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  1. Keen Home Smart Vent Q&A

    Heads up! Our Shark Tank episode will be re-airing tomorrow at 8/7c. A lot of questions about the Smart Vent and our business were addressed during our pitch.
  2. Keen Home Smart Vent Q&A

    Hey Living With Iris community, A few of you have asked me to create a thread providing more information about the Smart Vents. I know there is already a thread about them in these forums, but based on this feedback I thought a standalone thread dedicated to answering questions was appropriate. Mods: if you would rather this thread be somewhere else just let me know. Here it goes: Q: Will I be able to control Keen Home Smart Vents through the IRIS app/website? A: You certainly will. We are working closely with the IRIS team to ensure the best possible user experience inside the IRIS platform. Q: Will there be associated magic rules for the Smart Vents in the IRIS app? A: We are still working out exactly what will go into V1, but our intention is to allow your Smart Vents to act in concert with other IRIS devices in your home. Q: Will room temperature information from the Vents be accessible on the IRIS website or through the IRIS app? A: We track the temperature in the ducts themselves with the Smart Vent's temperature sensor to ensure safe operation of the vents and your HVAC system. We are working with the IRIS team to determine exactly what information is most useful to IRIS users. Q: Do I need a Keen Home smart bridge to use the Smart Vents? A: We are developing our own app and bridge (hub), but you won't need either if you already have an IRIS hub. If anyone has additional questions feel free to ask here or email me at nate[at]
  3. Keen home air vent

    Hey Jonathan. Right now we just have our FAQ page and Smart Vent info page. We are working on white papers with which we will share our research findings (we have a test home in New Jersey where we are testing everything from ambient airflow in the home to the impact of Smart Vents on energy costs). Until then, you can read this NSF-sponsored study on zoned systems at the register level. Our own NSF-sponsored research is based on this. Note that Keen Home Smart Vents also come with a temperature and pressure sensor that tracks conditions in the duct and automatically open the vents to relieve and build up in static pressure or unsafe temperatures. Our return policy is no-questions asked within 60 days of purchase. Even after that period, if you can clearly demonstrate that your vents have stopped working on their own, we'll send you a replacement or a refund.
  4. Keen home air vent

    Hey everyone! Thought you would be interested in knowing that we just opened up pre-orders again! You can get up to 35% off on 2 or more vents from now until 6/30. You can pre-order at We're also currently running an affiliate promotion where you can get a four vent system free by saving your friends $40 on their pre-orders. You can find out more here.
  5. Sump Pump Alarm

    Hey everyone. Sorry I was MIA for a bit. Was on vacation You can find the link for the market research survey here. We'll be doing formal alpha and beta test next year.
  6. Sump Pump Alarm

    Woah! That's an awesome hack. At Keen Home we're working on a sump pump monitor that will be released next year. If anyone is interested in participating, we're currently conducting market research to gauge what people need in such a solution.
  7. Keen home air vent

    No 6x6 vents at this time, but we've started talking about other sizing options. So far the most requested size is 6x14. Good questions. We're measuring static temperature inside the ducts themselves. This information is not relayed to the end user but we may make it accessible through our API in the future. We're basing our pressure measurement algorithms on an ideal level of 1/2 an inch of water or 124.58700 pascals, but are working with the National Science Foundation to refine them.
  8. Keen home air vent

    Sorry for being MIA everyone! Certainly. We're on track for an August release of our 4x10 and 4x12 vents, and a September release of our 6x10 and 6x12 vents. Each vent will retail for $90 (though we are offering up to 35% off during the pre-order period that is running now). The Smart Vents will be sold direct through our website, in Lowes stores, and through Amazon. Congrats on your pre-order! And thank you for the warm welcome There has been a lot of debate about the back pressure on HVAC, etc. here and elsewhere. We chalk this up to a general need to educate people about our product. In short, the integrated temperature and pressure sensors ensure that neither variable exceeds safe levels (as determined by our algorithms, which are still being refined as part of our research with the National Science Foundation). If too much pressure builds up behind the vents, they will automatically open to relieve it. We've been speaking with HVAC pros to ensure this is properly taken into account. Congratulations on your pre-order! We can't wait to get them to you. Keep the questions coming!
  9. Keen home air vent

    We'll start shipping Smart Vents this summer. They will work with Iris on launch day (we already have a build that works with the Iris Hub in our office).
  10. Keen home air vent

    Hey everyone. I'm Keen Home's Head of Community. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I'm available if you have any questions. You can respond to this thread or email to reach me. I'll also be hanging out in other threads here, so if you see me don't hesitate to say hi