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  1. harriscd

    Visa Cards

    I got my tracking number via email today at 2pm showing the list if devices from the redemption page. It was missing the additional devices I added earlier this month and confirmed via phone with CS. I checked the mailbox and had 2 envelopes with the original credit value in 1 and the additional devices value in the other. Tracking says I signed for them. LOL. Sad that I have to rush into a new system but happy the folks at Iris covered the loss. Years ago I used a VoIP annual prepaid service who shutdown on us, no reimbursement.
  2. harriscd

    Update to Android app

    I dont see z-wave tools either.
  3. harriscd

    Audio Feedback on V1 Key Fob

    I'm with you there Whyris. I recently migrated and found this problem too. It was my confirmation that the fob was in range and communicating. Accidentally set off the alarm because my new hub wasn't in an optimal location yet.
  4. I'm not sure if this helps you but Lutron did a paper on dimming LED on transformers. (and note: I am not an electrician or an electrical genius, sorry) If anything, I learned something from this. It looks like your transformer is magnetic so the type of dimmer you use can cause it to overheat and fail. http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/3683586_Challenges_of_Dimming_Whitepaper.pdf http://www.lutron.com/ResourceLibrary/362219.pdf
  5. Try this javascriptlet. var arr = [ ]; arr = JSON.parse(irissmartplugsresponse); // iterate over each element in the array for (var i = 0; i < arr.smartplugs.length; i++) { // look for the entry with a matching Type if (arr.smartplugs.type == 'WaterShutoffValve') { // we found it // arr.smarrplugs.id is the matched result flash ('Water shutoff=' + arr.smartplugs.id); // drop into your variable iriswatervalveid = arr.smartplugs.id; } }
  6. harriscd

    Garage Door Openers Not Working 7/5/15

    Coincidentally, tech support had me doing that very process and failed miserably. The annoying part was that she told me I had to take the A/C adaptor with me and plug back in. I just now tried again but instead first removed and then attempted the re-pairing on battery. It picked up almost immediately. By the way, tech support called me back and informed me that their response to my escalated ticket was that the GDC being 50' + 1 wall + 1 floor away from my hub was too far and I need to purchase a range extender. In actuality I just pulled out the tape measure- it's closer to 30'. According to Iris+ app every single one of my devices has 100% signal strength. And after reading reviews and forum posts I'm afraid to even consider the Iris RE.
  7. harriscd

    Garage Door Openers Not Working 7/5/15

    I have been having issues with mine. It started with occasionally missing an open or close via the button on the wall / remote. I tried the hard reset mentioned in the forum (10 second press & hold) which worked for a bit then finally I got the device disconnected notice. Just hung up with tech support who basically removed and tried re-adding. It failed to pair so she escalated to tier 2. Apparently my hub has to be within 20 feet (for my home that means essentially in the garage; and not just to pair but normal operation?!) for it to work. She insinuated I would probably need the range extender.
  8. harriscd

    iris keypad

    I have a 5 to 10 second delay now but initially it was 15 to 20. Did you try optimizing network? (Advanced button at bottom of devices page)