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  1. mikerino

    OC821 camera won't pair

    Yes that must be the issue. I have tried everything to get it to pair. There was someone in the How to Take Total Control of your Iris Cameras with the API thread who said that they got the AT&T units to pair up with iris but this one doesn't want to.
  2. mikerino

    OC821 camera won't pair

    I don't have any "New Device 1" in my list. I tried what you said and still the same results. I tried calling support and they tried to help me but said that they never saw the device calling home for firmware. It you have anything else I can try I would appreciate it.
  3. mikerino

    OC821 camera won't pair

    I bought one of those AT&T OC821 cameras new off ebay and can't get it to pair. I read through the excellent topic How to Take Total Control of your Iris Cameras with the API And I did follow the instructions about full reset but the camera won't pair. I can log into the camera by putting its IP in a browser and I can see video. The default credentials for getting into admin mode is administrator and no password. Any tips?
  4. mikerino

    Iris Website (Video Section)

    I am seeing the same thing. A couple of things I noticed. Sometimes when I don't see the recording on my windows box I can see it on the iphone app. If I am watching the camera from a RSTP feed it won't record a video. I disabled add block plus on chrome and it seemed better.
  5. Hi, new here. Is there a way to make a beep or some non-alarm kind of sound if motion is sensed outside?