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  1. MrNeon

    2 Iris systems too close to each other?

    UPDATE: 7 months later, and many more sensors later. Almost everyone in the warehouse district has the IRIS system installed. It's nice to know that help is so close when you need it, and so impressive to see so much savvy and info on one site. I have mostly been working on hacks and custom projects, but it is so nice to do a clean install and walk away feeling like you helped someone be a little bit safer. Thanks to all who contribute and make IRIS fun and better!
  2. I just used a 2 pole contactor and an iris wall switch to turn on and off my parking lot lights (240VAC) and it went smashingly. This iris stuff is great when you have a little imagination!
  3. Fred, I am almost sure the 2 months of free premium service will sell you on keeping it forever. In the last few days, I have formed an addiction to Iris and added an iris bench to our test labs. Go for it!
  4. MrNeon

    2 Iris systems too close to each other?

    Haha! The install was ALMOST a piece of cake. Only a duplex outlet and a wall switch wouldn't pair. I tried various things, but finally removing the wall power AND the battery power for a minute then reconnecting fixed it. Next, I am going to use a wall switch to control a magnetic contactor to control the parking lot lights on a schedule. This is what happens when you give a guy too much time to play. Thank you guys for the confidence to do this- I feel pretty good about it!!
  5. MrNeon

    Iris Siren

    I have this exact issue also. The remedy is simple for me. When you perform the test, the issue is that the damned thing will never shut off. What i do is arm and disarm the system from the keypad (But I think the website works for this too) . This resets the siren and it shuts off. Works every time for me
  6. MrNeon

    2 Iris systems too close to each other?

    Okay, then tomorrow is the big day! But- as a preliminary test, I took a motion sensor that is paired to a vacation house and moved it to my residence and it paired with it also. I was able to move it back and forth and it worked in both places. I am hoping that Todd's post of nearby neighbors will be sufficient probable cause to go ahead safely. I'm still scared. :-)
  7. Okay, 1) I have a fully functional WONDERFUL Iris system working in warehouse A. 2) Without considering what might happen, I purchased a second smart kit for warehouse B just a few FEET away. 3) Had an OH CRAP moment just before installing, and thought about it. Here are my questions BEFORE I attemp to learn the new devices on the 2nd system. a) When I begin the pairing, will iris hub 2 see all of iris devices for system 1 and attempt to pair them? Will the hub see another hub and change a channel or other identifying function? c) If the worst happens, will I have to call tech support to undo my misgivings, or can I simply remove the extra devices? Any feedback is appreciated before I attempt this. YES, I am scared. :-)