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  1. joelgarnick

    Logitech Harmony

    I agree...I'm more interested in lights dimming etc when i activate the "watch a movie" activity on the Harmony...
  2. joelgarnick

    Logitech Harmony

  3. joelgarnick

    Firmware 55

    Maybe it fixes the frequent hub disconnecting from the cloud until it's reset problem? That'd be good.... Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. joelgarnick

    Irrigation Controller - Manual

    FYI, regarding the original post, it started working correctly the next day. No indication of any firmware updates on the device, so...dunno...seems to work correctly now.
  5. joelgarnick

    Irrigation Controller - Manual

    Is there a way to verify what firmware it has? I don't see anything related to firmware in "More" under the device in the app. The last time i got a firmware update for this thing was probably about a year ago on v1...
  6. joelgarnick

    Irrigation Controller - Manual

    After adding the irrigation controller I tested it several time under manual mode...didn't have any problems. Then I set it to weekly and configured a couple when i try to manually run any of the zones (using the "water now" button) it just eventually times out and if i try to switch it from weekly to manual it times out. anyone else seeing anything like this?
  7. joelgarnick


    Agree, this needs to get added asap...
  8. joelgarnick

    Reverse LED on switches

    I'm running 1.7.1 on Android and I don't see an option to reverse the switch... I do see both the option for chaning the LED behavior and reverse switch direction under the fan switch, so i'm guessing that's what he meant (both are available on the fan switch, but not on the light switches or dimmers).
  9. joelgarnick

    Please fix the v1 keypad sounds

    Agree to disagree. Give us the option of the buzz or the traditional chime :-) Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. joelgarnick

    Please fix the v1 keypad sounds

    Yes, please! Out of curiosity, does the v2 keypad make the same chime sound?
  11. joelgarnick

    Use Non-Certified Devices

    Yea... The key to what you say there is "fully supported". I don't see any reason they couldn't program a generic " template " that would allow for basic functionality of "unsupported" devices. They all use the same protocols...and again, this worked in v1. Understanding that v1 and v2 are completely different products, I still don't think it would be an unreasonable thing.
  12. joelgarnick

    PIN App Lock

    Hmm...maybe. When you go there it looks like the pin setup that currently is tied to the security system/door locks. Could be what I'm wanting... I'll keep an eye on it...
  13. joelgarnick

    Spouse Digital Access

    Was trying to figure this out as well. I don't think this has been added to the v1 parity feature request forum...this would be a good one to put there.
  14. joelgarnick

    Use Non-Certified Devices

    I guess this should be in the v1 parity forum too...sorry
  15. joelgarnick

    PIN App Lock

    Ability to enable a PIN that prevents unauthorized access to the app (this could be done in v1). This may be similar to the request for TouchID for the iPhone app, but more generically, just provide a way to secure the app whether it's iPhone or Android.