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  1. I was wanting it to still give me 60 seconds if the door sensors were set off but instant for the motion. I dont think thats possible though?
  2. I dont see anything in there about making the motion sensor instantly sound the intruder alarm when alarm is set to on, unless I am missing something?
  3. When alarm is set to ON is there a way to sound the intruder alarm immediately when motion is detected instead of waiting for your pre set time to disarm the system?
  4. Thanks for everyones help. Just placed my order for the Safe and Secure kit. Cant wait to get it up and running
  5. I have been looking for a security system for some time now that did not require a monthly service fee but would still alert me if a sensor went off via email/text/call . From my understanding the free monthly service will do this correct? IF I were to put the motion detector at the back of my hallway near the ceiling does it really only detect 20 feet as it states on Lowes? How far will it detect downward and if it only goes 20 feet is there another motion detector I could get to work with Iris hub that will go further? If I were to purchase the key fob and water detector would this work with the free service? From my understanding the key fob auto arms and un-arms when it is detected? I have read many negative reviews about the system and truly do appreciate everyone's opinion and input for the needs I would have with Iris. .