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  1. rixiris

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    looks like mine are back - hose controller was acting weird but was able to fix after backing out and re-entering it
  2. rixiris

    Schedule not working

    I'm trying really hard not to be jaded, but does anyone else have a major problem with a "security system" that can magically get blasted from the cloud, rendering it unusable? @Iris/Lowes - do you even know what the root cause of this mess was? I'm about to have a fire sale if anyone is interested...
  3. rixiris

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Schedules are still unable to be saved/applied - creating a schedule by adding events and saving looks like it works but does not, as selecting the device to apply it to results in "NO EVENTS ON SCHEDULE" "you need to add at least 1 event ..."
  4. rixiris

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Looks like my devices are back and the hub does not report "offline" when accessed, but still unable to set/save schedules ... woke up to a lamp on in living room today too.
  5. rixiris

    Schedule not working

    That is the kind of response that most customers expect to hear from Lowe's these days...and consequently the reason everyone is jumping ship, save a handful of employees. It's sad really. I had high hopes for what Gen 2 would be able to accomplish, but between business leadership's direction and the skill level of the developers it's been quite a failure when compared to the competition.
  6. rixiris

    Schedule not working

    I'm unable to add events or schedules ... started the same time as the rest of you are reporting - the device is a V1 smart plug, which has worked flawlessly until yesterday. I was able to manually control the device. Quick summary of what I'm seeing: - Yesterday my living room lamp did not turn on as scheduled...I thought nothing of it, but when I opened the app, the device was missing from the list of lights and switches ... odd - I rebooted the hub thinking recent network work had caused a glitch, but same issue. - the next morning (today) i tried to add a new schedule to a different smart switch but it would not save the events...I uninstalled the app/reinstalled ... same thing. - In addition to the problems above, if I attempt to access the hub from "devices" after about 2 seconds, it shows "your hub is offline" and starts to freak out. Closing the app (iOS) and firing it back up results in the offline message going away until the hub is accessed again - weird. - Also Alexa quit working this morning too - i thought that might have something to do with this whole mess so i disabled Alexa integration, but no dice on the behavior. - My co-worker reports having issues with arming his system as well. No response at the keypad, but the app is showing arm/disarm in the history, btw. At this point I'm certain that this is a bug that got pushed out to users either by way of the app or the hub .. honestly I have not used Iris much as it is just a fancy timer for my zigbee stuff. I've migrated just about everything else z-wave over to Home Assistant which has been far superior for its advanced automation, however the learning curve is pretty steep. I guess I'll await an update
  7. rixiris

    Wink fail

    Wondering about the Wink hub and compatibility with the Iris-branded Zigbee devices like door contacts, motions, hose controller, and Iris V1 alarm keypads... Can any of you Iris-to-Wink folks confirm that the Wink hub can communicate to these? I've read quite a bit about rooting the Wink hub and setting up a locally controlled solution and was thinking that might be a great way to go, but I do not wish to re-purchase a bunch of devices that I already own.
  8. In my experience as a low voltage tech, I've noticed that ADT installers tend to be lazy and incorrectly place the EOLR at the panel or do other 'creative' work.
  9. rixiris

    iOS Thermostat status indicator

    Found the timezone setting today (quite hidden). Hope the status indicator gets fixed soon. Little things like that and the misspelled "teampurature" shows a bit of sloppiness. Otherwise the system is functioning well and I LOVE the ability to have more than 4 settings for the thermostats now.
  10. rixiris

    iOS Thermostat status indicator

    I just took the leap of faith and migrated last night...actually went smoothly - One thing I've noticed with the thermostats is that the "Next Event" time is off by one hour. For example, the schedule is set for the AC to cool to 77 at 9:00AM and the "next event" message reads: Next event 77 at 8:00AM. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for this? - as a work around, I simply bumped all of the programmed schedules up one hour, but this is a little annoying and should be an easy fix programmatically...
  11. rixiris

    My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    "... The V2 hub didn't even have mounting holes that matched the V1?" Funny, that's my biggest out of box complaint. I don't want to climb up and re-mount the damned thing. Please post a summary of your experience with Vera Plus once you get it setup. Many of us are keeping a close eye on SmartThings and Vera, since Lowes has pigeon-holed us, making platform migration our only TRUE backout strategy thus far.
  12. rixiris

    Smart Things?

    Thanks for the honest comparison. Are you using the V1 alarm keypads on your ST setup? Also, which motion detector did you use - that sounds pretty impressive. I'm in a similar situation, and with the deadline looming, I'm considering options. I only got into Iris because of the combo deals they had a while back at about half price, but have been quite pleased with V1. It's a shame it is being terminated.
  13. rixiris


    hmmm...no bueno. Are these keypads compatible with Smart Things? I need an exit strategy if things go sideways before July 1.
  14. rixiris

    Going to????

    +1 on that.
  15. rixiris

    Going to????

    ...and we love you for it, man! Thank you for all the effort!