the washer and have it send you a push notification when the electricity draw drops below a certain amount.
  5. Otto Mation

    Iris Web Portal

    Thanks Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  6. I know that dusterp was able to connect the Iris garage door opener to his MyQ system but I think that I have stumbled across a simpler solution. Below is a link that takes you to an tutorial which will walk you through attaching the Iris opener (or any home automation controller) directly to the garage door button on the wall. Looks simple enough, I am thinking about doing this. Any thoughts?
  7. Otto Mation

    Security Key Pad - Current Firmware Version

    140b5310 is the latest version.
  8. Otto Mation

    Problem with forum

    Hmm. That is the notification sound that the forum uses to let you know that you have a notification. It sounds like a bug with your program. If you have any unchecked notifications you should clear them and it may stop this behavior.
  9. Otto Mation

    Orbit 12 station not watering

    Yes, that is a bug that has been reported.
  10. Well App version 2.11 is hitting the play store and I am happy to say that this two year old bug is finally fixed.
  11. Otto Mation

    Iris Web Portal

    Are you using the correct url?
  12. Otto Mation

    Iris Web Portal

    I sure would like to have the ability to arrange my cameras. Even if it is just in alphabetical / numeric order.............that would work for me.
  13. Otto Mation


    Now fixed. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Otto Mation

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    You might want to try this after the next update. A generic driver that will make generic Zwave switches usable is coming in the next update. It might be there now because the platform has already been updated. Generic Z-Wave Driver for Switches and Dimmers: A generic driver has been added to Iris so that any Z-Wave switch or dimmer can be paired as an uncertified device and will be useable from the apps or web site.
  15. Otto Mation

    Iris Version No Longer Available

    Most of those show up as available to me. Some of the 4 packs aren't though.
  16. Otto Mation

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Hey John, I have recently moved and no matter what I do, I only have one signal bar on the Iris 4G dongle. I have also tested the sim by plugging it into a computer and when it is called on for data it bumps up to 2 or 3 signal bars. The portal shows it as a problem and even though it is low, it always works when it rolls over to cellular. Could you remove it from the problem area until there is no signal at all? It works fine but I see it every time I log into the portal in the status section. The signal bar tells me everything that I need to know. Thanks,
  17. Otto Mation

    Keypad battery life

    The keypads are Zigbee and there really aren't any limits to the number Zigbee devices but how many devices would overwhelm a hub is a different story. But you could have more Zigbee devices than Zwave devices which have real limits. At one time having almost a hundred Zwave devices on an Iris hub, I can tell you that it was getting close to overwhelming the hub, even though the real limit is 232. Reality and theory are rarely the same.
  18. Otto Mation

    Connected Bulb Experience

    I have never had need for a connected bulb but have recently come up with a reason to get a couple. I know that things were rocky early on with respect to connected bulbs. I think that Iris is much more stable now. If you use connected bulbs could you please state which ones you are using and whether of not they have been stable? Thanks
  19. Otto Mation

    Connected Bulb Experience

    Thanks for all the replies. Here is what I decided to do and why. I went with Philips Hue. I needed two connected bulbs because I had three outdoor fixtures on my driveway. I wanted to replace one of them with a Ring Floodlight Camera which needs the power on all the time. I did not want the other two lights on 24/7 so I decided that connected bulbs would solve the dilemma. If the switch to the lights accidentally got turned off, I did not want it to affect the rest of my Iris system because the bulbs are repeating devices and contribute to the Zigbee network mesh. With Philips Hue, you pair their hub to Iris which has its own Zigbee network and you can change the channel so that it does not interfere with, and is isolated from the Iris Zigbee network. Otherwise you can control the bulbs in Iris just like you can any other connected device. Since it is also connected to the Philips Hue app, my firmware stays up to date.
  20. Otto Mation

    Connected Bulb Experience

    I am also curious about Phillips Hue which shows as a pair-able device with Iris.
  21. Otto Mation

    Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    Just a warning but the v1 range extenders were usually unreliable and normally caused more problems than they fixed.
  22. Otto Mation

    The portal is showing out of sight energy usage

    Naw....Santa Tracker wasn't funny.
  23. Otto Mation

    Well ring is out

    That chart also shows that Ring does not work with the existing doorbell (chime) and special installation is required which is not correct. They work fine with the existing chime and no special installation is required.
  24. Otto Mation

    Well ring is out

    Wow, my experience with ring has been great. I have the version 1 and 2 doorbells and they have been pretty flawless.