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  1. With currently 88 devices running with the SRF Control System, system is performing very nicely. Have created a wall-mounted control panel using an older model leftover iPad. I, for the first time, have a control system that my wife is comfortable with and uses daily! Below is the Dashboard I created to manage and monitor the most significant items in my system. There are two half-height buttons in the middle of the page that link to two other dashboards for my use. One shows all four Iris cameras with light control buttons beside the camera views to turn on relevant lights for each camer
  2. Works like a charm. I now have complete control of my four Iris cams and the ability to setup all streams on a single iPad page view with links to/from my main dashboard. Nice!
  3. I've been a Beta tester for the SRF system since Iris died last spring. I've got 78 devices, including all my old Iris stuff and many new items running nicely. Everything is working pretty solidly now. There were some (expected) issues during the early Beta phase and, as others have said, SRF is excellent in responding to issues. I'm amazed at how many devices work with the SRF hub vs any other system. The concept of using a configurable Pi for a hub vs a fixed hub such as all others use is that it's more likely adaptable to future protocols as devices hit the market. As it stands