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  1. RonLh

    Lowe's Iris smart home membership jumps 40% in 2017

    I totally agree with all these points. This will go down as one of the major technology opportunities squandered if they don't get moving with advertising, stocking stores, and improvements in the bland monochrome, slow, user interface. There are more types of integrated devices in the Iris ecosphere than any of the "popular", well advertised systems yet, it's virtually invisible to the consumers. Sad.
  2. I've had too many failures of Keurig coffee makers so I went with a Touch brand machine a year ago and it works much better, uses less electricity and gives you a cup much faster since it doesn't have to heat up an internal tank of water (it has an on-demand water heater built in). No need to automate the on cycle since it brews almost instantly and turns itself off after 15 minutes.
  3. RonLh

    GE Light Switches - ZWave vs Zigbee

    When installing the GE Z-Wave switches, I noticed the antenna is nicely imbedded in the bezel surrounding the paddle on the front of the switch, so metal box interference should be minimal as this is sticking out the front of the switch plate. There perhaps may be some attenuation if the switch is facing completely away from hub direction with the metal box between the two.
  4. RonLh

    Web Portal list of all devices?

    OK, a little more experimentation. All ON/OFF smart plugs and GE toggle switches show status updates OK. GE dimmer switches and dimmable smart plugs do not update.
  5. RonLh

    Web Portal list of all devices?

    yep, showing 1.2.6, but not updating icon nor control state when switched by another device.
  6. RonLh

    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Not seeing it on either Mac nor iOS devices using favorites nor Switches & Lights page. Have to manually refresh page.
  7. RonLh

    Web Portal list of all devices?

    A dedicated wall-panel web page is sorely needed. I've tried using both the Lowe's app and Lowe's web page with a lot of frustration. Both seem to time out after a while and become non-responsive or jump you to another screen. I've got an iPhone 4S wall mounted, running in Airplane Mode, WiFi only, with no background app updating turned on. Going back to the Iris Web Portal page by thegillion for further testing.
  8. RonLh

    Web Portal list of all devices?

    Good call on the invert colors setting. I had forgotten about that. Thanks.
  9. RonLh

    Web Portal list of all devices?

    How about a version of the all devices page that would provide the ability to create a one-page view of all switches for use as a wall controller with an obsolete/leftover iPad or iPhone mounted on the wall. There are no views that allow this today without scrolling through devices with a lot of info you don't need for a wall controller. It should also have a black background to minimize its appearance on a wall mounted screen. The device icons should wrap to fill the screen and only require scrolling if there are too many to fit on one screen (which is a lot if done right). I posted a similar request on Lowe's web portal site.
  10. RonLh

    False Fire/Smoke Alarms

    I also have had a false alarm on one of my First Alert smoke detectors. Fortunately I was home and not 200 miles away at my vacation place. Not sure what I would do in that case.....have fire department break down door?!! This is critical item in my system and I am very uneasy about false smoke alarms. I have pulled that detector out of the system and put in a non-Iris, non-connected detector for now. I wish Halo had non-wired detectors we could purchase instead of FA which I've had nothing but trouble with (i.e. battery reporting).
  11. RonLh

    Does this seem right to you?

    ha ha....good one. Early warning detector, nice.
  12. I have had that happen twice in the last 6 months. Once was possibly an inadvertent key fob button press, but the second had nobody near any key fobs.
  13. RonLh

    Washed out background on Android App

    I also just loaded a solid black picture so that the screen is usable. The blurred image in the background is just a horrible concept and does nothing but make the white text unreadable over light areas of a picture. The whole bland interface needs a serious human factors assessment and some addition of color coding to quickly find a card without having to read them all in tiny text and to indicate the on/off states of objects. What the heck are they waiting for? And please scrap the house image if it speeds up the app loading!
  14. RonLh

    Halo's are now available

    I'd love a battery-only version of the Halo. I'd replace all my First Alerts now!