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  1. RonLh

    Visa Cards

    Got my first of two today.
  2. RonLh

    What will happen to this forum?

    Clearly, based on discussions throughout this forum, there is a dire need for a non-affiliated home automation website where knowledgeable people can share experiences and solutions. The world of home automation and security is still the wild west to some extent and, as most of us have found, difficult to get clear roadmaps to solutions to meet our varied needs. I would think such a generic website would support enough hits to be self sustaining through ads (though ad-free is better).
  3. RonLh

    Platform Poll

    I agree there's not enough discussion on HomeKit. My ultimate goal would be a system that communicates through that. My son has his home populated with Insteon automation devices using an ISY hub and has a Raspberry-Pi that interfaces that with Homekit. I'm hoping one of the R-Pi solutions (i.e., SystronicsRF or Arcus) will support such a Homekit interface eventually.
  4. RonLh


    Same result for me at first on my laptop, and not sure what changed but after trying it on my iPad with same result, I went back to the laptop and it worked and got me to the beta site. I had sent an email to SystronicsRF in between, so not sure if it was an authorization change or something else.
  5. RonLh


    Me four. .😊
  6. RonLh

    Viewing your redemption list and total refund

    I have two houses and it only shows the last one redeemed no matter which account I'm logged into. Strange.
  7. RonLh

    Platform Poll

  8. RonLh


    I am included in the Beta test pool and have been told that the test software will be sent out next week. Ready to go and will keep you posted on progress once I receive.
  9. RonLh

    Emotional farewell to what we've lost

    I've been saying the same for years. With just a little effort, they could've owned the market. Sad.
  10. RonLh


    You've got some great background here, so keep us posted!
  11. RonLh

    March Shut-Down

    Those with multiple hubs (homes), be careful, as it seems to be only picking up the devices on one hub on my rebate list when I start the process. Uupdate: Today's revision to the iOS app allowed me to log into both locations and execute the refund process. $1700 total....nice. A lot of things to be angry about with Lowes, but in light of all the ways they could have gotten out of this, I think they are being generous in their payoff, often more than many people paid for those questions asked. There's no easy way to get out of a business if nobody buys it.
  12. RonLh

    Iris is Officially Done

    Iris is intending to open source portions of its smart home software pending a third-party security review of the code and will name it Arcus. “Arcus” is the Roman name for the Greek goddess “Iris.” Iris wants the smart home enthusiast and developer communities to be able to benefit from the hard work and development of its platform software. The software will be part of the public domain and available for the community pending the third-party review of the code. More details will be available over the coming weeks.
  13. RonLh

    Iris is Officially Done

    So if you get the refund now, does your system still work until 3/31/19 or do you get shut off?
  14. RonLh


    Hub components ordered for this. Fingers crossed that this will ultimately be a better long term solution. Looks good so far. Lots of great info on the SystronicsRF web page. With 75 Iris components, I would be amendable to joining the Beta if still open.